Many ad networks have many limitations and restrictions on placing and formatting ads. But not Propeller Ads. The service allows multiple formats where publishers can choose both desktop and mobile. The CPM rates are high and the fill rate for international traffic is a 100%!
The PropellerAds WordPress advertising plugin generates maximum CPM for entertainment websites, including downloads, music, movies, and viral blogs.

Propeller Ads accepts all websites regardless of their traffic as long as it doesn’t violate their terms and conditions.

The propeller Ads WordPress advertising plugin offers the variety of ad products compared to other Ads networks including Google AdSense. No matter the type of blog or website, Propeller Ads has a product for you.

A publisher can earn 5 %of publishers’ future revenue by referring them to Propeller Ads for a lifetime. You can run Propeller Ads along with ads from other advertising or affiliate networks such as AdSense, Infolinks, CJ, and others.

Types of Ads
Offered by Propeller Ads

OnClick PopUnder Ads-This is the most effective ad
product by Propeller Ads that offers the maximum CPM
rate (up to $10).You are paid for each ad impression and
mobile devices are not denied. The mobile advertising
plugins two types of mobile ads: Mobile Dialog Ads
and Mobile Interstitial Ads.

Mobile Dialog Ads

Mobile Dialog Ads is an alert that resembles a dialogue box, that is certain to attract user’s attention resulting in higher click-through-rate and therefore CPM.

Mobile Interstitial Ads

Mobile Interstitial Ads is a full-screen mobile ad, with a higher user engagement making it one of the top performing ad product by Propeller Ads.

Classic Banner Ads

A Banner ad is a best and cheapest way to reach out to a larger audience by Propeller Ads. The best performing banner ads by Propeller Ads are ad units of sizes: 300×250 and 728×90. Other available ad units are 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, and 320×50. According to Propeller Ads, entertainment blogs and download sites perform better than another niche.

Layer Ads

This type of banner ad loads banner ads over the website content. You can choose any of the available banner ad users preferably a bigger ad unit such as 800×600 or 800×440.

Slider Ads

This kind of banner ad fades in at the bottom of a web page and is always visible even when the visitor scrolls up/down. Unless the user closes the page, it will always show.

Direct Ads

Direct Ads (Direct Links) is a special ad product, where publishers are given a URL to promote. Promotion is done by creating your own banner ads, buttons, text link ads, or redirects. You can monetize your 404 pages with a direct and without interfering with the user experience. This works best on download websites such as eBooks, music, apps, wallpapers, and movies, according to Propeller Ads.

Video Ads

Try out VideoAds, if you want to monetize your video content. The service offers three video ad spots: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, and Pre-Game.

Supported Payment

Propeller Ads supports Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, and Prepaid Cards. The minimum payment is $500 for Wire Transfers and $100 for all other payment methods and is based on a NET 30 terms. Meaning, if your total earnings at the end of January is $300 then you will be paid in the first week of March. A CPM network pays a fixed income for every 1,000 pages views, but Propeller Ads mobile advertising also considers conversions. Propeller Ads offers more payment models to advertisers such as CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action). So your final earnings depend upon the type of ad inventory too. If the traffic quality is poor, your CPM will be low and this will affect your income. AdSense also do not pay much. If you no longer want to run a campaign on your site, you need to contact the support team with your details and they will take measures to filter out all the unwanted ads out of the site.

Propeller Ads Dashboard

Propeller Ads mobile advertising dashboard shows all the statistics in real-time. It displays the number of impressions or clicks, CTR or CPM, and profit. You can also select the date range. These data are useful when analyzing your performance.


Customer Support

For assistance, a one-to-one support via Skype is provided, if you are a new publisher. You are also provided with a dedicated account manager if you have a high traffic website, who will help you optimize the traffic.

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• All accounts are activated instantly making it easy to start. You can login to your publisher account and add all the domain names that you want to monetize and you will be notified via email when it’s approved.
• The mobile advertising plugin shares 80% of their ad revenue with publishers.
• The reporting of Propeller Ads is simple. It tabulates your earnings in real time.


• Poor user experience due to full-screen ads, push ads, and pop-under, that is irritating visitors.
• The service doesn’t support PayPal payments
• PayPal is accepted by almost AdSense alternative which is a big turn off to the service.
• Since they don’t support PayPal, the minimum payout is high.
• If your traffic quality is low then Propeller Ads is not right choice unless you want to try pop-under ads or full-page ads.

Checkout quick video review on Propeller Ads

Source: Easy Online Revenue


Propeller Ads at the forefront as an AdSense alternative and provides various options to monetize your website. Try it out for a first-hand experience. One major setback for this service is lack of PayPal payment, but the company is working on providing the option soon. I hope that this PropellerAds reviews will help you make an informed decision on the best ads network that providing the best-earning model, ad unit, payment proof, and earnings report.

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