How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool

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The main reason the Google disavow tool exists is to help you get rid of bad links that you do not want to be noticed when Google is crawling your website. Some backlinks can be detrimental to your site’s ranking and traffic. These are the links you need to disavow. The disavow tool is great as it helps you get rid of these links that are Spammy and low quality. Many sites will fall victim of such links and lower their ranking when they fail to use the disavow tool. Spammy links include links from websites created for the sake of links, backlinks from Spammy sites, and links from locations where your audience does not live. Google view backlinks from another site as a vote of confidence from your website. With this regard, you need to get your backlinks from authoritative sites as they will add value to your site too. If not, disavow the bad backlinks. Here is how to use the Google disavow tool to your site’s leverage.

Why use the disavow link from Google

Google views good backlinks from another site as a vote of confidence from your site. Good links can give your site Domain Authority and Page Authority and subsequently increase your site’s visibility on the search engine with better ranking. Conversely, bad backlinks are detrimental to your site. Your ranking will drop and your site will not be visible as when Google is crawling your site, these backlinks are identified and this deteriorates the authoritative nature of your site. This is the reason you need the disavow links tool from Google.

However, you need to know which links need to be removed from your site. There are links you can disavow and harm your site’s SEO. Google actually warns SEO experts to be cautious before using the disavow tool as once a link is disavowed from your site, there is no reversal of the disavowing.
Before you disavow

It is important to note that disavowing a link should be the last option. Consider the fact that the disavow backlinks tool was created to only remove links that you think harm your SEO. As such, when you remove a link, Google sees it as a threat to your site.

You can request a manual remove of the backlink; such that, if you notice it was a good backlink, you can restore the link. However, when you use the Google disavow tool, that action is irreversible.

To manually remove the backlink, you can contact the owner of the site via email using their contact page. Alternatively, you can go to the and get information on the owner of a website. You will get their contact information after entering the URL of the site and clicking on the WHOIS tab. Ensure you are polite and specific when making the request to get the link removed from your site.

If you cannot get the owner of the site this way, you can reach them via social media, commenting on a blog post, or search for their name on Google.
If all this fails, go ahead and use the disavow tool.

Links that you should disavow

You may have a few good backlinks in your site that you are sure to aid your SEO efforts. You may also have a few that you doubt help your SEO. However, the greatest difficulty is identifying which backlink to disavow. Luckily, there are tools to help you with this.

However, you can use some tools to assess backlinks that are harming the SEO of your site. The SEMrush Backlink Audit tool as it makes use of 30 “toxic factors” to help you analyze bad backlinks.

To do the analysis
• Go to SEMrush and log in to your account
• When you are on the dashboard, click the Projects tab
• The menu that opens gives you the option to “create my first project”
• Click on that tab and past your URL and proceed to click save
• Call the project “Bad Link Removal”
• Click on Set up under Backlink Audit
• Decide the scope of the campaign before you click on “Start Backlink Audit”
• Choose the root domain as the campaign scope
This will take you less than ten minutes for a majority of sites. For more information on how to go through this process, you can follow this link. Once done, you should have a list of all the Spammy backlinks in your site.

If you do not have many backlinks in your site, you can do this process manually by visiting the backlinks you think are Spammy. However, do so with much caution

Preventing Spammy backlinks

To prevent Spammy backlinks getting to your site and saving yourself the need to use the disavow tool, ensure you set up a spam filter within your Google Analytics. Links that should be disavowed include links that are not in your niche.


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Disavowing Spammy
links using the disavow links tool

Google disavow tool makes it easy to disavow bad backlinks.
Once you have the list of Spammy backlinks, visit the Disavow tool using this link.

Enter the URLs of all the backlinks and the disavow file generator will begin once you select Submit. Once you click on submit, the Spammy links can never recur in your site again.

Checkout quick video review on Disavow Tool


Source:- Google Webmasters


To surmise, it is clear that Spammy backlinks can undermine your SEO efforts. As discussed, the Google disavow tool is a great way to get rid of these links. As mentioned, it is import to take caution not to disavow a link that affected your ratings positively. Therefore, ensure you check using the tools available for any Spammy links before disavowing any links. Finally, ensure you check the performance of your website after using the disavow tool to see if the traffic has gone up and the visibility of your site is good. Your online business should never be affected by Spammy backlinks that increase your site’s bounce rate or reduce the visibility of your business website.

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