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How To Increase Conversions with Easy Multi-Step Popups

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What comes to your mind when you think about using popups? I bet you think of the traditional ways that are commonly used by many web owners. The kind of popup where you use a single page opt-in forms that visitors choose to submit their email address or not. This kind of popup will not give you the desired results. The best option if you intend to use popups is by creating a multi-step popup. This will help you increase the site conversion rate fast by encouraging users to take action.

This guide will explore the 2 common ways of inserting a multi-step popup on your site to boost conversions. We are going to use MonsterLinks and Yes/No popup campaigns. We are going to get to dive into that in a few minutes. First, let’s define what a multi-step popup is, and what makes it great when you want to increase website conversion.

What Is a Multi-Step Popup and Why is it Effective?

This is a type of popup campaign is just like other popup campaigns. The difference is that instead of using a single step, the visitor goes through 2-3 steps. When using the traditional popup campaign, the visitor sees a page that displays a message above the content on the landing page. The popup will prompt the user to either submit an email address or be redirected to another different page.

A multi-step popup on the other hand has several phases that:

  •         Let users click a link or button
  •         Prompts users to follow your call to action or
  •         Shows a thank you message based on what you want to achieve with your campaign.

This is an example of how a multi-step pop-up looks like:

multi step conversions - overview

From the image that displays above, you can see that it’s a Yes/No multi-step popup. This is one of the multi-step popup methods that we are going to cover in this article. We are also going to show you how to use a clickable MonsterLink to create a multi-step pop-up. When you are using a multi-step pop-up, it’s a good idea to use a few steps to avoid hurting your conversions.

In this case, the Zeigarnik effect applies, which states that psychologically, people are eager to finish a process that they started. You will be able to convince your users to use a simple click to get started with the optin process if you are a smart marketer. A multi-step popup will make things easy for you. This method is less aggressive to your users than ambushing them to provide contact info.

The odds of getting more conversions are increased by allowing your site visitors to click a link or a button before showing your call to action. To make it even better, creating a multi-step popup is super easy and you can easily do it in less than 5 minutes. Let’s see how you can do that in the following section.

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Creating a Multi-Step Popup

People learn in different ways that is why it’s important to cater to all using text and visuals. If you grasp things easily using visuals, you will find this video tutorial quite handy:

Source:- OptinMonster

If you are the type that understands text better, you can dive into this comprehensive guide. In this guide, we are going to focus on the two major ways of adding a multi-step popup on your website. These methods will help you increase your conversion rate with a big margin. These two methods are:

  •         MonsterLinks™
  •         Yes/No Campaign

You are going to need an OptinMonster account before you start creating your multi-step popup.

multi step conversions - popup

With OptinMonster, you can easily convert more visitors in very little time and with no hassle. You will get a 14-money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its performance.

Are you ready with your OptinMonster account? If you are, get started.

Method # 1 – Using MonsterLinks to Create a Multi-Step Popup

In our first method, we are going to demonstrate to you how you can use MonsterLinks to create a multi-step popup. This is an embeddable link which can be inserted in any button or text. It works in a way that when your popup campaign will display soon after users click on the link. Once a user starts the optin process, it is hard to stop them until he or she finishes, thanks to the Zeigarnik effect.

Visitors who click on the link, are going to be more interested in what you are offering in your content. Using MonsterLinks increases your chance of converting more users to your site with multi-step aid. This is how you create these links:

  1. Create a Popup

You will start by heading to OptinMonster’s dashboard. Once you are there, navigate to the top right corner and click on Create New.

multi step conversions - create popup

What follows after that is selecting the type of campaign you want to use. In this guide, we are going to use a Popup campaign as an example.

multi step conversions - select campaign

Once you are through picking your campaign type, the next thing is to choose a template.

multi step conversions - choose campaign template

The best thing about OptinMonster is the 50+ pre-made templates that you can use on all kinds of devices. Plus, they all work quite well. You can use a mobile-friendly template if most of your traffic comes from mobile devices.

multi step conversions - mobile optimized

Templates can also be filtered based on what you want to achieve with your popup campaign.

multi step conversions

You don’t have to use any template you come across. The filters help you to decide which type of template will work well with your multi-step popup campaign. The Canvas template is a perfect choice if you want a unique multi-step campaign that is unique and reps your brand.

multi step conversions - template

The reason why it’s perfect is that it allows you to create your popup campaign from scratch. You will love it because you don’t need any coding skills since it uses a drag and drops editor.

The canvas template allows you to create a popup from scratch. And thanks to our drag and drop editor, there are no coding skills needed.

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In this section we are going to use the Basic template as an example:

multi step conversions - basic template

Now that you’ve picked the template that you want to use, you need to name your popup campaign. This will help you stay organized. You can proceed by clicking on Start Building, soon after assigning your campaign to your website:

multi step conversions - popup campaign

  1. Design a Popup

The created popup campaign will now be in the OptinMonster editor. We will, later on, explain in detail how to design a multi-step popup. We won’t cover that now since the process involves a lot of customization that will take much of our time explaining in a single post. The only thing that you need to know for now is that you can modify your multi-step campaign in many ways and with ease.

Campaigns are further divided into elements called “blocks.” To change anything in these blocks, you just need to click on each item using the editor.

The Basic template, for example, has a text block that looks like this:

multi step conversions - design campiagn

It also has an option block that looks like this:

multi step conversions - design

Click on your editor if you want to change anything in your multi-step campaign. On the left-hand side, you will see editing tools.

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multi step conversions - editing tools

You can also add a new block with ease. This is done by clicking on the + Add Block, found as the top of the editing menu:

multi step conversions - add block

You will see different block options when you scroll down the in the left-hand side menu. You can add this to your multi-step popup. You can add blocks such as:

  •         Countdown Timer
  •         Button
  •         Image
  •         Video
  •         ChatBot
  •         Divider

And more

multi step conversions - blocks

The drag and drop editor helps you to add new blocks with ease:

multi step conversions - drag and drop

You will love using the OptinMonster software because it allows you to easily customize your multi-step popup campaign.

multi step conversions - secret

Based on what you want to achieve with your popup campaign, you may need to adjust your Success page:

multi step conversions - Success Page in OptinMonster editor min

Adding a small “Thank You” message is a good idea when your users finish signing up. This is proper if you are growing your email list and you want to adjust your success page:

multi step conversions - ebook completed

You don’t need to show a Success page if you are going to redirect users to another URL. The choice is yours if you want to change the Success page based on your campaign goals. The next thing is to set up the display rules if you are content with the design of your popup campaign.

  1. Adding a MonsterLink

We are going to use a MonsterLink in this way if creating a multi-step popup. Your multi-step campaign will appear as soon as the user clicks on the MonsterLink. Since many people don’t want to leave the process once they start clicking, your popup campaign will be successful.

Go to the top of the editor and click on the Display Rules.

multi step conversions - display rules

The first display rule by default will be Time on-page. However, beneath the drop-down menu, you will see many other display rules options that you can add in your campaign. Click on MonsterLink:

multi step conversions - onlclick

The next thing that you will need to do is click on the just click Copy MonsterLink Code on the editor:

multi step conversions - copy monster click code

Once you do this, you will embed your link anywhere in your MonsterLink since you’ve copied it on the clipboard. Remember that you have copied your MonsterLink in an HTML form. This is how it’s going to display if you paste it as it is:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click Me!</a>

The best thing to do is to use the link and not the embed HTML code, therefore, between the quotation marks, select the URL. You are going to do this starting with “https://”, from the above HTML code.

This is what we are getting, as an example:

You can put any anchor text that will help you with your popup campaign once you have your link. Your multi-step popup campaign will appear once your visitor clicks on the link. Once you do this, the results will be high conversion because of this:

Those clicking this link will be enticed by your content’s popup

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The Zeigarnik effect will prompt them to finish the process once they start clicking. What you need to do now is Save and Publish the campaign.

We are through with the first method of creating a multi-step popup campaign. Let us now move to the second method.

Method # 2: Creating a Yes/No Campaign

In this multi-step popup, we are going to show you how to create a Yes/No campaign.

Instead of asking your users to take a certain action on the spot, you provide them with a Yes/No campaign.

This allows them to answer a question with a simple yes or no. Your aim in using this campaign is to make them click on “Yes”. If a user selects yes, he or she will be redirected to another URL taken to your opt-in form.

Once they click yes, they will be more eager to finish the opt-in process since they have already started it. This works the same way as the first method which uses MonsterLink. InternetSuccessGids can attest that this method works because it helped them convert 24% of abandoning visitors and grew their email list by 250%.

  1. Creating a Multi-Step Popup with a Yes/No Campaign

Just like the first method of using MonsterLink, you need to create a new campaign from your dashboard and your campaign type should be Popup. Since OptinMonster offers over 50 pre-made templates, you can choose one of them to create your multi-step popup. The next thing is to name your campaign and assign it to your website. Once you are done, click on Start Building.

  1. Inserting a Yes/No Button

At this point, the uniqueness of your campaign will start to show. Head to the top of your editor click on the Yes/No option:

multi step conversions - inserting yes/no

After that click on Enable Yes/No for This Campaign:

multi step conversions - Enable Yes No multi step campaigns

Once you click on that, you will create a new page in your popup campaign, as you can see here:

multi step conversions - create yes/no

You will also see that a basic “yes or no” question will start on your Yes/No popup. Don’t forget that you aim to make your users start the optin process with one click. If you can convince them to click once, the chances of getting them to take an action will increase. Just like the first method, this method also allows you to change a few things in your campaign. When you use this method, focus on how to adjust the Yes and No buttons in the customization process. To do this, head over to the left-hand side and click on the Yes button to access the editing tools.

multi step conversions - Yes No editing tools in OptinMonster editor min

You will be able to modify:

  •         Yes button
  •         No button
  •         Block

multi step conversions - editing yes/no

To bring up the editing tools, just click on any part of the Yes/No block you want to edit. You will also notice that it also allows you to edit your yes or no buttons in three ways:

  •         Regular – This allows you to edit the appearance of your button in the campaign. These include the color, border, text, and font.
  •         Hover – This helps you to modify the button’s looks, once the user uses the cursor to hover over the button.
  •         Action – This touches on what happens once the user clicks on the button.

multi step conversions - button alignment

What you need to focus on here is the Action part, where you need to pick on the right action for your users for the Yes /No buttons. From the dropdown menu, you will get different options which include:

  •         Redirect to a URL
  •         Go to a view
  •         Close campaign
  •         Click to call and more

multi step conversions - button alignment

The goal of your campaign should help you decide what action you want your users to take for your Yes /No campaign. It is quite easy to make these changes when you are using OptinMonster.

multi step conversions - created ad

When a user clicks on the Yes option, this is what happens in the optin form:

multi step conversions - click yes

Although it’s going to take less than five minutes to create a multi-step popup campaign, it will help you change your conversion rate for the better.

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3. Setting Up Display Rules

The first thing you need to do in this section is to go click on the Display Rules button found at the top of your editor:

multi step conversions - display rules

There are two conditions set by default in the display rules. These are:

  •         Show on every page of your site
  •         Time on each page of your site should be at least 5 seconds

Based on which display rule will work best on your campaign, you can easily change this. It is a good idea to use OptinMoster’s Exit-Intent® technology. This display rule allows you to show your popup when a user is about to leave the page. Crossrope, a fitness company managed to increase their email list by 900%, using exit-intent pop-ups. If you want to tweak your display rules, just click on the condition rule that you want to change. Once you do this, display options will pull up. We are going to click on Exit-Intent as an example:

multi step conversions - exit intent

Based on the device you want your Exit-Intent to show, you can select which one you want to use:

  •         Mobile-only
  •         Desktop only
  •         Both

multi step conversions - see all device

What I like about the OptinMonster software is that they have included mobile devices to support the Exit-Intent feature. Previously, it was only meant for desktops. If most of your traffic comes from mobile devices, then it’s a good idea to pick mobile-only or both in your display rules.

The last thing you need to do is pick the sensitivity level of your Exit-Intent. You can go to High, Medium, or Low:

multi step conversions - medium

With the exit-intent popup, you can easily capture those users who are about to leave your website. OptinMoster also allows you to select the pages to want your multi-step popup to show. This is done in the second display rule. This is the current URL path:

multi step conversions - url path

There are several options available in this section, including:

  •         Does not exactly match
  •         Is not the homepage
  •         Contains
  •         Exactly matches
  •         Just the homepage

And more.

multi step conversions - current url path

After that, you can then enter the URL of the pages you want to exclude or include. We will set the following rule if we want to show the multi-step popup on a particular page:

multi step conversions - exact matches

This will reveal the current URL path, exactly matches, and URL of the page. It is that easy!

These are not the only display rules you can select for your multi-step popup. There are several that we can’t mention in this article, but you can try them out if you have an OptinMonster account. The good thing about using this software is that it allows you to decide when, where, and the type of users you want to show your multi-step popup. This allows you to get the most conversions in the least time possible. Once you are done with the display rules, you can now Save and Publish your new campaign.

When using these two methods of creating multi-step popups to grow your email list, you need to connect your OptinMonster account to your email service provider.

Final Thoughts

When you are running an online business, boosting your site’s conversion rate allows you to get more loyal customers and sell more. Using a single step popup won’t give you desired results. The best way to increase your email list and convert more is to use a multi-step popup campaign. If you have an OptinMonster account, you can easily do this, since this is one of the best option software. We hope that this guide was helpful to you and you can go ahead to add a multi-step popup on your website. You are free to share your comments in the comments section.

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