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Promoting Your IPhone/IPad Game or App

Promoting Your IPhoneIPad Game or App BANNER DESIGN

Android phones are ranking on top in terms of smartphones operating system. Android phones cover more than half numbers of smartphones around the globe.So, developing games or apps for android phones is certainly profitable and a lucrative business.As a result, ios app developers are increasing rapidly.But the major problem for developers is of marketing as they are techies and not a marketer. Mostly people prefer free apps than paid but if your application is effective and dynamic, then people will surely buy .

There are some working ways that can help you in creating a buzz about your latest developed game or application.


Landing page

Custom landing page is always recommended for your application. It will assist you in marketing your application as well as getting more downloads. You may include some screenshots and video descriptions about the application on your page so as to make your user acquainted with your application’s features and usefulness.


Application installed using Facebook

Facebook ads is a great method of getting a lot of installs. Facebook offers promotion of application as well as it helps in targeting users based on various aspects like age, mobile OS, location etc.



Content and reviews are the best methods to market your game or application. Getting your application/game reviewed is necessary for its promotion. Submitting to review sites will offer your application some initial advertisement. These sites will also assist you in getting recognised in the application industry.


Social networking

Social networking is the best way of promotion these days as a huge number of users can be influenced through this. You may connect to some of the popular social networking sites for promotion of your app. Some of the commonly used platforms are Facebook, Twitter etc. where you can post about your game/app and share it with your friends.

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Advertising is also a great idea for the promotion of any game/ app. You may buy up some ad space in the websites which suits your application’s niche. You can also directly associate with bloggers and web masters for promotion of your application. A large number of people can be reached and you can also acquire a good user base through advertising of your game/application.

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Free and paid versions

You can influence massive users by promoting the free version of your app. If the user desires the full features of the app or wants more functionality, you can provide an option to buy an upgrade version. You may have good profits on the ads possessed from the free app as well as from the paid premium applications when users purchase them.


Coupons and Giveaways

Promoting an IPhone/IPad game/app through discounted coupons and free giveaway contest can result in a good number of inspired customers. For new and recently launched applications, giveaway idea is remarkably useful.


forum Forums

You can create a forum for users of your application so as to easily retain your user base. It also extends the possibility of application’s development, stability and customer support. You can create an active forum in your application’s website. It is also a good practice to make a facebook page for your game/app to generate additional feedback and interaction with your users.

collaborate Collaborate

Collaboration is essential to get recognition in your field and establishing your application’s identity. You can collaborate with well reputed businesses and influencer’s. Try to locate some book authors, bloggers, newspaper journalist etc. who are willing to collaborate with your application promotion. You can also collaborate with your minor competitors in partnership against major competitors.

Search marketing Search marketing

There are many search marketing engines available which provide keyword related advertising to assist you in promotion of your game/app. You can search relevant keywords and direct the ads to your application store link.Without proper promotion, your well designed and developed game/app will not get desired brand status and satisfactory user base. These 10 tips will surely help you in the promotion of your game/app in small time span.

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