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Motionden: Free Online Intro Maker – Create Your Own Intro in Minutes

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Success in the online world is crucial today. One way to make personal marketing possible is through the use of videos. You may have a video channel that you use to promote products and services. The best way to keep people listening to you is through great intro videos. It may be an affiliate program, product review, a how-to video, or a video blog post. Always give a personal touch using a great intro video.

You can make this possible by the use of the free online intro maker i.e Motion den. You will make a good intro video without much trouble. You do not need to worry about complex software, apps, or any other hustle. When you use this free online intro maker, you will get superb videos within minutes. Make your goals come true using this online free tool. When you use this video intro maker, you will see your online success become a reality.

About Motionden Free Online Intro Maker

Motion Den is a web-based video making tool that anyone can use since it’s free. It is a great tool for making slideshows, intros, and explainers. You can also use it in any other kind of video that you want. This online video maker makes it easy to create videos since users are given video templates. All you have to do is pick and tweak your video template to your needs, and you are good to go.

Motion Den has been ranked as the best intro maker app and is the most affordable intro maker. It is a YouTube partner and is used by video experts worldwide.

Below are some of the features you are going to get when using MotionDen:

  • Supports HD
  • Text Overlay
  • Audio Tools
  • Social Sharing
  • Brand Overlay
  • Media Library

How It Works

You need to follow three steps:

  • Browse first through intro video templates by Motion Den.
  • Secondly, you edit the intro video that you have made using this online editor.
  • Third, you export and publish your video online.

Features of MotionDen

There are templates used to create the type of intro videos that you need. The most common intro video templates include:

Gold Pumps

With Gold pumps, you make your intro video using a stunning gold opener. The pumping effect is synched with the design and audio. You can customize this template when you change the text. You can do this with your own text and letting the Motion Den team handle the rest.

Rainbow Blast

This is among the most used Motion Den intro template. The rainbow blast has some stunning 3D intro, which features a multicolored design. Motion Den intro maker helps you alter this template easily. This is done when you enter your desired text for your intro video. Once you have done so, leave the rest to our Motion Den team. They will make a great intro video using this popular template.

Clean 3D

This template allows you to make an intro video. This is done using an awesome Clean 3D intro temple. This features a custom brand that is imprinted on steel. It is perfect for websites, intros, social proof, events, and many more. Motion Den also allows you to change this template to fit your criteria.

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2D Animation Software

Want to make great videos with stunning effects? You can count on this tool to help you do that with its 2D animation tool.

Video Advertisement Maker

The tool has an advert editor, which is perfect for ads. You can use it to create video ads for your campaigns. This editor allows you to create stunning videos to market any kind of venture. Making these videos is super easy, thanks to video templates. Just pick one and change a few things to meet your needs.

Music Video Maker

Whether you an expert in editing videos or nor, you can make music videos with MotionDen. Artists will love this tool since you don’t have to pay to use it. Just choose video clips, songs, or images that you like. After that, just make a music video in a few minutes.

Facebook Ads and Videos Maker

With this video maker, users can customize their video content to use on Facebook. You can use these videos in your pages.

Video Infographic Maker

It is also a great tool when you want to create video infographics. They help your visitors understand your content better. Some of them include geographic info and statistical.

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Create Stunning Intro Videos With No Software

All you need to do is to choose a template and customize it. You can do this online with no software requisite. You can change a few things here and there by adding desired texts, music, and colors. Once customized, their capable team takes over. It will make a great online intro video, giving you the best results.

Mobile App Promo Video Maker

It also allows you to create promo videos for your apps with ease. Skills are not needed when you can create videos with studio-quality using this video maker.

Steps To Creating A Stunning Intro Video

  • The first thing that you need to do is create your MotionDen account. After that, you can get started with custom animated intros.

Motionden- Account Creation

  • Next, choose an animated video template that you like.

Motiionden- Video Templates

  • After this, you can change the text. You can also add photos by uploading as you see fit for your video intro.

Motionden- Text Video Template

  • Save and share the new video. The software has a huge library with quality content. You also get catalogs to pick from.

Motionden- Save and Share video

  • The above steps have proven to make fully customized intros or animations easy. Once done making your intro video, just upload it on your online channel. Your videos will get feedback once you use it. Go for it today and see your goals reached in an instant.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Suggests on what templates will work better
  • You don’t need a credit card to create and download videos
  • Since they partners with YouTube, you can upload videos
  • Has plenty of templates to pick from to make your video fast


  • You must be online to use it
  • After making a video, they are going to charge you to download them without the watermark
  • Offers few options to edit your videos
  • If you have an audio track, you can’t upload on MotionDen
  • You must use their templates, and you can’t start from scratch

MotionDen Pricing

Motion den- Pricing


The free version is free forever, and you don’t need a credit card to use it. It also offers a full template and design control. Just sign up and start using; no trial period needed. What are you waiting for? Start creating great videos today.

  • Create up to five videos
  • Use any template
  • Total design control
  • Great designs


The basic plan goes for $9 per video onetime payment. No recurring billing and it allows you to:

  • Remove each video watermark
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Access to Basic HD quality videos
  • Pay for each video


The Pro plan costs $39 per month. You pay a fee every month. This plan allows you to:

  • Make unlimited videos with no watermarks
  • Create full HD quality videos
  • Publish to YouTube
  • Download to PC
  • Create videos with no logo or watermark


Need to check other video makers before making a choice? You can take a look at these MotionDen alternatives:

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Source:- EditorsDepot

Parting Shots

The free intro video maker is the best way to promote yourself online. That is if you intend to use introduction videos. You need those reviews for your online videos and to grow sales for your products. Those who have used this free online intro maker have had great results.

Reviews from Trustpilot have stated that MotionDen is slow to render videos and can easily crash. With this tool, you can create up to 5 videos. You can do this with the free version with no credit cards or trial periods. You are also allowed to access their entire catalog of video templates. What you need is to create an account with MotionDen and browse through the site. This free service will change how you make videos online.

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