What it takes to optimize Blog Posts for Search

How can you optimize your blog posts and improve your search rankings? This article will give you tips.
Information will always be a key and integral part of the 21st century business world. The role it plays in organizations and businesses cannot be measured, and there is no business without information. That is why the number of websites has been on the increase for the last two decades. Unfortunately, this not all good news especially if you do not know how to optimize blog posts. There are million blog posts created every day, and you have to keep up to stay relevant. The good news is you can optimize blog posts by following guides so you can be on your way to SEO success.


Most experts writing guides on tips to optimize blogs tend to focus on keywords because they are the most important aspect of SEO. Guess what? It is true. There is no optimization if there are no keywords to guide the search engines and readers. Identify a few key words that are relevant to what you are about to blog about. You have to use different synonyms of
the keywords throughout the blog. Technology and search engines have made it possible to find software that can allow you to generate keywords. Some of the program you can try Google are AdWords keyword tool or Quora.com

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Many bloggers have the tendency of focusing on quantity at the expense of quality. It’s important to feed your readers with information but make sure that you do not forget to make quality content in the process. Also, you have to proof read your work before you make any post and do not plagiarize at any cost. Remember, no one likes reading
information they already have. There should be a structure to the content which means you should use headings and subheadings. This approach will make it easier for readers as well search engines to rank you.


Some guides advocate for short and precise words regarding keywords. However, if you really want the crème de la crème of tips to optimize blogs, then go for the long-tail SEO keywords. The secret here is not using many keywords but phrases that contain the main keywords. Apparently, using many keywords in one post can earn your blog penalties from search
engines. So, be very careful how you use them.


You also need to post quality content on a regular basis. If your content remains the same for more than one month, you will have problems with your readers. Bring in fresh content at least once a week and make your blog vibrant. Vibrancy guarantees priority from search engines as well. They will crawl your content more frequently if they detect that you
update your work frequently as well. Remember that quality goes hand in hand with quantity.


Trigger words are phrases or words that call consumers to some form of action. Phrases such as making money and homemade are top on the list of trigger words and if you can use them along those lines, they will definitely optimize blog posts.



These are two elements that help the reader as well as search engines in different ways which ultimately translate into increased chances of your blog getting higher rates. A meta description is a sentence that sums up your blog or online content. They have a maximum of 160 characters that describes what the blog post is all about. Title tags on the other hand
have lesser characters. They should be at least 55 characters at most, and it is more to the point than meta description.


This may be the last point on tips to optimize blogs but it does not mean it is of least importance. Most how to optimize blog posts for SEO guides tend to underestimate URLs and how they can be used to enhance Search engine optimization. Pick one or two of the keywords and make them a part of the URL.


There are several online tips you can search for. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg called SEO. However, they carry the most weight when it comes to optimizing any blog post. It does not matter what level your business is at; there is no excuse not to make these tips a part of your business life. At first it may seem like a difficult task. But as you continue,
you will discover that it is a simple matter and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.



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