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How to make Money podcasting and build your Personal Brand

Can podcasting be a profitable venture. If yes, how do you go about making money though a podcast? Read on and learn
Podcasting is not a new term in the 21st century. Podcasters have been making money for its inception. However, podcasting has not been dealt with as it should in terms of harnessing its profit-generating abilities. The internet is filled with information, but is not enough to truly give an understanding of what podcasting is and how to make money podcasting. The information provided is either inadequate or fake. The real question remains: Can you make a comfortable living from podcasting? The answer is “Yes,” but an understanding of the term podcast is the first part you should focus on.

What is podcasting? A simple answer would be the act of creating audio or video content for downloading. This answer is simple and straightforward, but it does not answer the question of how to make money from it. In the past, making money from podcasting entailed dependence on ads that feature on your podcast, and this was not much. Even if it was, can you imagine the amount pitching you had to do to get clients on board? Surely, there must be a better way of creating a podcast that make money. Yes, there is, and this article aims to help you identify the ways you can use to maximize podcasting as a moneymaking venture.


This is the most common way to make money from podcasting. It is not a simple task to earn the sponsorship but, it is possible with quality content. The key to having the most downloads and audience is to choose a specific path to take once you have decided on podcasting. One of the biggest mistakes a podcaster can make is not having a clear sense of direction. Even if you seek clients, they will have a hard time offering you sponsorships since you have not shown commitment to a specific path. Therefore, choose and commit to quality content on a specific interest.

Sell your own
products and services

It is a great idea that alongside your podcast, you can sell products that you have made or advertise the kind of services you offer. Most how to start a profitable podcast tutorials do not teach product and service selling. While the podcast itself is not the source of the money, it is a sure way of making money. Some of the products you can sell are eBooks or services related to your podcast. Remember that the buyers expect value for their money and so you have to create and produce quality products.

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Use Patreon

The term may seem foreign, but it just a fancy term of describing income from your audience. Patreon is a form of crowd funding and it is effective especially if you have an ongoing project that needs of funding. You can use it to urge your fans to make donations towards your specific cause. The goal is to have a podcast that make money, and this method has proven to work repeatedly especially with a loyal fan base.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways of making money online. A great number of celebrated podcasters use this method to make cash. You need to look for products that are relatable to your target audience, and refer them to your audience. It is easy to use affiliate marketing to make money podcasting but, the simplicity has proven to be the undoing of some people. One mistake that is common to many is recommending products they have not tested. However, this tendency can backfire if you are not careful. Some products may not be as genuine as they profess, and hence, you need to test them before you recommend them to anyone.

Buy and sell products

Apart from affiliate marketing, you can buy products that you know your clients need. Affiliate marketing can earn you a certain percentage of the total profit but purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer can earn you more revenue. Look for a manufacturer willing to deliver the product to the person who has made an order. Your clientele is your audience and there is no need to have a physical store.

Build relationships
and connections

How does building relationships and making connections help me to make money? You may ask. Apparently, this is the best way to make money with your podcast. In business, relationships are like lubrication on moving parts. In this case, the saying man is not an island proves true. As a podcaster, you cannot afford to ignore relationships. Those networks are what attract more audience to your podcast, and that means business. No matter how many books or articles you read on how to start a profitable podcast, do not forget to invest in relationships because they are the most important component of making money from a podcasting.


Podcasting is a profitable venture if done correctly and with the right drive. Your voice and facial expression can give out a lot. If you have no passion about what you are creating content about, then you will have a hard time convincing your audience to continue subscribing to your podcast. Look for a subject that is of interest to you and fashion it in a way that is interesting to create quality content. There are many articles on the internet that discuss how to make money podcasting 2017. Some of which are bogus, others are somewhat okay, while others are beneficial. Overall, the benefit of reading these articles will be felt once you put these tips into action. Podcasting can make you good money but, your dedication and patience will determine how much. Do not be afraid to learn new things related to podcasts and what your podcast is about.

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