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How Will Google’s Panda Update Affect Your SEO?

Many people wonder what parts of their existing SEO practice they can salvage to recover from the big change. It won’t be that easy. But don’t worry this post will show you how Google’s Panda is going to operate. Google updates are changes to Google’s algorithm and are not merely manual reviews of site’s index, making it vulnerable to errors which devastate many legitimate webmasters and SEOs.

SEO Panda, also called Farmer, is an update that Google created in 2011 that rejiggered many search results, pushing websites either up or down in their search engine rankings which left web owners worried ever since. Today I’ll wipe off that fear by giving you knowledge of this system. I will review how Google Panda really changes the way a lot of us need to approach SEO.

Google’s Panda update approach is that it takes a bunch of sites that people like more and a bunch of sites that people like less gauged by Google’s quality raters. This way, they take the intelligence of this quality rating panel and scale it using this machine learning process. Google has also improved their ability to detect scraper sites and ban them from the SERPs. Of course, the Panda updates are changes to Google’s algorithm.

SEO Panda brings another new and different approach to SEO since for a long time SEOs have been doing the same things over and over again. This is a vicious circle that doesn’t have any tangible working proof. Ask yourself, “What is the experience of this website? Is it creating a brand that people are going to love and share and reward and trust?

Panda rank has upgraded the usual SEO to web strategist. Basically, anything and everything you do on the internet with your website will affect your SEO nowadays. This is a fact brought forth by Panda updates, where web activities are not measured by better links, stronger keywords, or better SEO strategy, but rather focusing on better, robust, quality content. Let’s focus on a few of the specific things that we should do on SEOs to assist us with this new and broader web content/web strategy portion of SEO.

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1. Design and User Experience

SEOs have been focusing a lot on design and user experience as means to generate more links. This will lead to more content contributions and more social shares and tweets. Things are a bit different now. There is the first order impact and the primary impact. Meaning, even if your design
is beautiful and the content is bombarded by ads which force the user to go to the next page, then SEO aspect will be lost. You should try as much as possible to strike a balance between great designs and great SEO friendly content to achieve your SEO. Google Panda update has publicly stated that having a great content is not enough; the rest of the pages have to match, otherwise, they will be forced to push down the website’s ranking.

2. Content Quality

You may not know this but the quality content has a great impact on the SEO of your website. No matter how good you think you are, there are many experts who would beg to differ. Quality content has an all-rounded aspect to it. It has to be unique, grammatically correct, properly spelled, and have adequate described topics. Direct outsourcing may lead to penalties by Panda rank. That’s just what it is meant to do. A good content speaks volumes about the writer. A knowledgeable reader can tell whether the content came from the heart or paper. And so can Panda.

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3. User Analytics

Another important aspect of SEO that Google updates focus on is the usage metrics. These are things like, how long and often do people visit your site, do they spend a good amount of time on your site, do they leave comments or even rate your site. Do they bounce or browse? A good browse rate, people are browsing 2, 3, 4 pages on average on a content site, which is decent. If they’re browsing 1.5 pages on some sites, that is better than overage. But if they are browsing like 1.001 pages, this means that there is a problem with your site and you need to evaluate your delivery or Panda will get you.

4. Diversity and quantity of traffic

Panda search engine also focuses on the diversity and type of content to boost your website traffic. Your website should accommodate visitors locally, nationally or globally depending on your niche. Are they visiting your site directly or through links? Panda can measure this through Chrome, Android, or Google toolbar. They have all this information from the usage metrics and have access to each and every activity on the internet. All these metrics are put into a machine learning algorithm where Panda recalculates. Panda updates are done about 30 or 40 days to allow it rejigger all this information. In other words, Panda search engine updates is here to stay and bring sanity to SEO world. People who’ve suffered the Panda’s wrath often ask themselves “What exactly am I doing wrong and how do I get out of this? The answer is simple. You won’t avoid it unless you change the metrics around your website. Find out what you are doing wrong and rectify it. If you feel like people are not engaging with your site effectively it’s time you change your approach.

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Source: VSI Group


The frustration that Panda brings is alarming and I even know several good sites that have suffered the same fate. In my view, Google should work to improve on Panda updates. But clearly, it seems they are satisfied with its delivery and writers and bloggers can’t wish it away. The only way out is to improve your delivery and hope things will change for the better.

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