Using Famebit for Reaping Money through Social Media

Using Famebit for Reaping Money through Social Media BANNER DESIGN 1 1

The Social Media is one of the biggest tools that you can use to leverage the economic potential of the Internet. With the rise of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Social Networks are playing an important role in spreading the income bracket more equitably.

It is with the above awareness in mind that Famebit has taken to Social Networks to help millions of user to monetize their social media accounts and harvest some cash. But what is Famebit? Well, I don’t want to assume that everyone fully understands what this new kid on the block is.
Famebit is a Social Media platform that allows account users to monetize their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube accounts through brand sponsorship. So where do you begin and how will you receive your cash? In this post, I am going to take you through simple process and stages that will help you to exchange your online presence and fame for cash.


Choose your preferred
Social Network

Famebit works across all the major Social Media Networks. You first need to determine which platform works best for you. If you are comfortable with Facebook and you have a larger presence there, you can use it to register and operate your sponsorship.


Register yourself first

Your journey to fame and wealth on Social Media begins with a simple registration process. The registration process is free of charge. You need to have a Social Media following that is at least 100 followers and above to qualify for Famebit registration. After you have registered, you receive a dashboard from where you can carry out your planning and promotional activities. You can also use the dashboard to share your drafts with the company.


Understand the charges

Another thing you need to know about using Famebit to reap money is that there is a small cost you will have to remit to the company. The platform takes 10 percent of all the sponsored fees you earn from it.

Choose a category

After registration, you need to choose the right category you need to sponsor on the platform. We have products that cut across categories such as electronics, mobile communication devices, fashion and many others. Make sure you choose a niche you are familiar with and have a passion for. For instance, if I were to sponsor products I would go for mobile communications appliances. The reason is that I love mobile technology, and I am passionate about it.

You should also choose a product or a number of products that are good and easy to sell. Make sure you use them so that you can promote something you are sure of. Also, it is wise to sponsor several products so that you can benefit from multiple streams of income.


Send your proposal

After identifying your preferred category or categories, you need to tender in your application for the brand you want to promote on Social Media. In your application, you need to be precise and if possible include your experience in “influencer marketing” so that the brand owners can consider and accept your application. Additionally, make your proposal more personal and professional.


Swinging into action

After emerging lucky, and your proposal has been accepted, you will receive a notification. The burden of proof now lies with you. You need to take time and understand the brand and generate innovative and exceptional ideas of promoting it. You now need to use your Famebit dashboard to share your proposed draft of action with the brand owner. At this stage, you will need to develop relevant content that fits your chosen brands/s and then submit it to the brand owner for approval before publishing it. Afterward, you will share the promotional content on your Social Media platform.


How do I get my cash?

This is a valid question since Famebit is a secure platform and the question remains how, and not if you will be paid. You can get your payment through either PayPal or a check.

Parting shot

Famebit is one of the most powerful Social Media platforms offering influencer marketers the opportunity to leverage their social network presence to earn money. This post has shown you what the platform is, its requirements, and how you need to go about monetizing your Social Media influence to earn cash. It is now your turn to utilize this piece of insight to join thousands of marketers who are making money using Famebit.

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