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How to Preview and Submit a WordPress Form

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When you have already filled out your form, you need to check whether the information you entered is accurate. If you need to change anything you can do so before submitting the form. Information such as payment forms, auto insurance quotes, quizzes, mortgage applications, order forms, registration forms, and calculators, need to be as accurate as possible. For this purpose, you need a form confirmation page that allows users to see what they have submitted in previous pages of a form. They can then return and rectify values on previous pages before finally submitting the form. The majority of multi-paged forms collect numerous data which takes a lot of time. When you need to save time and remain accurate a form submitter can help counter check such information in a good time. Confirming your information eliminates the back-and-forth of getting typos corrected to save you tons of time. If you are using WordPress forms to collect user-generated content and your guests aren’t permitted to edit, you can make sure they verify their posting before it goes live.

How to set up a preview before submit

Many people want to know how to show an overview of entered responses. They also want to show a preview at the end of a multi-page form. Previously the process was manual which took a lot of time. However, nowadays reviewing form responses before submit has a built-in option. This has simplified the form of creation and made creating advanced multi-paged forms more fun. 

You can add a review/summary page with one click. When a Summary field is added, an educated guess is made of which field you want to show and excludes fields that are not needed in most forms. These fields include user ID fields, HTML fields, hidden fields, password fields, and fields hidden with visibility. Meaning that a field won’t appear in the default summary the visitor is not allowed to see a field, it won’t appear in the default summary. To maximize flexibility the Summary fields have several options. Several fields are excluded but you can add them if you want to and individual fields can also be excluded. There is also an option where you can hide a field if you don’t want it to be seen by your guests. If you have a field to show, you can hide or show depending exact use case.

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Where to add the summary field

Another field won’t be allowed after adding a Summary field to your form. It is understandable to add at the end since only one Summary/Review page is allowed to perform. However, it doesn’t simplify anything when it’s at the end of the form. If you want to include terms field, reCaptcha, credit card, or another option after the summary, you can easily do that since it offers flexibility. By updating the latest version of Formidable Pro, you can add a summary page to preview before submitting. You will get this feature with all the premium plans. 

About Formidable Forms 

If you are a WordPress user, then I am sure you know that it is the best CMS online. It runs over 50% of the website. What makes it stand above the rest are numerous WordPress plugins that improve its capabilities. One such plugin is the Formidable Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin. The plugin has both the free and premium version that creates beautiful WordPress forms. The premium version has everything needed to capture data in all kinds of ways.

This is not your ordinary WordPress form builder like the awesome Contact Form 7 which is free and very easy to use but has limited functionalities. You will create a wide range of data capture opportunities and that is why it is regarded as the most effective form builder. As much as it costs money, it is worth every dime. The free version of Formidable Forms gives you a rough idea of whether to go for premium or not.

Amazing Features Of Formidable Forms

It is not good to create long forms in your WordPress site. However, there are instances where it’s inevitable. For example, mortgage applications, job applications, class registrations or in-depth customer satisfaction surveys. These forms require lengthy descriptions. Some contact forms and checkout forms also tend to belong. What makes visitors avoid lengthy forms is the time it takes to fill them. They are overwhelming and many visitors will start filling them and stop before completing. 

Just because lengthy forms are inevitable, it doesn’t mean you compromise user experience. You need to find ways to counter the low conversion rate brought by long forms. This means improving the user experience to reduce friction. One way to achieve this is to make the form intuitive so that the user understands what it’s all about. They will fill in the form easily and won’t be tempted to abandon the process along the way. 

How to encourage your visitors to fill multi-step forms in WordPress 

You can use Formidable Forms, to quickly break up any type of form into easy-to-manage sections. This form plugin can further improve user experience with branching forms,  progress bars, and saving drafts. Users can include interactive progress bars to show visitors how far they are in form filling. This will help decide whether to start feeling the form or not. The multi-step progress bar allows readers to easily navigate between each page and jump to different pages altogether. As a user, you can also conditional logic to create branching forms. Even though lengthy forms are inevitable, users don’t have to go through all the questions. With Formidable conditional logic, you create branching forms that allow users to skip and route pages based on user input. This makes it easy for visitors to fill questions that are relevant to them. Formidable Forms allows you to create powerful form-based solutions without any code.

Importance of multi-page forms 

  • Keeping different sections clearer
  • They make lengthy forms look less overwhelming
  • They offer a natural break to step away from the form and save progress when combined with Save and Continue draft forms
  • Let users save and continue their progress

Final Thoughts

When you are handling firms with crucial information that requires accuracy, you must ensure that you preview what you have written down to determine if everything is correct. With Formidable Forms you can do that and much more. This is one of the best forms of WordPress builders.

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