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Tips for Optimizing Mobile App for Google Play Store

Tips for Optimizing Mobile App for Google Play Store BANNER DESIGN 1

Today major application stores have a huge amount of mobile applications. So getting your application recognized is the one of the major issues faced by the mobile application publishers. So it is very crucial to understand the different methods of promoting your application.

One of the important technique for this is Application Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is a method of mobile application optimization which results in a higher rank of application in search results of the application store. The higher rank tends to increase traffic of potential customers to your application page.

Thus, the main motive of ASO is to drive more traffic to your application page. But process of ASO needs significant knowledge of targeted customers, marketing strategies, using of keywords etc. In short there are various components that affect ASO.

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Some of the main factors are:



Keyword research is fundamental for everything which involves optimization for a search algorithm . Those keywords should be considered that are relevant to your application and which has lower difficulty scores. Finally, you can pick the keywords with the highest traffic scores as they will assist your app in accomplishing higher ranks.

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Your application’s title and description must include selected keywords accordingly. This step at the initial stage can boost your rankings position.



Monitor your progress

With the help of free or paid version of application store ranking, you can monitor your application ranks for its keyword. This equipment provides clear vision regarding the effectiveness of your optimization strategies. It will also assist you in observing the progress of your competitors simultaneously.


Enhancing design and screenshots

One important strategy is the use of imagery which engages browser’s interests. Such screenshots should be selected that portrait main features of your application and hence gives a valid reason to download your application. The icon is the only image to show the worthiness of your application to your readers. So, it’s very crucial thing to consider the design of an icon carefully.



Promo video

Customers are always willing to monitor the working of application prior buying it. A big advantage of Google Play Store is the option of adding a youtube clip of your application. It gives a magnificent chance to present your product to your customers like the description and working of your application as well as reasons for its download and uniqueness.

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Ratings and reviews:

Positive Feedback of actual users will improve your application’s ratings at Google Play Store search result pages. Your customers will leave good reviews if your application provides outstanding value for their money. Hence, reviews inspire customers to purchase your application. You may even ask your users for feedback to acquire more ratings. After a certain number of downloads, you can automatically prompt users to rate your application

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Number of downloads:

The number of application downloads is other major ranking factors similar to application reviews and ratings. This factor measures user contentment and involvement in your application. So, ASO is an essential factor for having a successful application with lots of downloads and income-generating potential. By considering the above factors, you can enhance the ASO of your application and can stand out among the million applications on major application stores.



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