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Mobile Marketing Tips that drive Leads and Sales

Mobile marketing is an option that many can access. It has become the center of marketing for every successful business. Any business interested in making a kill should be aware of the power that the mobile market holds. The increase in smartphone possession and mobile devices in general makes this a platform worth looking at because mobile gadgets have revolutionized marketing strategies. That may seem as an overstatement but the numbers do not lie. Over the years, mobile usage has been on the increase globally with approximately 50% of the global population having a mobile device in their possession.
If there is one constant thing in marketing, then it is competition. Every business is trying to outdo one another in attracting and keeping new customers. Any business that is not willing to embrace the importance that mobile marketing plays in the marketing world is bound to lose out and probably buckle under. Businesses are going out of their way to produce applications that can expose mobile users to the products and services that they have to offer. The budgets that go into mobile marketing strategies are huge enough to make you think twice about not investing in it. This article gives you the tips to help drive the traffic and sales.

Create or modify your site to be mobile friendly

Research shows that most of users who access web pages use mobile devices and the number of sites accessed via PCs is on the decline. When creating a website, a mobile version is not an option but a necessity. If a mobile user visits a sight and some of the navigational buttons are not working or not visible via a mobile device, they will switch off. Even WordPress knows the importance of this as it has
all the options from tablets, smart phones, and smart phones.

Work on using SMSs as a marketing tool

Another one of the mobile marketing tips centers on the use of a common tool, which is SMS. Phone users are becoming addicted to their phones as most spend most of their waking moment checking the screen of one mobile device or another. This so-called addiction is a heaven for mobile marketers as they can tap into it and make a kill. It may seem as a
cliché, but it is an underrated platform. There are a number of reasons to make the shift and, the most common of this is the fact that it will be delivered directly to those on your contact list.

Build an emailing list

Still on the addiction phenomenon, emailing can work wonders as part of your marketing strategy. Email access using mobile devices is not new. In fact, it has become a norm for over 70% of mobile users with email addresses. Use it to your advantage by building an email list. This means that you have to create content for your email eye-catching as well as
qualitative. It is easy for the recipient to discard the email as soon as they receive if they are not convinced of its worth. Do not forget to include an opt-in, opt-out option if you do not want to be categorized as a spammer.

Invest in mobile ads focusing on geographical locations

Due to the GPS and GPRSs on mobile devices, you can identify the location of prospects and send the right ads to their mobile gadgets. The importance of location applies in terms of customizing the content. Mobile ads are great and efficient since you have the upper hand of knowing your target audience beforehand. Unlike other mobile marketing tips, you
don’t have to wing it to get it right. Just be sure to know all the rules that govern mobile ads before diving into the pool headfirst.

Build mobile apps

Every mobile gadget comes with a number of apps. However, the number of mobile apps being downloaded from the app market is still impressive. Every day a new mobile app makes an entry into the market. Clearly, there must be a good reason for this, and it speaks volumes of the demand that is there. As a business, it becomes vital to have services and
customer care at the fingertips of the consumer. It has become an easy feat to create mobile apps since there is software for that. If you have money to spare, you can hire a professional mobile app developer and have them do your work.

Utilize social networks

People have said it repeatedly that as part of your marketing strategy, it is vital to make your presence known on the social media. Through networking, you can build new relationships and connect with them. Social media is a world of its own, and it can be a source of vital information such as reviews and comments. You can make use of that by joining
forums or groups on Facebook, twitter, or even LinkedIn, which has become a favorite for many businesses. Connect with the movers and shakers of your industry, learn from them and watch your business grow to what you want. You need to create quality content and back it up with a creative profile and you are on your way to increased sales and leads.


After all is said and done, I will rest my case. I have already said before that implementation is the hardest part that challenges many marketers. However, as a business it is advisable to make this a part of your mobile marketing strategies 2017if you are willing to make it big with your business. Dish out great content and do more research. It does not hurt
to add to your bank of knowledge when it comes to mobile marketing. Increasing leads and sale will be forgotten once you have a grip on the tips above.

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