Pow Toon is an online app that is used to make animated videos instead of slideshows. It is easy to use and does not require tech skills in video creation. It is an interesting productivity app but among unconventional alternatives to the slideshow software.

Pow Poon Price

The Pow Toon app is free with some tight restrictions. Alternatively, you can settle for the membership plan paid to have those restrictions removed and a few perks added. When you use the free account, the presentation you make will be watermarked with the Pow Toon logo and will contain an advertisement for Pow Toon at the end. This is enough reason not to use the free account besides only getting the basic feel of Pow Toon. The free account users also have a limited selection of royalty-free music, images, and themes used. They don’t experience the HD resolution or the ability to export to an MP4 file, and their videos can be only 5 minutes long. The Pro and Business plans are the paid options. The Pro account costs $228 per year or a monthly price of $89. The difference between the monthly and the free account makes it hard to give the app a serious try before subscribing. The pro plan includes a 2GB storage, HD resolution for your final products, collaboration tools, and the ability to download files to MP4, PPT, and PDF formats. Videos can be up to 15 minutes long. The business plan goes for $708 per year or $197 per month for a single user. Its members get 10 GB of space and both HD (720p) and full HD (1080p) resolution for videos. Your presentations are 60 minutes long for HD and 8 minutes long for full HD. Organizations seeking to add multiple seats can contact Pow Tool for price quotes. A few other differences exist between the Pro and Business plan. Businesses can create videos for commercial and marketing use. Business users also get the full selection of styles royalty-free music. The animated presentation plugin for WordPress is one of the most expensive presentation creation tools.

Getting started with Pow Toon

You can first settle for the free version of the tool to make sense of what it’s all about. You will see how easy it is to pick a template, preview it, and customizing it with your own content. One roadblock is that the objects you can add to your animated presentation are limited and the Pow Toon watermark covers a large part of the screen. However, the Business tier is a relief from the free account. It is set up with a new Storyboard interface, which is available to users now. Before making videos, you have to choose a look: professional, whiteboard, infographic, cartoon, or corporate. The animated plugin for WordPress will then present you with a storyboard, or a series of scenes (think these scenes as slides). Next, you have to give your storyboard a structure, which loosely falls into the three categories:
• Work –under this category you can choose Company Guidelines, Explainer video, Meeting Related, and so forth
• Personal
• Education The training and tutorial structure brings up six scenes that create an outline guiding you on what is expected of that video:
• Scene one is the introduction
• Scene two defines the scope
• Scene three is where you illustrate the benefits of the training
• Scene four you are to add specifics
• Scene five is a call-to-action
• Scene six is your intro The heavily templated experience guides you towards creating perfect and meaningful videos. It also has a formula that is a relief from the tired slide decks norms. For starters, it is probably better to have a guideline and stick to it for your first video, unless you have a clear understanding of what you want. Next, you have to pick a template for each scene. Rather than having one set of template across the whole video, you can mix and match along the way. If you feel that templates make your work easy, you can skip the whole storyboard process and instead select a ready-made template for any number of situations. Taking this route means that Pow Toon will give you a template for the whole video rather than asking you to pick a template for each scene. Whichever method you choose, the next step is adding your content to each scene. The scenes contain sample content that will again guide you towards the formula for presenting your material. You can upload your own pictures or you can pull from the library from the images provided by Pow Toon. The customization editor is easy to use, and tutorial content appears the first time you try it. Special effects are optional with a preview to know what you are choosing, which is very helpful. The animated plugin for WordPress has very limited collaborations compared to other presentation apps and what it offers is only better for the moment.

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• Allows non-experts to easily make animated videos
• An alternative to slide decks
• Good interface tool for adding custom images and voice-overs


• Expensive
• Limited collaboration features
• Heavy reliance on templates may make videos formulaic
• No snapping guidelines for aligning, centering
• Must first export to embed and re-upload any time the presentation changes

Check out Quick Video review on How to use PowToon

Source: Jen Jonson

Final remarks

With this animated presentation plugin for WordPress, anyone can make video animations instead of using the old tiresome slide decks presentations. It does not require an expert to edit the videos even though this product is expensive.I trust that this Pow Toon review has shade some light about the app.

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