Newbie Mistakes made by Affiliate Marketers

What are the common big mistakes that newbie affiliate marketers often make? Read on to find out. Like most newcomers in any field, most of us are guilty of wanting to make money as soon as we start without bothering to learn the ropes first. It is funny how we can run around like headless chicken trying to make some quick bucks the way some rookie affiliate marketers do. Unfortunately, there is never a topic in class that mentions anything about affiliate marketing for beginners so you are on your own. This article will focus on what not to do as you begin your affiliate marketing journey.

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It’s not about the money

The golden rule about your chosen career path is to love what you do, and do not do it for money. Whatever you want to sell should be beneficial to the buyer; so, make sure there is value to the consumer. Do not just focus on making a kill and earning your commission. Eventually, your sins will find you out in the form of negative reviews especially if the product you are selling is bogus. Remember, your reputation is at stake so make it count.

Selling what you do not know

It would suck to purchase a product that does nothing according to the description given. This is what consumers will experience if you are marketing and selling stuff that you have not tried yourself. It will be very difficult to relate with the consumer when you have no idea on what to say in case of queries. If you test it and are happy about it, trust me it will show from the way you describe it as you are making a pitch to potential customers.

Dismissing SEO

Search engine optimization is key for any affiliate marketer. You have to have a grasp on how you can make SEO work for you. Use the correct keywords that match and relate to what you are selling because this makes it easier for readers to find you and access the product you are offering. As far as tips for affiliate marketing for beginners go, this tip sits at the top. Research on the best keywords to use and all other SEO-related material and you will soon be a pro on how to start affiliate marketing and sharing the good news.

Too many affiliate programs

I don’t know what you had but there is such a thing as too many affiliate programs. For anything to work well, you need to have to focus on one thing at a time. Having too much on your plate will not do much to help you go down the right path. You have to identify a particular niche that you are comfortable with and just go with it. With time, you will establish a loyal customer base. Remember the Swahili saying that says, “If you want all, you will lose all”.

Not being honest

As a beginner, do not be so caught up in trying to make it big that you make up figures to attract clientele. There is a rare commodity that people are looking for nowadays and that is honesty. In a world filled with scams on how to make money, people are simply looking for someone to tell them the truth. This is one way to earn positive reviews and in the long run increase the client base. Affiliate marketing for beginner’s guide should include honesty as the best policy and a golden rule.

Not prioritizing an email list

How can you claim to be an affiliate marketer without an email list? As part of the tips on how to start affiliate marketing, a healthy email list is among the best things you can do for your affiliate marketing campaign. The number of email users is huge and makes a rich pond to fish from. Just create a list of users you can send affiliate links to.


Why aren’t you tracking?

Tracking your links gives you a clear picture of how much your efforts are paying off. By ignoring this important point as part of the tips for affiliate marketing for beginners, you end working without knowing whether you are making progress or not. Know what sales you have made and from whom to help you strategize for the future in terms of finding new clients.


Obviously as a beginner you will earn more on how to make money with affiliate marketing for a beginner if you are consistent and ready to learn more from the path you have chosen. In the meantime, avoid the mistakes above and you will succeed in the long run.



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