Native Advertising: Marketing Flop or Marketing Future?

Native Advertising Marketing Flop or Marketing Future NamanModi

Native ccc is not really well defined. Most people view them as sponsored listings, online advertising, or promoted posts. As a result, it is essential to find out whether native ads are a flop or the future of marketing. Fundamentally, these ads are interwoven and structured in such a manner that leaves the customer wondering if it is authentic advertising. The ads blend can be disruptive to customer experience as it is a number of advertisements placed in one space. Regardless of how well designed an advertorial is designed, and how gushingly the product is praised, the client will still have to seek a second opinion when native advertising is used. Therefore, this article will seek to find out if native ads are the future of marketing or a flop in marketing.

Is native advertising
disruptive to customer experience?

There is a good native ad example given of a UK magazine that provided an illustration of rosehips used to promote joint supplements. It gets indistinguishable to one who reads such a native ad as you are not sure whether they are describing rosehips or they are advertising a supplement. This disconnect is what makes native ad really hard for customer experience.

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Native ads and promoted
posts/ sponsored content

Promoted posts, sponsored content among others are those interstitial ads that will pop up as you use your social media feeds. They try to match you with brands and people that you may enjoy following. Once again, you find some disconnect between what you are reading and what pops up on the screen. This causes disruption in the customer experience. As expected, sponsored ads tend to match the style of a site with humor that will encourage you to click them. They do this by placing a humorous video or picture to get your attention.

Native ads “in the field”

Naturally, native ads manage to kill two birds with one stone. You will trust the authority and credibility of a different site that leverages the goodwill of your own brand. The product matches and the audience get the appeal which makes it seem like a win-win situation. For instance, AT&T via its native ads on Spotify endorses a geographically targeted, unique playlist known as surround sounds. This lets fans know details about the location of a songs recording and performing.
Along with Spotify, other sites that use native advertising include Forbes, Mashable, and Gawker. Social media platforms also make use of these trends to advertise.
If you consider how pathetically low at 0.2% that a banner gets, and you get to know why advertisers are going for native ads to get low cost per click but higher click-via rates.

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Example of native ads backfiring

Native advertising platform does not only acquire the intended result. A good example is the Atlantic when they ran a sponsored ad that features Scientology. This caused a great backlash from the readers.

The Atlantic had to moderate comments after associating itself with the Church of Scientology. Eventually, they had to refute claims that they worked with the ad partner.
Choosing a platform to prevent native ads from backfiring
When Oreo associated their native ad with a gay pride event, they got tens of thousands of likes on Facebook and over 60,000 comments plus 100,000shares. The lesson here is to know which native ad network you associate and the platform to use when you create a sponsored ad.

What customers
think about native ads?

What has been discussed so far is how marketers tackle native ads. However, how do customers feel about native ads or any native ad network? Based on a MediaBrix survey in November 2014 most customers felt that the native ads are misleading based on their presentation. Promoted tweets scored the lowest on Twitter. However, 86% of respondents felt that video ads misled the most when they appear to be the actual content of the advertisement.

Location-based marketing

How do marketers handle such sentiment on native ads AdMob confusing customers?
If you are a marketer and need to be successful in native advertising, there are a few pointers on how to market your products well.

Platforms include playlists, sponsored listings, websites as well as other inclusions.
The Native Adscape through provided a list of how markets that use native ad network will help you market your products better. There was an option of Editorial and Social network and ad platform partners.

Using this list, a marketer will now manage to know where they fit in based on their product.
Based on the chart, it is clear that there are factors to consider despite the platform a marketer chooses.

  • Native advertising and press release are not similar: do not rave about your product; rather, show how it has contributed to individual lives and well being of the community.
  • Take the example of big brands: check the example of big brands that have used sponsored videos to showcase the right way to use native advertising.
  • Consider the customer: choose the point of view of the customer. Would they feel mislead, helped, annoyed, or would they find your content informative? Get market data based on how well or badly they engage your content.



In conclusion, it is clear that native advertising has been seen as flawed by customers. The presentation seems lacking and marketers have a lot to learn from big brands that use this type of advertising. As such, it is a type of advertising that requires marketers to refine based on the discussion. Pointers have been offered on what the customer thinks about native advertising and how the marketers should correct this. As such, it is not a complete flop; it has a future if it is refined by using customer market data and views.

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