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Jetpack: A Powerful WordPress Plugin

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Jetpack is a WordPress plugin from Automattic that gives you access to all the best features you miss from You can access features such as visitor engagement, site stats, security, display features, and so much more. This Jetpack WordPress plugin review will cover most of what the plugin offers. Read through for more insight. In any day WordPress.orgOrg beats in so many ways one of them being that it gives you total control of your website. Although you may miss a few features from, like site stats on your dashboard and the image caching can really speed up your site, you don’t need to go back to to access them. You can get those features and more with Automattic’s Jetpack plugin for WordPress.

How does Jetpack for WordPress work?

The Jetpack WordPress plugin works by connecting you to your account, which gives you access to features that were previously available to users only. It has a variety of modules that add various features to your site. You activate only the modules you’ll use although some of the modules are activated by default.

To do this go to Jetpack » Settings after installing and activating the Jetpack plugin to decide which modules you want to use. Just click the blue slider next to the module you’d like to activate or deactivate, and click the area to configure any available settings.

Jetpack Modules

Jetpack for WordPress has dozens of modules available, many of them are free and some are paid for. Here are some of them:
Visitor Engagement Modules
Site Stats: Get insights into your traffic and other analytics from your dashboard
Sharing: Add simple social sharing buttons to your posts
and pages
Publicize: Automatically share newly published posts on your social media accounts
Related Posts: Keep readers on your site by displaying similar content below each post
Security Modules
Protect: Prevent brute force login attempts
Monitor: Checks your site every 5 minutes and notifies you of any downtime
Appearance Modules
Tiled Galleries: Display your images in tiled arrangements.
Photon: Optimize, cache, and serve your images from the CDN.
Widget Visibility: Add conditional rules for when to display widgets.
Custom CSS: Keep your CSS edits in a separate location from your theme.
Writing Modules Shortlinks: Enable short links for all your blog posts.
Contact Form: Create simple contact forms with shortcodes.
Markdown: Write posts or pages in plain-text Markdown syntax.

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These modules are what make this Jetpack WordPress plugin one of a kind. Usually, other plugins with offering the same features individually unlike Jetpack WordPress plugin which is a one-stop shop and you can get it all in one plugin.

Jetpack Tiled Galleries

The Jetpack Tiled Galleries allow you to create very simple galleries within your posts or pages. What you need to do is click the Add Media button on any post or page, and you can click on the Create Gallery link on the right to select images from your media library. The options are pretty limited. It’s impossible to link images to custom URLs, for example. If you want to expand the images into a simple slideshow when clicked, you can activate the Jetpack Carousel module. Jetpack’s end results are stylish and fully responsive.

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Jetpack Contact Form Module

Jetpack’s Contact Form Module is a tool used to create forms with shortcodes. This is done by clicking Add Contact Form button on any post or page to choose your options. Editing the forms is not straightforward, but you can do so by clicking the Add Contact Form button again while your cursor is on the form. Click the Add this form to my post button again to save your changes. It will change the existing form rather than be adding a new one.

Jetpack Pricing and Support

The Jetpack workflow plugin and most modules are freely available. The Jetpack plugin also has two premium subscription options that give you access to premium features, including · Automated daily backups with one-click restoration · Daily malware scanning · Premium WordPress support

Checkout quick video review on Jetpack

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Jetpack workflow is an awesome plugin but before using it takes a look at the available modules and thinks about which ones you like. For one or two modules is better to go for individual plugins that add the same feature. Although the Jetpack plugin has a lot of different modules, none of them are the best at what they do. Going for a standalone, dedicated plugin, gives you better delivery since you’re likely to find one that’s better developed, faster, easier to use, and with more options than the Jetpack module. If you are willing to stand substandard delivery on one plugin, I suggest you try the Jetpack plugin for its frequent updates and wonderful support. Check out other Jetpack reviews for an informative decision.

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