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Marketing Automation: A Step to Step Guide


With billions of social media users and over 200 networks, it is hard for a marketer to reach this number. It will be a difficult task to engage so many users of social media as a marketer. The solution to this conundrum is market automation software. As a marketer, you will be able to reach numerous prospective clients on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other platforms when you use this method. Marketing automation is known as the optimization and automation of repetitive marketing tasks. Do not worry if you are not familiar with the term as over 90% of other marketers are not either. Therefore, this article will take you through a step to step guide to marketing automation to improve your marketing endeavors.

Overview of marketing automation

There are three main areas when it comes to online marketing that can help you automate your marketing tasks.

1. Email marketing

With email marketing, you get to use email marketing automation software that automatically sends various emails based on triggered events. For instance, you can opt for a signup form. Delivery is one of the best ways to do marketing automation regarding; distribution is another way you can do so well.
Furthermore, you can automatically segment your email list based on who opted into your email list and from where they are located. In addition, there is autoresponder when sending emails to those who are on your sign up form. MailChimp is one way to automate email marketing as it is free and most people begin using this method.

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2. Social media

With social media, you have marketing automation tools that will help you automate marketing updates. There is now hundreds of marketing automation software that can be used in various platforms for social media platforms.

Therefore, these tools are essential when it comes to distributing your content on these platforms. You get to do so by automatically engaging your followers as well as leads with these tools. By so doing, you are creating growth in social media by showing your products and services through marketing automation.
Buffer is a great marketing automation software that allows you to connect to at least 5 social media platforms. In addition, it is free.
Once you use this tool, you can send different messages to different channels. The advantage is that the messages are automated and you choose when they will appear to your followers or leads.

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3. Landing pages

If a marketer asks what is marketing automation and how you can use it apart from social media and email marketing, the answer is landing pages. Prior to templates, landing pages took some time to create. You had to have some knowledge of coding regarding CSS and HTML. However, with templates, you copy a design, customize it based on your content and you can use this template for repetitive marketing tasks.
Using A/B testing, it is possible today to automate the copy you have made for your landing page. This makes part of repetitive marketing tasks very easy.
To get the best templates, you can use LeadPages, Instapage, or Unbounce to get the best landing page templates. You only need to make a few changes to customize your landing page.


Essentially, using these three methods of marketing automation, you are in line with what is required to make your marketing easier. You will reach more clients and it will be as easy as you have marketing automation software to help you do so even if you need to automate your multi-location marketing. By gaining more clients, you are assured of some good revenue and further prospects for more clients. Using the above guide, you do not need to get a technician to do some landing pages for your marketing needs. You have the templates that only require customization. As such, if you need to up your game in the marketing field regardless of what product or service that you sell, you will ensure that you use marketing automation.

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