ProWritingAid is an online writing editor and personal writing coach that cleans up virtually all types of write-ups by identifying grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarized content, and contextual errors.

Faster Editing
and Style Improvement

The prowriting aid software offers a faster editing has an inbuilt advanced editing tool where you can find words you need to edit immediately. This makes your work easier as you can begin editing each word quickly. It also has style-improvement suggestions related to your writing style. It detects elements like poor sentence construction, repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length variations, passive voice usage, and over-dependence on adverbs.

Learn and Prevent Similar Mistakes in the Future

There is a feature in ProWritingAid that allows you to improve your writing over time. The more you write and edit your writing using this software, the more you become proficient in your writing. With the reports that are provided by the software, you can learn the writing mistakes that you have made so that you can prevent the same mistakes in the future. ProWriting Aid editing tool is very good in pointing various common mistakes in your writing and helps you remove bad writing habits gradually. Apart from generating cleaned-up materials, the plugin has tracking and reporting tools for users to identify their common writing errors. This allows them to continuously improve their work by learning from their mistakes.

Use Embedded Thesaurus To Remove Grammatical Errors

The prowritingaid online editing tool for WordPress is the only writing editing software that provides contextual spelling, grammar and punctuation checking. It has extensive functionalities that guarantee error-free write-ups. It integrates with standard grammar and spelling checkers, taking into account the different writing styles of writers. ProWritingAid premium plan license supports both Windows and Mac, thus allowing more users to utilize its different functionalities.

Third-party Integration

ProWritingAid is not only available as desktop software, like another editing tools for WordPress, but also on various platforms. The tool enables third party integration, where you can use it on various devices that you have. You can install it on Windows and Mac as a standalone app, or install the browser extension for the Chrome browser. You can also integrate this software with your current word processing applications, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Additionally, the web-based version is available freely for everyone to use, with some limitations.

Plagiarism Checker Tool

Most editing tools for WordPress only provide the grammar and spelling checker tool, but ProWritingAid software provides more. The editor has a plagiarism checker tool, that ensures your writing is not only good but also unique and free from any plagiarism. ProWritingAid editing tool also integrates with various solutions in order to expand its capabilities, avoid formatting mistakes, and save on time. Writers rarely notice repeated words, or they overlook the inconsistencies when a word was replaced. Many writers drag ideas by making sentences too lengthy. ProWritingAid helps users track these common writing mistakes by highlighting repeated and replaced words throughout a document and suggesting different sentence lengths.

Overview of ProWritingAid

• Grammar Checker
• Spelling Checker
• Detailed Explanation
• Find Repeated Words
• Context-Sensitive
• Style Suggestions
• Word Explorer
• Contextual Thesaurus Report
• Visualize Sentence
• Lengths and Variation
• In-Depth Reports
• Mac and Windows Support
• Time-saving Integrations
• Plagiarism Checker (for premium plans)

It is a good idea to read a few ProWritingAid reviews first before settling to buy. Some are written with the specific type of industry in mind, while others focus on simplicity and intuitiveness, lacking advanced features needed by experienced users. You can also find software that caters to a large group of customers and offers a complex feature toolbox, but mostly, the price is high. With all that information, be certain that you’re aware of what you need so that you purchase a solution that offers all the functionalities you are looking for.

ProWritingAid Pricing

Users can choose from four SMB and enterprise pricing options. Here is a detailed breakdown of its pricing plans.


• Summary Report of Key Issues
• 19 Writing Reports
• Edit 500 words at a time
• Use online only

ProWritingAid Premium – $40/year

• All features from the free version
• No word limit • Desktop version
• Integrations for: MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

ProWritingAid Premium PLUS – $45/year

• All of the premium version
• 50 plagiarism checks per year
• Perfect for academics
• Academic Pricing for ProWritingAid – By quote
The online editing tool for WordPress also offers multiple licenses for academic institutions for a few dollars per student.

Bulk Pricing

If you decide to purchase in bulk of 1-year multiple licenses, you can enjoy the following discounts:
• 3-4 licenses: 10% discount
• 5-9 licenses: 15% discount
• 10-15 licenses: 20% discount
• 16 or more licenses: 25% discount

Customer Satisfaction

When looking to buy Grammar Checker Software it’s not always good to rely on expert’s evaluation of the product, but also what the end user says about it. That’s why ProWritingAid has a behavior-based algorithm that gathers customer reviews, comments and ProWritingAid reviews across a various social media sites. The information is relayed in a simple form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with ProWritingAid. This equips you with the right information and you can decide whether or not to purchase the product.


• Allows you to edit your text faster
• His thousands of style improvements, with an accurate grammar and spelling checker tool
• It learns as you edit, and it is available on multiple platforms


• The plagiarism checking tool is only available in the most expensive plan
• Only yearly and lifetime payment options available
• The free version has a word limit for editing, and it is available online only

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Source: ProWritingAid Support


Every writer needs ProWritingAid editing software to develop better writing skills and help them become excellent writers. It doesn’t focus only on writing mistakes but also deals with overall writing quality. This results in high quality, easier to read, unique, and free from any errors content. It makes your writing worth to publish and read.

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