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How to Start With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your website. However, starting out can be overwhelming especially if you have not done proper research on the subject. The good thing is that learning how it works is not rocket science and anyone can grasp its concept. This type of marketing is an interesting alternative way to generate income through online advertising.

Rather than resorting to the aggressive medium of advertising such as popups ads and video ads that are annoying, affiliate marketing adopts a less-aggressive method and still make money. The reason is that an affiliate program works by setting a browser cookie to track the visitor activity on your site. This way, when someone clicks on an affiliate link before it expires, the marketing will be considered successful in earning you a commission from your affiliate partner.

This way you can make some money or even earn a living, but only if you convince visitors to click on your links and if possible make purchases of affiliate partner’s products.

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However, online affiliate marketing doesn’t entirely constitute of marketing your partner’s products. It involves a much deeper concept. It also creates an opportunity for you to create your own website or web content and get paid for it. You are paid because you are running ads and providing links to things you visitors are genuinely interested in.

The following steps will provide you with the basics of starting affiliate marketing:

1. Choose a Plan

When visiting an affiliate company you will be provided with a choice of whether to go for a free plan or monthly cost plan. The paid plan has more support, more websites, and stronger support from the affiliate marketing community. On the other hand, the free membership option works better if you are testing the waters to see if you can make money with affiliate marketing. It comes with some support, freedom, and tools for the first week to quickly create a basic website and get going.

2. Choose Your Interest

Truly speaking, making money with affiliate marketing is not easy. Think of it as your own small business. No renovations. You have to build it from the ground up. The only advantage is that you won’t require a business loan to go about it. Another pro is that you can set your own hours for each day and each week. Overall, a lot of time and effort is needed to make the affiliate marketing program flourish.
You have to choose a topic you are conversant with or something you are passionate about. Don’t choose something popular or trending as it will soon fade away and you will run of words making you hate the topic. It has to be your stronghold, not something you struggle with.

3. Build Your Website

Learning how to start affiliate marketing sites also means learning how to build a website. Take advantage of the affiliate companies you are signing in to develop ideas of starting your very own website. You may not be comfortable with the design since they don’t cater for your interest, but you are free to change a few aspects if you know the HTML code to meet your interest if you feel it will help you with the greater goal good traffic.


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4. Pick You
Affiliate Programs

After finding your interest and you’ve created your website, you can now pick out an affiliate program that will advertise on your site.

It’s hard to start online affiliate marketing if you don’t have a monetization plan. There are over a million products and
services to choose from, you are bound to find something related to your interest. Don’t restrain yourself.

You can make money with affiliate marketing through content creation on any subject that’s related directly or indirectly to a product or a service. For example, if you love sports, you can write articles about it while promoting a certain sports gear. You can also develop articles from services like cleaning services, financial services, or news. If you prefer beauty, you can discuss how to stay beautiful with only organic plant extracts. The list goes on and on.

5. Start Writing Content

To create and grow your affiliate marketing sites, you need to pack it with quality, unique content that your visitors won’t find anywhere else online.

It may seem demanding, but once you get started, you’ll get used to it, especially if you are writing topics of your interest. The secret is, be yourself and while sharing facts don’t forget to give your honest opinion. Ensure that you always do proper research before writing anything. The last thing you need is giving wrong information that will have adverse effects on your credibility.

To make it interesting and factual, buy and use the product you are promoting. This way, you’ll get the first-hand experience and can give your honest opinion. It is important to keep up the volume and consistency since the longer you wait between articles, the further your website will fall in the search engine rankings.

After accomplishing all these tasks, the next step is to learn how to market yourself so that people will start visiting your site and finding out what you have to offer. For starters, you can try word of mouth to spread the word about your website and what you cover. This method along with more marketing and SEO, you will slowly but steadily gain ground. Remember patience is a major ingredient in affiliate marketing. Even if things don’t move as fast as you want, don’t give up. It may be that you are using the wrong strategy.


Affiliate marketing is becoming popular and many website owners are adapting it to promote products while still making money. If you have a passion for writing, don’t hold yourself back. There are many affiliate companies looking for partners. Go for it, especially since you don’t need much capital get started.

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