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Keep Page Authority Intact When Moving by Using Redirects

Keep Page Authority Intact When Moving by Using Redirects featured image

Ahhh SEO…the most beautiful and the ugliest character, sweet dream and a nightmare, beauty and the beast, all in one term. You can spend hours on writing your new work of art, but the attention that SEO demands can be absolutely crucial for your overall success.

I don’t need to remind you how much time and energy you spent on optimization, scaling, comparing and reporting just to hit the sweet spot and redeem all of the hard work with the ultimate, optimized satisfaction.

Quick question – have you heard about page authority? If you are an SEO expert you probably have, but if you haven’t, let me share with you a few words about this mega important phenomenon.

What about Page Authority?

Page authority:

Page Authority is a powerful mage that uses its supernatural abilities to determine how well is your page going to do on search engine result pages. Okay, it’s a metric that calculates a number of factors to give you an approximate estimate on how well the page will rank, but that sounds much less cool and much more boring.

Nevertheless, this score is extremely important in your goal of achieving the highest possible slot on a search engine. It scores from 1 to 100 and it will give you a pretty accurate evaluation of your standing point. It can be improved and influenced by many different factors, such as link strength, trustworthiness, is it recognizable or distinguishable, etc. It’s getting updated daily so it’s prone to changes, hence your own score will vary and there are no constant results in this matter.

Basically, the higher the score is, the more potential it has to reach the top of search engine results. Since I know that you are now intrigued about your own page authority, let me save you some exploring time and provide you with the link where you can check it momentarily.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of these terms, I have a different subject to talk to you about. Did you ever get in a situation where you looked back on your work and smiled at yourself thinking „the good old days when all I cared about was writing good content without a worry in the world“, and then reconciled with the fact that you made dozens of mistakes? Or did you maybe get offered a kick-ass sponsorship deal that could expand your business enormously? Ooooh did you somehow decided you want to rebrand your product and give it some extra spice? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then you’ve probably considered the option of moving to a new page or a new domain which is a great idea! But there might be a few interferences that you want to consider.

First of all, you will have to change your URL or domain, and since your users have it bookmarked, or the frequently visited recommendation loaded as soon as they type in the first letter of your website, it will take them to a different place. A place no WordPress blogger wants to explore – the 404 pages not found an error.

The number of users that you might potentially lose is intimidating considering that they will presume that your website has been shut down instead of just relocated or rebranded. Since you are the creator of the most amazing content, I’m sure your words have been featured and linked in other places, but when someone clicks on the link, tell me what happens. You guessed it, that sneaky 404 will pop up again.

See More:- Redirection: Redirect Manager for WordPress

And that’s not the end of horrors. Do you know what happens to SEO and page authority that you worked so intensely on? Yes…they get obliterated and all of the hard work goes down the drain. But (luckily, there is always a „but“), it’s not that grim if we look for solutions in the right places. It’s time to reach for the superhero we need and deserve, 301 Redirects! I may have overdone it with metaphors, but oh boy this guy is a lifesaver.

 How to redirect properly

301 Redirects is a plugin that automatically redirects your users from the old website to the new one. That means that if someone types in your old URL or finds it in a search engine, they will immediately get forwarded to the new one. When it comes to search engines, that link will eventually get corrected, but if you are a pro at the blogging game you shouldn’t be satisfied with eventually (especially since it can last for weeks or even months). And do you want to know the best part?

A redirection with 301 Redirects passes from 90-99% of link authority, which includes page indexes, search signals, rankings, etc. All of the optimizations will be preserved in its original state and link authority will remain intact. So this plugin allows you to rebrand your product without a hustle, lets you change your URL or domain, preserves SEO and link authority. Do you think that that’s the end of its abilities? Let me present to you a few more. You’ve surely had a typo while typing in a URL and it often takes you to the most unusual places on the internet because of one letter. Guess what happens when you optimize with 301 Redirects; you can manipulate that as well. You have multiple pages that you want to relocate to the same new place but think 301 Redirects can’t handle it? Pfft, give it a challenge because that’s sorted in the easy category.

If the keywords and information are similar it sure will work. Regardless if you are going for small changes or trying to hit it big, this software is there to be your helping hand and guide you towards the first page of search results. If you want to give it a shot, you can navigate to their website by clicking here.

The price of 301 Redirects starts at $39 for a regular yearly subscription, or if you are going after a bigger undertake you can settle for an agency package for a price of $149. Oh and I almost forgot. If you are for some reason dissatisfied with the services that this plugin provides, you can get a full refund. The risk-free guarantee allows you to give it a test ride for 7 days and if you decide that it’s not a plugin you need (which I highly doubt), you will get a full refund of your cash.

To wrap it up

I know that we’ve covered a lot of information today so give it a few minutes to sink in. And then, as soon as you realize that 301 Redirects is exactly what you need, download it, optimize and dominate those search results.

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