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OptinMonster Review: Best Lead Generation Plugin

OptinMonster is one of the leading lead generators on the market today. Read on to find out what makes it resonate well with many users. Email marketing and blogging are largely dependent on the growth of your email list. Growing your audience means increased leads and conversions. However, creating an opt-in form is not easy.


Coding skills must be top not to mention the time wasted. Luckily, there are tools that ease up the process and increase the number of signups. One such tool is OptinMonster.

What is OptinMonster?

In a nutshell, OptinMonster is an online software that helps to create lead generating opt-in forms. It was initially a WordPress plugin but it has grown to accommodate other non-WordPress sites.

When I first stumbled on OptinMonster, LeadPages and AWeber were the best software for me, and no tool that could top them. However, OptinMonster has proven to work as efficiently as the two as far as pop-up sign-ins are concerned.


OptinMonster plugin comes with impressive features but one that truly stands out is the exit intent technology. When a visitor is about to leave a page, OptinMonster senses this and a pop-up opt-in form appears. This gives a final window of opportunity totry to convince them to subscribe to your services. A truly unique feature than can be accessed only in the pro version that will be discussed later. A/B testing is another feature that helps you to compare different opt-in forms.

Checkout the Quick video on Easy A/B Split Testing

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With a few clicks, you can create different versions of the same form and run them concurrently to see which one is more productive. This opt-in plugin also has analytics and report features. It can identify the pages that are more productive, conversion rates, and site visits over a specific time. The page-level target feature allows you to create a target-specific form.

OptinMonster Builder – Lead Capture Forms Made Easy

Source: OptinMonster

This means not all the opt-in forms generated by the OptinMonster plugin will be uniform. Instead, specific visitors will receive specific forms depending on the visitor’s site browsing history and location. Recently, the drag and drop editor was edited to improve their previous editor. Now, you can easily create forms by just pointing and clicking. Other outstanding features include:

  • Mobile-friendly popups for visitors who are more inclined to use mobile devices online.
  • Email integration for service providers such as AWeber and Icontact.

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  • Customizing forms with CSS and HTML.
  • A scroll trigger that automatically displays the opt-in pop-up when a visitor has scrolled half or an entire page.
  • An array of templates that keeps on increasing by the day. The templates include opt-in types like lightbox popups, slide-ins, and footer bar.
  • Check out OptinMonster and enjoy these and other features.



Besides the numerous features this plugin has, it also boasts of some pros that include:

  • You can work with OptinMonster on other sites apart from WordPress supported ones.
  • Evaluate and choose the most productive forms of A/B testing.
  • Get access to your stats and analyze growth progress.
  • Create popup opt-in forms without programming skills.
  • Integrate with most of the popular Email service providers.

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The limitations

OptinMonster is a fantastic tool but it’s not perfect. Other tools such as LeadPages enjoy features that are conspicuously missing in OptinMonster. One of its downsides is that it is in the number of templates not to mention you cannot customize them easily to suite your preference unless you are experienced in coding skills. Another flaws is, unlike Lead pages and other builders, OptinMonster has no landing page creator. Fortunately, you can still build great and effective opt-in forms even with these flaws.

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How to get started with OptinMonster

The process is quite simple. First, create an OptinMonster account by visiting their signup page. With this, you can access your sign-in credentials. Next, install OptinMonster on your WordPress site or any other site. You will move OptinMonster on the admin bar of WordPress, click I and enter the IPA credentials. These credentials are accessed on the OptinMonster website. Key in your username, key, and click ‘connect to OptinMonster’. It’s as simple as that. From this point on, you can create forms that you fancy from the templates available from the OptinMonster Lead generation plugin.

Pricing and plans

I consider the plans to be fairly priced though sure that some of the smaller and upcoming business many not agree. Let us look at the prices and plans available.

  • Basic plan- costs$9per month. The features included are unlimited opt-in forms, page level targeting, reports and forms for one site.
  • Plus plan- costs $19 per month and includes the features in the basic plan plus a floating bar, side bar, post inline, 3 sites support, and content locking.
  • Pro plan- costs $29 per month and includes everything in the plus plan with other features being exit intent, referral detection, mobile responsive options, support, forms in unlimited number of sites, campaign scheduling, full screen takeovers, yes/no popups, scroll trigger forms, and smart canvas forms.

It also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. Check out OptinMonster for more on the available plans and the respective features.

OptinMonster: The final verdict

It is a plus because of the ease of use and the fact that it makes form creation fast and straightforward. At the same time, it is a nay since most users would want to maximize customization capabilities to attract new sign ups. That said, OptinMonster lead generation plugin is one of the best tools in raking in new subscriptions and conversions overall. There are some flaws but it still remains a tool for those looking for a quick solution to improving their email list.


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