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Marketo: Marketing Automation Platform


Online marketing is complicated nowadays and is not easy trying to sell an idea or a product through the internet. That is why you need to employ tools like Marketo email marketing software used to boost digital marketing efforts. Marketo has features that are further broken down into applications. These applications are focused on various techniques of digital marketing.

A lot of these online digital marketing tools will promise heaven but will not deliver on that promise. It is therefore important to conduct marketing research on various tools to narrow down what is suitable for your business. You need to understand that different companies have different needs and that is why you can’t find a perfect marketing tool, only those that satisfy specific needs. This article will cover Marketo as digital marketing and will explore the various features it offers. Read through for more information.

Marketo is a marketing automation software designed with various capabilities to cater for all business sizes. These features include email marketing, social media marketing, lead nurturing, SEO, landing pages, and analytics. The service also offers to automate marketing processes like social integration, customer engagement, personalized ads, and predictive content. The system is very flexible and has nearly limitless options for customization.

Marketo is enterprise-level marketing automation used to market any type of business that wants to grow quickly and efficiently. Marketo email marketing software has implementation packages for both small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises. Like I said earlier it has an array of applications that allows you to execute any type of online digital marketing. The following are Marketo’s features:

Marketo Features

Marketo has applications that focus on various aspects of digital marketing. The following features are found in the Marketing Automation application.

Lead generation – This type of marketing automation attracts and engages potential customers from the start of their customer journey using search marketing, web personalization, landing pages, forms, social media and behavior tracking.

Lead nurturing – This type of marketing involves building scale cross-channel, automated campaigns to personalize a lead’s experience and convert them into a customer. It also includes batch and real-time triggered emails, automatic segmentation as lead behavior changes and mobile marketing abilities to reach customers wherever they are.

CRM integration – The marketing automation software integrates with most CRM systems, which allows you to point out your most valuable leads and automatically bringing them to the attention of your sales team. Your sales team can then focus more on converting leads instead of dead-end contacts.

Campaign tracking – This marketing feature has useful tools such as a web-based calendar for your team’s coordination. It allows you to streamline your team, dashboards and ad hoc reports to quickly identify and share key findings. This allows you to notice which marketing campaign is working and which one is not.

Marketo Implementation Packages

Launch Pack Packages – If you are running a small or medium business, then the Launch Pack packages are perfect for you. You will be assigned a Marketo consultant who will be your contact. The pre-defined package includes onboarding services such as setup and configuration assistance, one-on-one consulting, hands-on training, and creative services support.

Custom Enterprise Implementation Programs – Marketo’s project managers and expert consultants will help create an onboarding plan, streamlining it with your marketing objectives, in enterprise implementation packages. These implementation packages include business services analysis and deployment planning, solution implementation and global releases.

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Customer Service & Support

Marketo digital marketing platform has very unique customers support. The service assigns consultants to help their customers with onboarding and training. For larger organizations, Marketo also provides wonderful services to help them create effective campaigns for their business. These include:

Expert consulting – These experts give advice regarding best marketing practices, hands-on assistance, and strategic marketing guidance.

Strategic advisory services – The automated marketing platform has a team of digital marketing experts whose sole purpose is to provide organizations with information and analytics of their current digital marketing efforts. This helps them to align business and marketing goals, and create a strategic digital marketing plan to follow.

Creative services – Marketo also offer creative services, helping businesses design and create an attractive email, landing page and mobile templates for your business. These services equip the user with creative skills to make them visible in the digital marketing world. You can also access Marketo’s support representatives at any point via phone, email or online chat.

Marketo Pricing

Marketo login does not publish their rates online, but according to a third party website, it has three subscription options starting from $895 to $3,195 per month. The main differences between the plans are the number of users included, the testing capabilities, and the advanced reporting features available in the highest tiered plan. The marketing automation software pricing is broken down into bundles so organizations can purchase exactly what they need. The bundles usually focus on: Lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer-based marketing, and, mobile marketing. The bundles pricing depends on the number of contacts you found in your marketing database and not solution-usage. If you want to get price quotes and custom bundles, you can contact Marketo’s sales representatives. Marketo integrates with native Salesforce and other popular CRM solutions, to keep your marketing and sales team on the same page.


Marketo customer support team is very efficient, the workflow is flexible, the software can be integrated with Salesforce, and automation tools increase lead conversions and sales revenue.


Marketo has a steep learning curve when it comes to using the software, it’s not always intuitive, and in some cases, integrating the software with other systems can be challenging. Landing page builder is not robust, making the task tedious.


Choosing a Marketing Automation Solution is all about finding the right fit. Online automation marketing is a great way to spread the word about your brand and what other way is better than using Marketo automation marketing software? Marketo is one of the best marketing automation software available. Having this software helps you generate reliable leads to help you put your business on the map. If you don’t have it yet you don’t know what you are missing. It is highly customizable to give you the look and feel that fits your business. Look out for other Marketo reviews to make an informative decision.

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