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Manage your Blog without Quitting Your Job

Manage your Blog without Quitting Your Job BANNER DESIGN 1 1

Blogging is emerging as one of the most credible and viable means of earning income among thousands of people who have decided to leverage the Internet revolution. You can choose to enter into blogging as a full-timer or a part-timer. But when you set up a blog while still attached to your job, it can be a challenging and delicate act of balancing.

In this post, I am going to speak to that daring blog-entrepreneur who may have valid reasons to retain their profession, and still, run a successful blog. For instance, you may be a medical doctor who runs a health blog where you interact with your clients, and hence your love for your career and passion for helping the sick doesn’t allow you to quit your job. If you are that person or you think your blog has not grown enough to sustain you financially, this post is for you. I am going to share with your precious nuggets of wisdom that will help you to manage your blog without resigning your job prematurely or untenably.

Prepare before you launch

Before you set up your blog while still retaining your employment, you need to prepare for all the management tasks ahead of you. Just like any other business, you have to take time and assess the management needs and dimensions of running a blog. Don’t just look at how much money the blog will earn; also look at the price you need to pay to earn that much. Once you are aware of the management needs, you can set realistic expectations.

Define your goal

Another key that will enable you to run your blog successfully while retaining your job is having the big picture in mind before you even set it up. If you don’t have a compelling reason behind the launching of the blog, you will definitely fail to appreciate the processes of running it. Having such a foundation will enable you to stick to your blog even in tough times.

Get a helping hand

Another way of running your blog while retaining your job is to get a helping hand. If you find yourself in a position or career where it is not tenable to quit your job, you can hire a manager to run it for you. As we began, I mentioned the case of a medical professional who may not be willing to sacrifice such a noble career for money or become a full-time blogger.

Organize and manage your
time and priorities

Proper time management and organization are other keys that will help you to run your blog while still retaining your primary career. You have to set time to run your blog without creating a conflict of interest and priorities. Embracing order will save you unnecessary headaches and hassles.

Learn from your mistakes

Since none of us was born with a career, we all learn from experiments and mistakes. If you are not ready to resign, you can still try out the best tricks that will let you manage your blog while keeping your other career. You can learn a lot of tricks if you remain open to learning and adventure.

Keep your focus

Keeping your focus on the process of balancing between your job and blog is another secret that will help you become a better manager. If you take off your sight from your goal, you can be sure that disorder and conflict will creep into the scene.

Remain confident and calm until you
strike the gold mine

Lastly, you have to stay calm and confident in the process of juggling between employment and your fledgling blog. You need to understand that it takes time to grow a successful blog. That is why you have to be patient even when you are not making money from the blog.
Remember, there is no such thing as “overnight” and price-free success in blogging. You have to take time, and in the process, hold your horses.

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Managing a blog while retaining your job can be a challenging act of balancing. However, it is possible for you to do it if you follow the right process. This post has shared with you all the viable and practical ways of running a blog without quitting your employment. The ball is now in your court to adopt the best approach that suits your personal employment situation before resigning your job to focus on full-time blogging.

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