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Importance of Blog hosting- Everything you need to know

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Blogs facilitate the sharing of ideas with the world at large. Everyone with ideas can bring them to a better and broader audience by publishing to a blog. However, before you can publish your ideas and content, you need to have your blog up and running. One of the most crucial steps to have your blog running is choosing the best cheap hosting in India.

A blog needs a perfect hosting plan to gain a fan base and acquire the required traffic.

Why Does Your Blog Need Hosting?

Is web hosting important? Let’s dive into the advantages of hosting and check on its positive impacts on your blog. When browsing the internet and going through different websites, we rarely think about how and where the content we view stored and updated. Server, a store for all files, media elements, and databases of a website, is the space that a hosting company rents to you. In as much as the internet may seem totally untethered with the physical world, truth is that everything you see on your browser when browsing a certain website occupies some space in a computer somewhere in a physical room. Web hosting providers usually maintain this physical rooms with servers. However, in rare cases, some companies have their servers and host their websites for themselves. Typically web hosting is an online version of renting space for storing something.

What Does it Cost to Get Hosted?

The price of hosting solely depends on the decisions of the hosting provider companies. However, the prices for basic shared hosting plans could on average, be $5 per month. Shared hosting plans are usually the best preference for new bloggers. As your blog grows, you will probably upgrade to cloud hosting. Other than cloud hosting, VPS hosting can also work for a well-established blog. Cloud hosting plans often range from $5 to $50 per month on average. VPS hosting, on the other hand, ranges from $20 to $100 per month. When you are choosing a hosting plan, make sure you review all the available features for the different available options. Landing on a plan with domain name registration and SSL certificate is a plus on your side since it will help you cut on extra costs.

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Features of Hosting for Blogs

Although every blog will differ from the other in one or two things, the perfect plan for hosting will typically have:


Think of the moments when you visit a website and get an error for page unavailability. This could either be caused by flooding of the servers with multi-user requests or technical maintenance of the servers. In either case, you do not want this happening to your blog since it may drive away your visitors. When selecting a plan, look for a provider that promises at least 99% uptime and check their reviews from satisfied clients.


Having a blog means that you have ideas that you want to share with the rest of the world. Hackers will also likely to steal users’ data or use the websites for their unknown and potentially harmful reasons. In as much as blogging sites do not have sensitive information like transaction pages for card purchases, the security of your files should be a priority. Choose a provider that has a good reputation for security, offers SSL certification as part of the plan.

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Customer Service

Whenever you face a challenge in running your blog, you need someone to talk to assure you that everything will be fine. You better get in touch with a customer service provider to attend to all your queries on time. Look for a hosting provider with 24/7 customer support features and a good reputation in customer service.

SEO Tools

Having a blog isn’t enough since there are more than a million blogs on the internet. To ensure you stay on the top search engine optimization should be a priority in your top-concerns list. A good SEO plan will ensure your content is up to date and relevance for your target audience. This will make your website appear on top of the search results when visitors search for related content. If you are not keen on keyword research and relevant content creation, it’s always a good idea to turn to professional writing tools and services like StudicusWowGradeGrabMyEssay and BestEssayEducation that will help you write the high-quality SEO-optimized content for your blog.


It takes some time before one can earn from their blog. This means that before you start earning, every penny you invest should reflect quality on the blog. Choose a hosting package that matches your pocket.

Before one lands on a hosting provider and a package, all the above factors should be considered to ensure there is value for your money after you purchase the website hosting package. Landing on a package that does not suit your brand’s needs can hinder your success online.

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