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Post Planner: Find, Plan, and Post

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Post Planner is a system designed to enhance the social media marketing activities and campaigns of any business. This software makes it easy to manage and share content consistently, and you will achieve predictable, measurable, and great results with their social media posts, especially on Facebook and Twitter. The platform was created by social media marketers for social media marketers. Post Planner’s work is to get as much social media engagement as possible and reach on social media using little time. Each interaction with a user is treated as a data point used in constantly improving the service overall.

Post Planner Benefits

The social media management tool shows information about the top performing content for any social account, hashtag, or topic that you can use in your social media marketing campaign. This is determined by how viral content goes, to confidently predict engagement on your content. All these content can be put in one location, adding

at the same time accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, it can also reflect on your favorite hashtags, keywords, and blogs. This enables you to choose the best content to enhance interaction with your audience. The platform’s star ratings allow you to choose the most engaging content available. Post Planner can boost your engagement by about 650%. This is more than any social media management tool. Additionally, you can access analytics on engagement metrics that matter for all posts to Facebook Pages and Twitter. This allows you to sort your posted content by important engagement metrics. From the analysis, you can choose which content to Re-Post or cross-pollinate to other social profiles in seconds. Post Planner also provides a built-in post scheduling where you can choose a specific time and date to publish. It has Re-Cycle feature to revive your best evergreen content if you have content that you wish to reuse or share again. It will keep feeding into the social ecosystem again and again if needed.

Other Features

Post queue – This feature allows you to set a time for posting, and add status updates in the queue. You can easily automate a month’s work on your Facebook pages, with two hours of work.
Targeting – This is one of the features that make the platform stand out. Besides queuing your post, it allows you to target audience for your post. For example, you can target a
country- specific audience while scheduling or queuing your post.
Post link as an image – Images work much better than direct links, especially on Facebook, and what better way to do that than using post link to publish an image. This will not only increase the visibility of your link, you will also get more CTR.

Features that get you more engagement on social media

RSS feed automation – It allows you to automate publishing from the RSS feed. This is great, but manual posting is better than auto-posting. It is a good idea to link your feed with your Pocket app feed, and use it to share your best content. Every company has its needs when researching for software. What is preferred to one company may not necessarily be good to another company since each company has specific business requirements The best thing to do is to refrain from looking for that perfect software and concentrate on the company’s goals and ambitions. It is impossible to find a perfect software solution. The good thing to do would be to list the various essentials aspects that need consideration such as main features, finances, skill levels of workers, company size etc. Then, you should do your homework thoroughly. Read some Post Planner reviews and investigate each of the other systems in your shortlist in detail. Such exhaustive research can make certain you reject ill-fitting systems and choose the solution that offers all the aspects you need for business success.

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Post Planner Pricing Plans

Post Planner is available in scalable pricing plans for small businesses and enterprises. Small Business




Starter –This plan is available at $3/month and offers:

  • 3 profiles
  • 10 posts per day (Facebook profile/groups)
  • 30 posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profile)
  • 300 planned posts

Love – This plan costs $9/month billed annually or $11 month-to-month and offers:

  • 10 profiles
  • 15 posts per day (Facebook profile/groups)
  • 100 posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profile)
  • 1,000 planned posts

Guru –Available $19/month billed annually or $24 month-to-month, Guru offers:

  • 4 team members
  • 25 profiles
  • 15 posts per day (Facebook profile/groups)
  • 250 posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profile)
  • Unlimited planned posts

Master – This plan goes for $49/month billed annually or $59 month-to-month and offers:

Increased organic reach & engagement

  • 7 team members
  • 50 profiles
  • 30 posts per day (Facebook profile/groups)
  • 500 posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profile)
  • Unlimited planned posts
  • Enterprise

Agency – This costs $99/month billed annually or $125 month-to-month

  • 11 team members
  • 100 profiles
  • 30 posts per day (Facebook profile/groups)
  • 1,000 posts per day (Facebook pages/Twitter profile)
  • Unlimited planned posts

Custom – Its price plan is by quote and offers:

  • Unlimited profiles
  • Unlimited posts per day
  • Unlimited planned posts
  • Unlimited team members

Checkout quick video review on Post Planner

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Final Thoughts

Post Planner gives you an opportunity to greatly utilize your social media marketing campaigns. It saves you a great deal of time and money used to post your scheduled posts. You can reach many prospects in a short time and also get their reaction and feedback about certain content. Scheduling is important in case you forget the dates you want to post your content. It is important to get opinion from those who have used any Social Media Monitoring Software instead of only reading Post Planner reviews. Make a good choice by reading comments and reviews posted by people who have used the product. I trust that this Post Planner review has helped you make a good purchasing choice. Try the app for the first-hand experience.

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