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Signs Website Revamp

Signs Website Revamp

In a distinctive project for the signage industry, I led the end-to-end Website Design & WordPress Development for a renowned sign-making company. Over a focused two-week period, I crafted and executed a bespoke website design, beginning with detailed Figma mockups and culminating in a fully functional, custom-coded WordPress site. The project encompassed 7 pages, each designed from scratch to reflect the company’s century-long legacy in sign fabrication and installation. Key enhancements included integrating sophisticated contact form plugins and robust security measures. A major emphasis was placed on optimizing the website for speed and responsiveness, ensuring it performs flawlessly across all devices, including mobiles and iPads. This project showcases my capacity to deliver a web solution that not only meets the unique needs of a specialized industry but also captures the essence of its rich heritage and craftsmanship.


Naman Modi is a distinguished freelance digital solutions expert and web developer with over a decade of experience. Recognized in the top 1% of successful freelancers, his expertise spans across digital marketing, web design, and mobile app development. Naman is committed to delivering innovative and tailored digital solutions, sharing his insights through his insightful blog.

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