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How to See the Keywords People Use to Find Your Website

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If you are a WordPress user, it is easy to connect your Search Console account with Google Analytics using the MonsterInsights plugin. The plugin allows you to see the keywords from your WordPress dashboard. Knowing which keywords people use to search for your website gives you an idea of what keywords to target in your SEO. This article will discuss the various ways you can use MonsterInsights together with Search Console platform to see the keywords people use to access your website using Google analytics search terms.

Benefits of tracking keywords your site is already ranking for 

If you don’t know the reasons for tracking the keywords you rank for, then you need a deeper understanding of how SEO works. Keywords are vital elements that help you get discovered quickly by visitors and search engines. All that visitors need to do is type keywords related to your business and they’ll find you. Knowing what Google search terms are sending you organic traffic allows you to gauge your site’s performance on search engines. By comparing targeted keywords with actual keywords ranked for your site, you can establish whether you are effective or not.

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For an effective SEO strategy, your site’s top keywords match your targeted keywords. If they don’t, it means that your strategy is not working and you need to implement another one or look for the loophole. You can do this early to avoid losing more traffic. Another reason for knowing what keywords your site is ranking for allows you to pick new keywords to incorporate in your new blog post. Creating new and exciting content based on these keywords will get you enough traffic to get you on top.

How to Check Keywords People Search on Google to Discover Your Website 

The best platform for viewing the search terms or queries is Google Search Console. This is an online marketing tool from Google used to track and monitor your website performance in search results and help you fix crawl issues.
This exercise is done in three ways:

  • Using MonsterInsights in your WordPress dashboard
  • Using your Search Consoles account
  • Using your Google Analytics account

How to Set Up MonsterInsights

First, you need to have already created a Google Analytics account before setting up MonsterInsights plugin. If you have Google Analytics account already, install and activate the plugin. The next thing is to navigate to Insight >> Settings. Here you don’t have to edit the code to connect your Google Analytics account.

To get started with MonsterInsights, click on “Authenticate with your Google Analytics”. A pop will be displayed. Click on Next >> Click To Get Google Code. Sign in to your Google account and click “Allow” so that MonsterInsights can access your analytics database. You will need to copy the authentication code you were provided with and paste it in the popup field in your WordPress dashboard, and click next to continue. From the drop-down menu, select analytics profile and click next.

Checking Your Site’s Keywords in the Dashboard using MonsterInsights

The most reliable method of seeing your Google analytics keywords is using MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin. Using this plugin, you can track your website traffic, visitors’ interactions on your website, and get intuitive reports. Getting started with MonsterInsights is pretty easy actually. You can start by installing the MonsterInsights plugin on your site and connect to the Google Analytics account. Remember to purchase the Plus package since Search Console is only available on this plan, not Basic. The next step is verifying your website of Google Search Console which is done with your Google Analytics account. You will then see the site’s top 50 search phrases from your MonsterInsights reports

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Go to Insights >> Reports, to view the Search Console results. This is done in your WordPress dashboard. You will see your site’s analytics overview report, but since you are searching for Search Console reports, head to Search Console tab on top of the report. Here, you see the top 50 search phrases and keywords used in your website.

Clicking “View Full Queries Report” at the bottom of the report, you’ll get to Google Analytics page. Now open Analytics >> Acquisition >> Search Console >> Queries.

Seeing Your Website’s Keywords in Your Search Console Account

The first step is to sign in with your Search Console account where you will view your website in the Search Console home page. Here, you’ll need to select the website you want to view and Search Console Dashboard will open for you. After that, you’ll have to navigate to Search Traffic >> Search Analysis. Go down and you’ll see the search terms and searched keywords visitors use to access your website.

From the three available options used to see your website’s search phrases, MonsterInsights is the key, since it is convenient and data can be accessed directly from the WordPress dashboard. Moreover, reports are also formatted in a comprehensive manner.
You will have several options to choose from:

  • Track outbound clicks and downloads – This option allows users to track all clicks and downloads just like Events in your Google Analytics account.
  • Allow tracking of anonymous data – For sending information on how you use MonsterInsights to the developer. This allows developers to get configurations, themes, and plugins to test.
  • Anonymize IPs – This option allows you to anonymize the IP addresses of visitors.
  • Ignore users – For tracking Admin’s actions and defining editors, and other user roles.
  • Disable analytics dashboard – You can use this to disable the dashboard and stop all data collection.

After choosing your options, save changes by clicking the Save Changes at the bottom. It’s that simple. You can now click on Insights » Dashboard, you’ll see your traffic stats displayed.

Benefits of MonsterInsights 

  • Easy Google Analytics Set Up – With MonsterInsights, you can easily set up your makes Google Analytics. You can connect your website easily with Google Analytics without changing code.
  • Advanced Tracking Features – MonsterInsights gives you numerous tracking options that you won’t find on other similar plugins.


Google Analytics helps you track your website’s performance extensively using Google search keywords, however, the process can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you are not an Analytics expert. You may get comprehensive reports, but making informed decisions on how to improve your SEO may be hard. That is why you need MonsterInsights. This WordPress plugin is feature-rich and users can easily see keywords used by your visitors to find your website. The WordPress plugin also allows you to track eCommerce websites like WooCommerce and Digital Downloads store.

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