Company Overview

Dangerous Guitar provides online teaching classes for Guitar, for all those who always wanted to learn but don’t have the time. They give the liberty to decide the time and pace, and will teach guitar by providing the necessary playing devices to reach your set targets.


  • Dangerous Guitar


  • Website Design
  • Design Mockups


  • 12 Pages
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media

Project Info


Being a renowned guitar specialist, Dangerous Guitar put forward a task of designing and developing their complete site of 10 pages which reflects their motto and ways of teaching guitar for upcoming musicians.


Taking into consideration the requirements of the task, I designed 10 pages of the website with WordPress integration along with theme customization, giving it vibrant colours and graphics to gain the interests of prospective musicians. The site was made 100% mobile responsive as per the directions of the client.


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