Keys to Secure Your Gmail Account

Keys to Secure Your Gmail Account

How Install and Use the Two-Way Authentication

By using a two-way authentication, you can to set up your Gmail account security to ask for unique code with your normal password that comes to your mobile phone that can only last for 30 seconds.

This process is simple since you only need to have your Gmail account to remember your password and every time you log using your device a code, it will be sent to your mobile phone from where you will need to access your Gmail account.

To have a secure Gmail account, you need to remember that this security feature is meant to make sure that all your Gmail accounts are accessible to only you. Therefore, you can only use your personal mobile phone to receive the unique codes.

To secure Gmail account, the following steps will help you get started to enjoy maximum protection.

• You first need to go to My Gmail account and pick you up photo of your name on top of Gmail navigation bar
• After entering the name or photo on top of that navigation bar you can now select an account on the menu that comes up. Sometimes, you can view your name or photo this should not worry you.
• Next, click the setting gear in the Gmail then go to settings and click
• Next, select account and import tabs then go to Other Google Account settings

• After successfully sitting up your account, you can now go ahead and select security category.

• Go to set up beneath the 2-step verification on password selection where you may be asked to enter your password. When asked to do so, just enter the password and select sign in. Below the 2-step verification, click on startup.

For devices such as Android, Blackberry, or iOS you will first have to:

Type the phone device that you are using under your phone. • Download the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device and then run it on your mobile gadget

• Go to + in the application
• Click on scan Barcode
• Go to your browser and select next
• Using your phone camera, focus on the QR code on the webpage for scanning
• Go to next again on your browser
• Next, enter the code appearing in the Google Authenticator application. This is for the email address you just entered.
• Select verify

There is also an option if you are using any other phone that is not mentioned above. If for some reason you don’t have a smart phone, you are not left out. On your phone option, you will need to select Text message (SMS) or voice call.

• On the Add Your Mobile Number Or Landline Phone, you will need to add your phone number where Google will send codes.
• If your phone can receive text messages, or automated voice messages, select SMS to have authentication codes read or sent to you.
• Select send code and then insert the numerical Google verification code that will be sent to you under Code.
• You can now select verify.
• When through with that process, select next again and next one more time.

Notable point:

If you misplace your phone, you can select print codes. Just make sure that you have checked the Yes I Have A Copy Of My Backup Verification option. This will enable you to access the codes without your phone. Remember to separate your codes from your phone. Your mobile device can get damaged, stolen or even misplaced, leading you into problems. If this happens, make sure when applying for 2- step verification that you also have a backup phone number of a friend or a family member. The codes can be sent to them and you can access them.

You can select SMS if your phone can receive text messages or automated voice messages.

You can run a test to see if your backup works or if it is are available. This choice is optional.

• Go to Next
• You can also add more accounts by selecting Next
• Go to Turn On 2- Step Verification and click OK under You Are Turning On 2- Step Verification Of This Account option
• Insert your Gmail address.
• Type your access code on the password option and select sign in
• Thereafter, you will receive verification codes to input
• You can select the duration you want your device or computer to remember the verification codes for up to 30 days. This means that the computer or phone will not ask for verification for a month.
• Next, you should select Verify
• A specific password is necessary for add-ons and application for you to access your Gmail account

For applications that do not work with 2- step verification, for instance, Email programs that can be accessed by POP or Imap set up a password. New application specific password can be revoked as often as you like

How to disable the Two- way verification for Gmail

• To turn off enhanced two- way verification for Gmail, go to the Gmail 2- step verification page and if asked enter your Gmail password, select Sign In.



Check out Quick Video on How to secure Gmail Account

Closing Remarks

Privacy is important, and if falls into the wrong hands, it can damage our reputation. But with Google’s 2-way authentication, confidentiality is possible. With Google account security, you will rest assured of your account protection. You can enjoy this with its unique watertight and hack-free Gmail security features. With these steps and insights, you can take your account security to the next level.

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