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Outbrain Review: Best Native Advertising Platform

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Having a good content is paramount to any blogger if you want to increase your web’s potential. Traffic is the economic system of any website. The more the traffic, the more the chances of generating income on your website. This is done by either converting visitors into paying clients or direct advertising. How do you then get traffic to your content? There are two available options. You can use social media platforms, which helps to advertise your content. It is not entirely free and you will need to cheap in since it takes time to promote your content. The other method is the paid version.

This Outbrain review will focus on the traffic sourcing service that provides two innovative tools to help you engage with your website visitors and amplify your reach. Outbrain makes your readers ready for content consumption and are ripe for suggestions about targeted articles that interest them.

By presenting visitors with options that match their interest, they are given are willing to engage and stay longer on your website. Outbrain Engage uses complex series of algorithms to better understand your visitor’s browsing habits. The service allows personalized links based on each person’s content reference. The plugin has a simple to install a widget that integrates with the looks and feel of your website. It allows generation of thumbnail link for recommended articles that you can see below posts.

Outbrain advertising platform also offers another service called Amplify which amplifies your reach by displaying your content on leading, high trafficked sites across the web. The service has over 70,000 publisher sites. It is the only marketing tool that draws readers from one piece of content to another. It gives you the power to decide which article you want to promote. You can also use the RSS feeds so that new articles are automatically included. Since Outbrain Amplify is a paid source of traffic to your website, it works best for both good quality content and numerous articles.

The WordPress advertising plugin uses a Cost Per Click system to determine the prominence and reach of your content across their network of publishers. It provides you with the freedom to choose the amount you want to pay for people to view your content by setting a CPC and a daily budget. It can go for as low as 10 cents per click, but the service recommends that you start at 15 cents and lower it as the content becomes popular. This allows you to get more clicks for your daily budget while maintaining your reach so that you can get the best ROI.

Case Studies

It will take time to understand how the system works. To counter this, Outbrain advertising plugin provides the user with a professional account manager if you need any support. The Outbrain plugin is friendly, customer-focused company. Their support system is amazing. They will help you identify the sort of content that will work well on major sites and be lowering your CPC.

Requirements to join Outbrain

As a publisher, you only require having quality content that ogres well with your target audience. Outbrain incorporates any website that has a specific audience in mind. To qualify, your website has to attract 10 million US articles page views per month. Outbrain doesn’t have any language restrictions laid on the publisher’s site.

Any website content that contains information on health services, financial services, non-governmental approved medicine and supplement sites, subscriber-only content, hate, scams, adult content, bad user-experience, and

malware is prohibited.

How to implement Outbrain

Recommendations are easy and quick, especially for WordPress publishers. The service offers widgets for bloggers, Squarespace, and Typepad. After installation and configuration of the plugin, recommendations are displayed within an hour of integration. At first, it will support internal recommendations and will take time to support external recommendations from external web links. Outbrain advertising plugin offers different display sizes Ad units either as text only links or thumbnail images. The ads are compatible with Google Adsense, which helps publishers generate additional income. The service will reject any article that can compromise the quality and safely of Outbrain network. Distribution partners of Outbrain also hold the right to block sources and specific pages, if the advertiser or publisher has violated their guidelines repeatedly.

How Outbrain works

Content marketing generates three times more leads compared to traditional marketing. Majority of consumers prefer to partner with a company that delivers quality content about the product. Content marketing is not only good for B2B companies but also firms that sell products directly to consumers.

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The WordPress advertising plugin has a dashboard that provides you various analytics to assess your campaign. You can gauge how users are interacting with the content on your site through the widget. If you are using the Amplify option, you can see where your content is displayed and which is your most popular articles.


Checkout quick video review on Outbrain

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Outbrain advertising plugin is easy to use. Once it is set up, it will require minimal management. The RSS feeds to ensure that your content is automatically updated and you can check how well it is doing and what titles have the best responses so you can adapt. The service allows you to see your content on major sites. The information provided by Outbrain demonstrates to publishers that your content will interest your readers. You will experience an increase in the time spent on your site and the number of your visitors. You can use the engage widget to reference your content. Overall Outbrain is a cost-effective method of generating traffic that compliments other strategies. Outbrain is worth the shot especially if you are producing fresh, good quality content and you want to generate additional traffic to your website.

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