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How to Submit Your Apps to Amazon App Store

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Many app developers publish their apps solely to Google Play Store but there are other alternatives stores that work just the same or even better. Amazon App Store is one of them and can publish both free and paid Android apps. This post will guide you through amazon app store policy and requirements for publishing your app to the Amazon App Store. The guide will cover essential steps followed in publishing an app on the Amazon App Store.

Adding your app to the Amazon App Store makes it visible to Android and Fire users in 200+ countries. As a developer, you can list your PC, Mac, Android apps and HTML5-based web apps. You can generate revenue and grow your business by submitting your app, web app or game to the program. There are over 600,000 Amazon App Store apps which shows that the program has gained trust from developers.

You can also join the Amazon App store even if you’re already submitted your app to Google Play. The process is even easier because when your Android app is already in the Google Play store, it’s even easier to join the Amazon Appstore. Amazon says that over 85% of Android apps just work on Kindle Fire with no additional development.

How to Submit Apps


Before submitting an app, you must first register for an Amazon developer account which is absolutely free. It is advisable that you configure payment options immediately. This is important if you are offering in-app purchases or you want to monetize your app using Amazon’s mobile ad network.


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Start by visiting the Amazon Developer Console:
• Enter your email or mobile number and password
• Fill out the registration form with your developer and company information
• Review carefully and accept the App Distribution Agreement
• And finally, specify whether and how you plan to monetize your app

Quick video review on how to submit an app on Amazon App Store

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The Developer Console Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to add new apps and update existing apps. Click Add a New App to begin.




Submitting Your Apps

Choose a Platform

You need to first indicate whether you’re adding an Android App, a mobile web app or a desktop app on PC or Mac. A notice will be displayed telling you to upgrade to IAP v 0.2 if you have been using Amazon’s older In-app Purchasing IAP v 0.1. You can learn more at Migrating from IAP v1.0 to IAP v2.0.


General Information

After Amazon Appstore submission the title and other details, a tab-driven settings page will be provided. These tabs have several registration areas:

Availability & Pricing

This tab will introduce you to Amazon’s time-driven app-payment system for app engagement, called The Underground. This payment system has a new monetization model for paying developers based on time used by your app. This allows you to turn your Android app users to revenue-generating customers. The minute your Amazon Underground app is used, you start making money. Payment will continue every time your app is used in exchange for waiving your normal download or in-app fees. The system allows you to focus more on enhancing user experience and less on monetizing your app. Next, you need to select which countries your app will be available in. When you create a new app, the default is set to be available in all countries. It is advisable to localize your app for the various countries that your app is offered in. You will then be asked by Amazon where and when your app was released before. You can either choose to launch your app on a specific date or right after approval. Amazon will prompt you to migrate from Google Maps to Amazon’s own Maps API.

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The App Description Tab

This tab allows you to indicate the title, descriptions, feature benefits and keywords for your apps. You can also provide multiple translations easily for the various international stores. After submitting more than one language, they will be listed at the top of the tab where you can edit each language.

Images & Multimedia

One of Amazon’s App store requirements is generation graphical icons and screenshots in specific sizes for your listing. You will also need to add additional images for Fire TV. You can also use promotional images or upload videos.

Content Rating

This tab allows you to filter content from your viewers according to age and preferences. You have to indicate whether your app has nudity or sex, violence, or whether it is for educational purposes. Other unique aspects of your app should also be specified; does it require users to log in? Does it contain advertisements? You will also need to provide a link to your privacy policy.

Binary File(s)

For app uploads, you have to provide your APK file. Next, if you’re uploading an app, you’ll need to provide your APK file. Localized binary packages can also be uploaded separately and in sequence.


Mobile HTML5 Web Apps

Here, you’ll be prompted to indicate what devices your web app should be distributed on. Ideal compatibility settings will be determined by the app tester. You may be required to run https (SSL) on your website, depending on your web app settings.

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Final Remarks

I hope this guide was helpful and you have enjoyed the presentation on submitting your app to the Amazon App store. If you are an app developer don’t be shy to try Amazon app store to maximize your app’s revenue generation.

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