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Pixel Caffeine: New WordPress Plugin for Facebook Ads

Pixel Caffeine New WordPress Plugin for Facebook Ads NamanModi

A blogger should have potential to build a target audience from the Facebook channel to their blog. Facebook gives you-you a great marketing opportunity to gain traffic but not to full extent. This is only possible for paid promotions. A lot of traffic is wasted on Facebook so you need to start retargeting them and other traffic to their targeted audience. Facebook pixel is more like Google analytics, but for Facebook. You add it to your site and it tracks down activity and behavior of everyone visiting your site and those logged to Facebook. The tool allows you to track visitors and retarget them with the Facebook advertisements.

What should you retarget your traffic back?

Newbies should learn about the Pixel Caffeine WordPress plugin before setting up the Facebook pixel and the configuring the Facebook custom audience with the help of Facebook pixel helper. This Pixel Caffeine review will help you understand the plugin better. If you add a Facebook pixel to WordPress, you can get a detailed analytics for your website page. Before we dive into the details of what Pixel Caffeine can do, it is important to expand your knowledge about Facebook Pixel and how it helps you improve your site. Facebook pixel is more like Google analytics, but for Facebook. You add it to your site and it tracks down activity and behavior of everyone visiting your site and those logged to Facebook. You can then use this data to retarget your site’s visitors with Facebook adds. You can also define custom conversion goals further optimize your adds. This will depend on your visitors’ actions on your site. It works for blogs and eCommerce stores due to its powerful features to connect with your audience. The WordPress Pixel Caffeine plugin allows you to create a custom audience for the products and content viewed, Custom and Dynamic events, and web pages visited. This WP plugin for Facebook ads is free to the custom audience.

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Instant installation

A simple click will get the Facebook Custom helper site open using Facebook Pixel helper.

Facebook Dynamic retargeting option

The Facebook ads software allows you to track visitors and retarget them with the Facebook advertisements.

Advanced Custom Audience

With this plugin creation of Custom Audience is based on the standard and custom events, tags of content, categories, specific URL parameters, referring to sources such as Twitter or Facebook. This will keep your offer on top of their minds and once the time is right they will make a purchase. It allows you to target those who visited 7 days or less with one offer, and the older traffic with another.

Retarget visitors on specific landing pages

You can send your visitors additional messages and offers via remarketing campaign since not all who visit your landing page choose to convert.

Product Catalog Management

You can generate a product catalog for your store and upload on Facebook on one click. Or you can let Pixel Caffeine constantly sync it with Facebook. Using advanced filters, you can create your product catalog with the exact products you want to promote.

Share your blog post with past readers

Your past readers are more likely to engage with your Facebook page posts. Since you have been classifying your blog posts with the category, you could target them with more posts from the same category or lead generation.

Retarget past purchasers

Research has proved that 41% of any given company will come from repeat customers. This is due to the established bond brought forth from the purchase. You can set up a custom conversion and create a Facebook custom based on past purchase behavior.

Retarget freemium users

The WP plugin for Facebook ads also allows you to nurture trial and freemium users and become paying customers. You can create a custom audience of all your free trial users and remove those ones who have already subscribed to your services. You can do all this using the Facebook conversion tracking and pixel caffeine.

Automatic eCommerce conversion tracking

Those who have WooCommerce or Easy Digital Download installed, this plugin can automatically track a variety of conversion type for your store. You don’t need to configure anything. On Pixel Caffeine’s general settings just check the boxes next to the conversion types that you would like the plugin to track.


1. By creating the category audience, you can re-target the visitors with the lead generation and sales. 2. The Facebook ads software allows the user to target the specific categories of individuals who viewed the particular products giving discounts and coupons as incentives. 3. It also enables you to create the audience submitting forms, clicking buttons or search, or navigating for some information

Setting up and configuring the pixel caffeine WordPress plugin

You first have to log into the WordPress dashboard and install and activate the plugin. Click the setup now button where you will be taken to the general settings option. After that, you can connect to your Facebook account and insert the pixel manually if you have the experience. Now click the Facebook connect and link your Facebook account to the plugin and click on the ad pixels you would like to use. Finally, click on the “apply and save” button to apply the changes. You have now added successfully the Facebook pixel to your website.

How to set up a Facebook custom audience

The custom audience setup is based on any category. You can also create the audience report based on the URL words. • Select the add new filter which is next to the special filter option • Select on the users based on the blog behavior • Click on the posts/tag/category, pages or the custom field • Click save and create the custom audience


Check out the Quick video review of Pixel Caffeine

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Final Remarks

As you have seen creating a Facebook custom audience to your website is simple. Once you have gotten a decent traffic, Facebook pixel WordPress plugin will then prepare the custom audience for specified category for you to start promoting your articles. I trust that this Pixel Caffeine review has helped you. You can combine it with Google analytics and you will have perfect analytics in no time.

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