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Mouseflow: The Best Website Heatmap Tool


In the development world, data is the key to your success. When information is not relayed well, it may cause more harm than good. It is easy to overlook things if you don’t have the right tool to help you. If the right channel is not followed, it will lead to errors and incorrect reports. Google Analytics has made it easy for us to get crucial info by offering words. If data is not conveyed correctly, you may not get a clear picture of your website. You will access reports on how many people visited your site, exact pages, and posts viewed. This doesn’t mean that everything you are looking for is there, as some details may miss. You will end up making wrong decisions simply because the info you got was half baked. You don’t need to put up with this as it may cause your hard-earned money. We have many website heatmap tools to help you get and relay data in the right way. The best and unique one that I have come across is called MouseFlow.

Mouseflow- Dashboard

Many may not know about MouseFlow and what it does, despite how popular it is. We will discuss it in this review to see what it offers in terms of features and benefits. Whether you know this tool or not, read this review to make an informed decision.

What Is MouseFlow?

Mouseflow is a great tool that gives reports on how visitors engage with your site. It allows you to view how they move, scrolls, clicks, browse, and spend time on your website. In short, it’s a heatmap tool that replays sessions of how people engage with your site. The beauty of this software is that you can easily install it on your WordPress site. It has over 45,000 active installs worldwide and has helped many brands make crucial decisions.

With the heatmap tool, users get to know how their site visitors behave when they access their sites. Each page will have heatmap details on how readers engage with it (experiment ID/variation ID). It allows users to sort out data accurately based on what they get from Optimizely. With this, clients can understand their site visitors and how to deal with them. This offers unique ways to track sites to see what leads visitors to click away.

It is difficult to know why visitors leave your site if you don’t have a heatmap tool. You will have to guess and second guess, which costs time and leads to poor results. MouseFlow provides deep and detailed reports on when, why, and what should be done. It also allows you to view areas of your site that readers often visit and why.

Key Benefits Of MouseFlow

  • Users can track clicks, scrolls, mouse movement, inactivity, and form filled out using session replay
  • You can record activity for web and mobile visitors
  • It gives you a heatmap on how visitors engage with your site using data based on responsive layouts, custom date ranges, and A/B tests
  • Allows you to track whether you have met your goals like signups and checkouts
  • This tool can segment funnels
  • Users can track form drop off and where the visitor engaged with the form twice
  • Has a unique feature that allows custom survey creation where you can trigger pop-ups to get feedback

How MouseFlow works

The website heatmap software is a user-friendly tool with many superb features gauge how people interact with your site. Some of them include heatmaps, form analytics, standard session recordings, and surveys. This tool also offers funnel feature to follow up on dropped out conversions. This allows you to change tact where things went wrong, and you didn’t achieve your goals.

All the features in this tool are automated, and you can access them when you activate it. You’ll then get info about the traffic source, location, page info, and much more. One neat feature about this website heatmap software is allowing you to know who your visitors are. This will require custom tagging, which needs coding on your site. From the recordings, you will get details about clicks made by the visitor.

MouseFlow Features

To get a clear picture of the visitors’ intention, you have to focus on the mouse movement. To grasp the concept of how this heatmap tool works, there are certain terms you need to know. Here are some of them:

Page-to-page tracking

This tool allows you to track readers who visit your site, whether it’s a paid site, member site, or dynamic pages.

Track user the activity

This is done on any device, including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can check where a visitor clicked, slipped, or zoomed. Yes, it is that detailed!


Session recording and replay

Session Recording is simply the entire activity done by the visitor in a single visit. This includes the time from which the site was loaded to the time the tab was closed. A session replay playing a recorded session is called a Session Replay. This is the video of the entire movement of the visitor with the site. This includes typed text, form interactions, clicks, and all other activities. MouseFlow records individual sessions of your site’s visitors, which you may play anytime from your browser.

Session views

You will be given a replica of your reader’s activity on your website. These include the way they navigate, mouse movements, clicks, filling out forms, and more.

User Details

This heatmap software gives you info about each user, including dwell time, source of the visit, browser, and operating system.

Live stream

Tracking your visitor’s activity in real-time is allowed in this tool. You can check visited pages, their location, and even time spent on your site.

Funnel Analysis

You need to know the reaction of your visitors on your site if you want to succeed. This feature allows you to view actions taken on your site after consuming your content. You can see where they stopped in the signup process and what caused it.


MouseFlow makes it easy for you to see how many people filled out subscription forms. This info is found in the funnel reports where you can also view how many people filled it. This section also provides information on how many of your visitors convert. This doesn’t only apply to forms but also any type of user flow.

Detailed tracking of forms

Every smart choice must be is always backed by extensive research. That is what this heatmap tool is good, and you will love every given report. As a user, you will get detailed info of your forms and how they perform. This is done in the Form Analytics reports, where you can see problems faced while filling forms. If you discover that two or three fields are filled out, you can reduce some fields.

Mouse Flow Now!


MouseFlow heatmaps give five aspects, including click heatmap, scroll heatmap, movement heatmap, and geographic heat map. Let’s look at each one of them and evaluate them.

Click Heatmaps – This heatmap represents the regions that get the highest number of clicks. Each page has its own particular heat map representation. The page containing a contact form, the Submit button would register the highest number of clicks.

Movement Heatmap – The movement heatmap represents the regions of the site with the highest movement.

Attention Heatmap – The Attention Heatmap – as the name suggests – represents the areas where visitors seem to focus on. This is the area where users spend the maximum amount of time.

The tool also provides In-form analysis reports that allow you to display these elements:

  • Fill out the form – here; you can display how many of your readers reset a field due to errors.
  • Average Duration – This refers to the time taken by the readers to fill out a field
  • Empty Shipments – This gives you the number of readers who didn’t fill a particular field but sent forms.

MouseFlow Registration Process

  1. Head over to their site and enter your details to open an account.
  2. There are four subscriptions with different prices, so choose one that meets your needs. They include Free, Beginner, Growth, and Pro.
  3. Once you’ve created a code snippet, which you’ll need to add before the </ body> tag.
  4. For WordPress, head over to Appearance> Editor.
  5. There is a list of files on the right-hand side. Here, type in footer.php and search.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of this file and paste your MouseFlow tracking code before </ body>.
  7. Click on the Update File button, and that’s it!

MouseFlow Pricing

You will be offered three packages to pick from in this software. Each package has its pros and cons. Therefore you need to be careful when choosing. The price packages include:

Mouseflow- Pricing

  • Free – With this package, you can only track one of your sites if you have many. The s should have less than 500 users per month, which good for beginners. The problem is that it has very few features.
  • Starter – The price for this package starts at $24 per month. It allows users can track one site with up to 10,000 visitors each month.
  • Growth – With plenty of features, this plan starts at $79 per month and lets you track up to three sites. The sites should have less than 50,000 page views per month. This package provides all of the features in other lower plans.
  • Pro – ​The Pro plan has all the reasons why you should part with $299 per month. One of them is that it is meant for experts. It allows you to track up to 30 sites with about 500,000 visitors per month. Like we mentioned, each package has its weakness and strengths; therefore, pick one that suits you.

Integrates with Your Existing Platform

Mouseflow- Integrates

MouseFlow Customer Support

Like any other tool, sometimes you are bound to run into problems. This should not worry you as service has a great support team to help you. Here is a list of channels to help learn more about this heatmap software.

  1. They have a special helpdesk offering detailed documentation and screencasts.
  2. You can send them an email to their team.
  3. You can also send a tweet to @mouseflow

Pros and Cons


  • Easy setup process wherein 45 minutes it will be up and running
  • You will access features depending on your chosen package.
  • It uses real-time user behavior, not mockups.
  • Gives you accurate reports that will allow you to make informed decisions
  • Offers diverse user behavior from start to the end of the session
  • Detailed view of every page – from clicks to mouse movements


  • The software also comes with its cons, which includes paying more to track more sites.
  • It also offers limited sessions per month based on the chosen package.
  • If there is a spike in your site traffic, you won’t be able to track if you’ve reached
  • maximum page views per month


If you feel that this tool doesn’t give you everything you are looking for, we have alternatives. Check out these Mouseflow alternatives:

Final Remarks

Mouseflow offers neat sitemap solutions to track how your readers and users behave. Although it has a couple of drawbacks, its benefits outweigh them. This means it’s a perfect choice pick for both developers and web owners. This tool offers several ways to track how your visitors behave on your site. Some of these methods perform better than others when it comes to results.

Website analytics is a booming field in today’s attention-deficit economy. Millions of dollars are poured into funding new research and solutions for analytics and attribution. Mouseflow is a perfect start for any marketer to get acquainted with the basics of heat map analytics.

You must include MouseFlow in your array of online tools if you want to succeed. This is because it’s affordable, easy to set up, and gives you tons of reports. If you have something to say about MouseFlow, feel free to leave a comment below. You can tell us what you like and what should be added to its features to make it better.


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