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Learn how to Popularize your Blog Overnight

Learn how to Popularize your Blog Overnight BANNER DESIGN

Everyone is into blogging these days and it’s quite easy to make a blog. But the actual struggle is to make that blog successful. Just publishing a blog post and waiting for your visitors to read it, is not an impressive way to frame your blog audience. Increasing blog traffic is an art, which has to be accomplished by actively promoting your posts and engaging new readers with attractive new content every time.

Here’s we going to list 8 ways to make your blog successful overnight from an entirely different angle.


Ultimate Content

Ultimate Content

Needless to say, every single piece of your content should count in the minds of your readers. If Content is king, then marketing is queen, which should go hand in hand to make your blog successful. Usually successful bloggers keep an eye around trending matters by taking into consideration an eye-catching headline as well as appropriate length (usually from 3000-10000 words). But question is— How will you do it? As everyone has its own style of writing, still there are some basic principles of writing an awesome blog post that can win hearts and minds, as well as faction of followers who love to share your content.


Alluring Design

Alluring Design

It’s very imperative to create a simple blog design which is not only easy to comprehend but also loads faster. Your blog should not give a look of a “Beginner” in the world of web, but should be so elegant to capture the glances of your visitors in the first load. For this avoid using high sized images on your home page and use apt font size making your text is easy to read. Moreover, there’s no need to load your blog heavily with images or widgets but include those which are actually significant for your blog. Just keep in mind, an enticing web design plays a crucial role in bringing back your visitors.

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with a Great Call to Action

with a Great Call to Action

Nowadays self published eBooks has become a conventional way to increase traffic to your blog. For this you can publish your eBook on Amazon KDP where thousands of readers can download it for free. The download page can directly be linked to your blog thereby generating up to 200 visitors in 30 days. You can also add call to action pages on your eBook which will be again back linked to your blog increasing more previews.


Attention via Social Media

Attention via Social Media

Social Media Networking Sites like Facebook or Twitter, plays a pivotal role in engaging new readers. A great title is an aged thing today, as many articles pass through unnoticed in our news feed. While updating your facebook page you may share your reading interests to your friends, by including a query or a statement referring to a specific thing from your blog article, thereby driving more clicks, likes, shares and comments. For this better you stick to a single social media channel and make your presence alive over the conversation. You can also use comment moderation in your blog so as to avoid missing any views or comments. The more particular you remain in answering your visitor’s queries, the more readers will be added to your circle. Anyhow, it’s all about promoting your blog socially.

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Here’s an example of how an author’s reaction from a particular thing in the article interests readers to read the rest.


Blog Post

Blog Post

Even after publishing over social media, your post didn’t get the required attention with zero comments and shares. It means your readers have not totally bought into your content. For this you need to re-draft content that speaks the mind of your target audience and gathers momentum of its own.

Following are the tactics you can adopt to restructure your posts: – Make your blog Mobile Responsive, as this will engage more readers through their mobile devices and hence reducing bounce rate. – Make your content readable by including more sign posts, bold texts, bullet points and block quotes – Including pictures or videos also help in increasing readability.


Blog Spamming

Blog Spamming

One of the major problem every blog faces is spamdexing, wherein some shady online marketers post some random comments or trackbacks so as to promote their products or services, creating a lousy impact on your visitors. But the good thing is, you don’t have to spend hours in deleting this spam as this will be done by an anti –spam plugin Akismet. Akismet keeps a check on all the gimmicks adopted by spammers, which you can easily remove from its panel. This ensures a clean blog offering an ideal hospitality to its readers.




In order to highlight your blog in search engine results, you need to customize your keywords as per the search needs of your visitors. For this Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool is of great help, which probes and suggests all possible keywords related to your blog’s core topics. Then you just need to write an impressive blog post of atleast 1,500 words while including those keywords in headlines, sub headlines, images or links. Avoid repetition in the content as it should sustain its impact on Google as well as look natural to readers.




Email Marketing is another medium for promoting your blog for people who prefer reading your content via RSS without ever navigating to your site. These people desire for accessibility of new content delivered right in their inbox. For this, first you need to set up an exclusive list of subscribers with whom who expect to open and act on your emails. Mailchimp helps you to spot your target audience and tracks their activities, as to what they prefer to read or share with their friends. Further, you can send your exclusive content to your subscribers like Articles, eBook links or newsletters, which you feel may interest your readers. This will enhance your open rates and click- through rate will surge high.

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It’s very essential to know the ways to promote your blog posts if you desire to make it successful. You just can’t simply post an article and wait to get its required momentum. Instead, you have to do an entire homework as listed above to get your content noticed and shared by your readers. So, the more time you spend promoting your blog with more engaged elite group, the more benefits you will get in long run.

As it’s rightly said

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”.

Did I miss out any other tactic that worked well for you? Kindly share your views in the comments section.

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