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5 Steps for Making Readers Hooked to your Blog Posts

5 Steps for Making Readers Hooked to your Blog Posts BANNER DESIGN

To become a blogger is easy. But it really puzzles us to think about the structure of a blog post which persuades readers to like and share it with their friends.

Don’t worry! You don’t require any degree in creative writing. But the only thing matter’s is of your blog post.

A blog post must be written taking into consideration the interests of readers and only readers. If you consider it as a means of making money by including more keywords or including baseless content, then that blog would be no less than an isolated ghost-town for your readers.

Here in this article, I will illustrate five simple steps which you can incorporate in your blog post, which will not only engage your readers but will also help you to duplicate the success of the best bloggers in the web world.

Outline Content Catalogue:

Writing a blog post just does not need a digital pen and paper and you proceed writing. You need to make a note of what you actually want to write about and gather all the necessary information to accomplish the motive of writing. However, many new bloggers ignore this process, but in long run this habit ensures good blogging habits. For this you need to create a content catalogue which should be followed as:




First you select a topic that interests you. If you have no knowledge of it, undergo a thorough research by asking questions and understanding the depth of the topic. This will prepare you to write openly with no confusions in mind.

Save useful

After gathering all the necessary information, you can save the appropriate links for reference so as to create data for your post.

Draft an

Now, you can jot down your notes on the introduction, section paragraphs and conclusion part accordingly, thus making you ready to draft a well organized blog post.

Ponder over a Captivating Caption:

Take time to decide the right caption for your blog post which should be so enticing and eye-catching that readers feel the need to click-through your article. It a kind of first association between you and your reader, which has to be taken care of, to make your blog successful. For this be sure what you are offering your readers whether its promising results, giving tutorials, making shocking revelations, in numbers ways to become successful, solving household problems or disclosing a controversy. In short, hitting on the physiological state of mind usually triggers good followers on a given topic.

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Pen Down the Entire Blog Post:

Now that, your readers are attracted to your blog post, you have to persuade them to continue reading. At this point, your introduction plays a crucial role to convince your readers, they will be benefited in reading your blog post. Just make sure, the structure of your blog post is easy for readers to apprehend.




Start with a Pleasing

You can start by asking some thought provoking questions, adding some quote or statistics or making a relatable statement for which readers may feel the need to read the entire blog post.

Using Subheadings
and Bullets:

Long paragraphs usually make the post boring. Adding bullet points or section paragraphs with headings, makes the content easily consumed by the readers

Simple words with Straightforward

Don’t show-off your vocabulary skills. Your readers can be from any part of the world, so better stick to language that is easily understood by a layman.

your Blog Post:

Don’t show-off your vocabulary skills. Your readers can be from any part of the world, so better stick to language that is easily understood by a layman.

Create Extra’s to Amuse your Readers:

Apart from words, you can also add some extra’s in the form of images, videos, graphs or charts to the post, to make it more interesting and alluring. Maintaining this consistency makes your content look more professional and entertaining. This not only looks exceptional, but also enriches the user experience of the blog post.

Wrapping Up:

Since, it’s time to wrap up your blog post. It’s also very essential to take this part seriously as you considered introduction. As with this, you want your readers to get hooked to blog and be regular visitor to catch more of such content. For this we are going to highlight three effective ways to create a punchy conclusion:

Summarize: You can either summarize the entire blog post focussing on what your readers have learnt and how it will help them grow.
Questions: You can also start a conversation with your readers by asking questions at the end of the blog post which may relate to getting answers beneficial for both the readers and visitors.
Call to Action: You may include a call to action tab to any other blog post you have created on a specific topic or an eBook which may attract readers attention.


You have read, it’s not a sci-fi thing to create a blog post. An ideal blog post should include specific words in combination with visual interests and well structured audited format delivering value to its readers. Following these basic principles will not only hold your readers attention but will also make you a successful blogger in long run.


As it’s rightly said,” Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results”

Are there any other steps you have taken to refine your blog posts? Please share your views in the comments section below. I will make sure to reply on each and every comment on my blog post.


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