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New eCommerce Features from Formidable Forms Plugin

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The beauty of using WordPress to host your website is that it allows you to install a lot of plugins to facilitate form building, Formidable Forms being one of them. These plugin tops, among others that are used in form building. Before showing you what Formidable Form can do, and it’s new pricing features, lets first tell you the importance of using a form builder in form creation.

Why Use a Form Builder

To understand the importance of using a form builder, you need to know that forms can be created in two ways. The first one is using the raw HTML code on your web, and the second one is using a form builder that you can install on your website. If you go with the first option, then you need sufficient knowledge of HTML. If you use WordPress to run your website, the second option is the best one since it has no complexities. It will save you a lot of time and energy in creating forms on your website. This method also offers you the option of adding media files into your form hassle-free. If you decide to use a WordPress form builder, then these are some of the benefits that you will get.

  1. Easy to Use

    It is effortless and stress-free to use a form builder. It is the simplest way of creating and managing your forms. What makes it better is that some form builders like the Formidable Forms have a drag-and-drop feature that makes the process a breeze. Another thing is that code is not needed when using form building plugin.

    Features Of Formidable Forms 


  1. Unlimited Forms

    Using a form builder allows you to create as many forms as possible in your WordPress website in the shortest time possible. Depending on your business goals, you can create any type of way to help you carry out different functions in your WordPress website.

  • Handy Customization with Shortcode Features

    It ensures that you meet your business goals efficiently, form builders allow you to customize the created form according to your business requirements. Using shortcode features, you can easily make your forms useful, beautiful, and in the shortest time possible. To make your forms friendlier, form builders allow you to use the custom CSS.

  1. Import-Export Feature

    Choosing the form builder gives you a lot of benefits, among them being the Import and export feature. Major WordPress form builder plugins have this nifty feature for entry submissions. They also make it possible to export the form data to another plugin as a way of saving your precious time. With all this information, let’s now look at the new pricing the field features that Formidable Forms has come up with to make form creation more comfortable in your e-commerce store. Previously, you needed extra work and custom coding to access to add pricing fields in your WordPress website using Formidable Forms. Not anymore! Things have changed now, and you can now easily allow eCommerce forms thanks to the introduction of the new pricing feature that will enable calculations and formatted currencies. At the end of it all, you will get a flawless user experience not found in any e-commerce platform. Instead of just collecting leads, you can also complete transactions.

The beneficiary of eCommerce Form Fields

We are living in a world where convenience is paramount, especially in the e-commerce world. Time is of the essence, and it costs money. If you are running an online business, you need a way of collecting payment easily. Convenience in making payments is what separates good stores and bad ones. Both store owners and consumers want to transact without a lot of effort so that they can get back to their other daily activities. With the introduction of the new set of features, the process of collecting money now fast and stress-free. Together with our views, you get endless possibilities in your e-commerce shop. It is now possible for e-commerce users to build mobile-friendly eCommerce order forms that simplify the checkout process. With this new Formidable update, we are witnessing a new era in the e-commerce form creation world. We can now comfortably declare that Formidable Forms is your favorite WordPress plugin in running your e-commerce website.

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What do the new pricing fields mean as an e-commerce solution?

In the e-commerce industry, numerous plugins that help in simplifying things in running a store is available. Every plugin is helpful, no doubt, but nothing comes close with what Formidable Forms has to offer. With Formidable new pricing features, a lot can be achieved, including:

  •       Calculation Forms
  •       Quote Calculators
  •       Estimation Calculators

The new pricing fields allow Formidable to also serve as a cost calculator plugin. All your WordPress forms can now be turned into price calculators. With Quote and price estimation forms, clients can get a rough idea of the cost calculation for your product or service. You can also use these forms to generate a lead for you.

Why update these pricing fields in Formidable now?

Previously, Formidable Forms users were forced to install 2 or 3 more plugins for managing their e-commerce stores, which was very frustrating, especially if you were not an expert developer. Even when you chose to hire an expert, the price they charged was off the roofs, claiming that coding currency, pricing, and calculations were a tricky affair that required extra funds. This is somehow true since decimal places in calculations don’t work well in all browsers. Moreover, trying to add a currency symbol isn’t as easy as you would think. This is what motivated the team behind Formidable Forms to work extra hard to make their users’ dreams a reality. Although it took time, the result was worth it. Formidable Forms plugin is an industry leader when it comes to building efficient WordPress forms, and they have been around for years now, making them highly experienced at what they do. The future looks bright for them, especially with the new exciting e-commerce features.

Overview of the new pricing fields

There are three new pricing field types: Product, Quantity, and Total. There are different currency choices in each pricing value (as set in the Global Settings). A hook is provided in the currency option for custom coding in case you want to change the currency in each form.

  • The Product Field

    Users can display product fields like radio, dropdown, checkbox, free text, or a single set value. You can add a list of products with their prices using the radio, checkbox, and dropdown options. These can then be selected while filling out the form.

  • The New Product Field

    If you have a donation form, the User Defined option is a great choice for you. This is because it has a free text that allows visitors to enter the amount they wish to donate. Selecting the Single Product option will display the product name and price in the form in a read-only way. This is a great option for single product forms only that is selected automatically when the form is submitted.

  • The Quantity Field

    In these fields, users can easily choose how many products they want.

  • The Total Field

    These fields allow users to calculate all the products and quantities in the form automatically. Users can also use them in the custom calculation.z


If you are running an e-commerce store and you are not using Formidable Forms you are doing your online store disfavor, especially with its new features. Online stores require a lot of control when it comes to pricing. You need Formidable Forms since it now offers added pricing fields for flexible and accurate payment forms. The added features are not only beneficial to the store owner, but also their clients. This excellent WordPress form builder has lots of in-built features that allow users to build their forms fast and efficiently, eliminating the need to add several plugins in your e-store. We hope that you found his article helpful and you are now ready to install the new updated Formidable Forms plugin for greater efficiency.

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