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Infusionsoft: Email Marketing and Sales Platform

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Infusionsoft is easy to use and is best suited for small to midsize businesses. There are many affordable options, Infusionsoft being one of them and is worth your consideration. What I look for an email marketing solution is the ease and simplicity in handling emails and building a great email list. A good email service is hard to come across. Usually, any software is bound to have flaws and sometimes these flaws can be overlooked. Many email marketers will have one great aspect of email marketing and lack others. By now you should know that there is no such thing as perfect software. Infusionsoft which is available at a starting price of $70 per month is easy-to-use automated sales and email marketing software that is designed to target small businesses with 25 employees or less. The best CRM for small business caters to business users who aren’t in sales- and marketing-savvy. The company is frank enough to encourage growing businesses to move to other advanced solutions. If you have a business or a company of fewer than 100 employees, then it will work well for you. On the dashboard to will get access to “My Day” to help you stay focused lead scoring and management are easy to use. If you are running a venture online then you must understand that Customer relationship management (CRM) is core to how businesses of all sizes succeed in gaining, growing, and engaging an active customer base. This software has CRM tools to help you do that. For beginners, it is a known fact that before you can dig in your roots in your newly started small business, you first have to assess the market. Without much sales and marketing experience, setting your small business CRM on course without help will be an uphill task. So before making a switch to digital sales and marketing, try Infusionsoft first as a marketing option.

Infusionsoft Pricing

Infusionsoft introduced a new pricing model where a user pays $70 each month, starting at 500 with a $249 on-ramping. The price will increase as the number of contacts grows. If you have 100,000 contacts, it will cost you about $400 per month. Marketing automation and adding CRM will cost you an extra $152 per month. The reason for its expensive price
tag due to marketing automation, small business CRM delivery, and your email marketing tool compared to other mid-tier platforms.

You will also get features such as the ability to manage the entire sales pipeline, set reminders, trigger automated emails, track sales team activity, automatically qualify leads, and view forecast and reports. It also provides e-commerce portal, invoicing and payment processing. Since the software is focused on small businesses, all plans have a mandatory one-time setup fee.

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Lead, Contacts and Users Management

The user experience starts with a basic training panel. Here, you can explore the platform through a guided tour of the navigation and tutorials on managing contacts, sending emails, managing automated tasks, building campaigns and processes, or setting up your e-commerce module. The navigation process takes you to the main dashboard which is organized into drag-and-drop widgets and the layout is customizable and allows you to add widgets to the dashboard, including one for:

  • Contacts
  • Quick email reports
  • Usage stats
  • Campaign reporting
  • Tasks
  • Custom statistics or
  • Real-time widget showing leads in various stages of the sales pipeline.

Contracts creation and management at Infusionsoft is very intuitive. Just use the “Plus” button on the top right-hand side of the dashboard, next to the Search bar. The main Contacts page hovering over a contact entry pops up, allows you to add a task or appointment, send the contact an email, view recent quotes and sales opportunities, or check their Lead Score, without having to click into the contact entry. The entry has a more detailed contact information and sales fields, including associated sales campaigns and the ability to manage the contact’s invoices. The contact and lead management functionalities are more basic than contacts, which is accommodative to inexperienced business users finding it easy and straightforward. The entries have online editing capabilities done by clicking the small pencil icon in any element to open a pop-up box. You can access the “Edit Score” from the Settings menu. This will give you a detailed analysis of Lead scores management. Here, you can create various rules and point values to determine the criteria which you judge a desirable lead. Scores are based on a scale of 1 to 5 “flames” and point values can be associated with tags from a contact’s bio. You can also set sales automation actions and tasks, depending on the score, by setting up triggers to automatically send a message and generate a task when a contact reaches that lead score. This feature is helpful to a business wanting to automate basic qualifications of whether a lead is worth pursuing, especially for businesses that haven’t come up with a clear strategy to measure scores beforehand. This kind of setup task is also covered in Infusionsoft’s Kickstart setup packages. My Day is another drag-and-drop widget view feature which acts like a project management (PM) dashboard. It organizes tasks, appointments, notes, and opportunities in a left-hand widget column. Infusionsoft has recently added several features that are yet to be tested. The features include a landing page builder, integration with Facebook Ads, a Vimeo integration that allows users to add an email capture box within a video, and integration with WordPress.

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Creating a Subscriber List

Since Infusionsoft is focused on small business owners who are new to digital marketing, Its average company employees are between two and 25. When you log in for the first time, you’re prompted to set up an email signature and connect to Facebook and Twitter and add users. You are also allowed to import contacts from third-party services. For every uploaded, list you’re asked whether you plan on sending email marketing to these contacts. If so, how often you plan to send emails, to present spam. Infusionsoft Accounts have unlimited hosted web forms. You can choose the fields you want to collect and drag and drop any additional elements you want to add to the form. The email as with an email broadcast, you can customize the font, layout, and styling.

Setting Up and Tracking Email Broadcasts

You can send out several different types of “broadcasts” as Infusionsoft calls them, including email, fax, letter, and voice broadcasts. For email broadcasts, you can either create an email from scratch or use their email builder. The first option gives you more flexibility and includes an HTML code builder if you have that expertise.

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Final Remarks

Email marketing has greatly improved over the past decade and many online businesses are using it to extend their reach. When used properly you can generate many leads that can be helpful in conversion. Infusionsoft is a magnificent email CRM marketing tool for starting and growing businesses. It has several wonderful features to help users build up contact list in an easy and effective way. Its affordable price means that no one is left out while trying to establish their online businesses. Read other Infusionsoft reviews to find out what they have to say.

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