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Mixmax Review 2020: How to Use, Pricing, Features & Alternatives

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When you send an email, and it takes ages to get a response, it pisses you off. It makes you wonder if they received and read the message, or it went to the spam folder. This is what happens when you fail to track your emails. Email tracking allows you to know if the recipient got the email of not. The good news is that we have so many tools in the market that can track emails to see if they were read or not. One of these tools is called Mixmax for Gmail.

This awesome tool is free to use and can track and schedule emails. It has a web app version, and or you can use it as a Chrome extension. It was is designed to market emails if it is sent to more than one person. However, it comes in handy when you want to find out what happened to your shipped email. This tool allows you to track both personal and business emails. You will know if the recipient is interested in your message or not. Anyone who has an online venture or has a blog will find it quite handy in many ways. Did your recipient open the information, or is it being ignored in the Inbox? 

What Is Mixmax?

Designed in San Francisco, Mixmax is an email marketing and tracking that is also used to schedule emails. If you have a Gmail or G Suite account, you can use this tool to send emails. SaaS brands and sales teams are regular users of this tool. They use it to monitor sent emails and schedule email campaigns to know how prospects engage with them.  

Key Mixmax Features

What does Mixmax offer when it comes to features? Let’s found that out below:

1. Email Tracking and Analytics

With the email tracking tools in Mixmax, users can figure out which are the best emails to use in their campaign. Stats given by these tools show detailed insights on how recipients engage with them. When you are done sending your email, the tool tracks it using various metrics. You will be able to track emails with these metrics when you use Mixmax:

  • Email Open Rates – This refers to the number of email accounts, which received and opened it.
  • Clicks – This gives reports on how many users clicked on the email’s links.
  • Per Recipient Tracking – This gives info on clients and prospects who read your emails.
  • Download Tracking – If you sent a file, these metrics would show you how many users downloaded it.

Note: You can also receive real-time alerts on these metrics from Mixmax. To improve the user experience, you can disable these alerts if they start to clutter your Google inbox. Mixmax integrates with other services to streamline email tracking. Some of these services include:

  • Pipedrive which help to auto BCC emails 
  • Integrates with Slack to get alerts
  • API integration helps you to connect directly to your CRM 

2. Email Scheduling

Just like other software that offers email marketing, Mixmax allows you to schedule emails. All you need to do is enter a date and time. When the set time reaches, the tool will automatically send emails to your users. 

Benefits of instant scheduling

  • Emails are sent even when you are not online 
  • Sales experts use this to enhance the impact of email

How does it enhance email impact?

When you schedule emails, it will reach your target prospects when they are assumed to read their emails. This increases your level of engagement. Users can also streamline their workflow using the automation feature. Lots of marketing professionals use MixMax. Like: Inbound marketing agency.

Mixmax has a couple of other useful functions besides email marketing. The tool is also used to schedule meetings. Its integrated alerts allow you to use the Google Calendar app to remind you of meetings.

3. Email Personalization to Boost Engagement

Being automated software, Mixmax allows users to personalize emails to increase their reach. It is also helpful if you want to engage more with your clients with your sales campaigns. Since this software integrates with other services, their data to populate your personalized fields. These solutions include:

  • Google directory contacts
  • Pipedrive or HubSpot
  • Salesforce leads

How does this benefit Mixmax users?

Your recipients will get emails that cater to their needs instead of getting generic emails. 

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4. Save Custom Templates

Mixmax allows you to reuse a perfectly composed email as a template for future drip campaigns.

How does this help?

You don’t need to come up with another email for every campaign since you can reuse these email templates. By doing this saves a lot of time that would have been used to create new emails. This is beneficial to account managers and brands. You still have to personalize your to-do lists when you are planning to use your email templates—the reason being that your clients are not going to engage with generic text emails. Your brand remains credible when you tailor each campaign to suit their needs. This also boosts your campaign’s outreach.

Note: You are also allowed to personalize each email further by attaching files from Dropbox and Box. 

5. Other Features

I’ve put together a detailed infographic for Mixmax. This infographic shares the complete features in different packages:

Mixmax Features_InfoGraphics Design

Specific orders are used to create and send multiple emails if you want to. This applies only to four “Sequences.” If you’re going to create more, an upgrade is required. This will cost you $25 each month on the premium account. An option to send templates to one or multiple users is also provided. If you want to send generic emails and announcements, then templates are the best. The free account allows you to create as many templates as you can. To track template emails, you will have to upgrade to the premium account.

Mixmax- Features

The installed Mixmax Chrome extension allows users to create emails with slash commands. They just need to type “/” in a new line, and a new list of rules will display. An example is when you “/ maps” and enter the address if you want to insert a location’s Google Maps image. Slash commands also allow you to add emojis, templates, and animated GIFs.

How to Use Mixmax

You are required to install the free extension for Google Chrome if you want to use Mixmax. Once you finish installing, the Mixmax logo will display on the top-right corner of the browser. 

Create A Free Account

When you compose a new email, you will see a few extra buttons on the screen. These buttons will be seen at the bottom of the “New Message” pop-up box.

  • Clicking on the “Send Now” button, your email will be sent right away.
  • If you want to send the message later, just click on the “Send Later” button. When you do this, a calendar will open for you to set a date and time. Set the exact day and time to send the message.

MixMax- How to use

The “Automate” button sets three conditions to schedule reminders for emails to be sent:

  1. When none read the email
  2. If it was not replied
  3. When no action was taken 

The drop-down box gives you these three options.

MixMax- Schedule

By clicking the “Track” button, you can track and get back the status of your email (if it was read or not).

The free account only tracks open emails. To fully benefit from the tracking feature, you need to upgrade to the premium account. These account allows you to track opened emails, clicked links, and downloads.

  • Before clicking the “Send Now,” ensure you’ve checked the box beside “Track opens.” 

MixMax- Tracking

To check for open emails that you have been tracking, click on the “Live Feed” link on top of your email page. This action will open another tab in the Mixmax app left pane, where you can view the live feed.

Note: if you are using opening this page for the first time, it will only see a blank page.

From this page, you can send a test email by clicking on the “Compose Email.” This allows you to send an email to one of your addresses to see if it works well.

Once you do this, you will be provided with a list of tracked emails.

MixMax- Tracking

You will see the tabs below in the Live Feed:

  • Opened
  • Downloaded
  • Unopened
  • Clicked
  • All

To view which emails were opened, click on the “Opened” tab. It will also show you who opened them.

From the left pane, you can also track scheduled emails by selecting “Scheduled Emails.” Click on the scheduled email so that you can design it, move it to draft, or sent it right away.  

Mixmax Pricing

The following four plans are included in the Mixmax pricing:

Mixmax- pricing

  • Free plan
    This plan grants you access to the small biz or growth plan for 14 days when you sign up. You will get minimal features, though.
  • Starter
    At $9 per month per user, this plan offers unlimited email templates and open tracking.
  • Small Biz
    For $24/month per user, this plan gets you all the Starter features plus CRM integration through follow-up automation and auto BCC. You will also get double-booking protection.
  • Growth
    The Growth plan goes for $49/month per user. As a user, you will get features from all the lower plans and a few extras. These extras include live chat support, round-robin team calendaring, and custom-branded landing pages.
  • Enterprise
    You need to call their support quotes. This plan gives you all the other features from lower plans plus essential team performance report.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a lot of add-ons that are accessed on any standard mail. This includes tracking to lists, file download, detailed analysis, link creation, and email invites
  • It has a seamless user interface 
  • Offers great reports, email templates, email tracking, and sequence performance
  • Inbox by Gmail which is used by many people
  • No friction when getting started
  • Offers gentle reminders and snoozes 


  • This tool sometimes interferes with how POP mail accounts like Gmail functions
  • Needs enhancement in group scheduling
  • Their customer could use some facelift since they don’t respond in time
  • Price is on the higher end making it unfriendly to your pockets 

Mixmax Alternatives

If you feel like this tool doesn’t offer what your business needs, here are some alternatives:

Checkout the quick video review on Mixmax

Source:- dottotech

Conclusion: Mixmax Review

Although the Mixmax Chrome extension is an essential tool, it is handy for those who want to manage their emails. Everybody knows that emails play a vital role when marketing our ventures. When you track your emails using Mixmax, you get accurate reports that help you know if you are making progress or not. That draws it back is its pricing plans that are a bit expensive compared to other tools that offer the same services.

You will be amazed that the free version has almost the same options as the paid ones. The app works well with Gmail, and you will get desired results in your email tracking. Want to get started with MixMax? Mixmaxchrome extension is the best tool if you’re going to succeed in your email marketing and campaigns.


What happens after my trial is over?
When your free trial ends, it will be replaced with a free plan.

Does Mixmax allow multi-user like working with a team?
Off course.

Does Mixmax provide customer support, tutorials, or guides?
Support is through email, help center, and knowledge base.

What other apps does Mixmax commonly uses in tandem with?
Users can use Mixmax in tandem with Gmail, Salesforce, andGoogle Inbox.

What is Mixmax generally used for?
This service is used as a productivity suite for Gmail and Google Inbox.

Does Mixmax support any other email service providers other than Gmail?
Currently, they don’t support any other apart from Gmail. Maybe in the future.

Who are the target users of Mixmax?
Users of MixmaxincludeReal Estate Agents, Teams, Sales Reps, Entrepreneurs, and Recruiters.

Does Mixmax offer an API?
Yes, Mixmax offers REST API.

Does Mixmax support other platforms?
Mixmax is a Chrome extension that enhances the features of Google Inbox and Gmail.

Does Mixmax integrate with any other apps?
Yes. It integrates with Salesforce, Markdown, Github, Google Calendar, SMS, Dropbox and Box, Giphy, Twitter.


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