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Naman Modi Digital, SEO specialists, have made massive strides in the SEO services industry. We focus on providing topnotch services to our esteemed clients from all corners of the pic turesque city of San Diego. And we are glad they keep turning to us when searching for a San Diego SEO expert.

We boast a vast clientele comprising governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies, hotels, to mention a few. As a company, we pride ourselves in the swelling number of clients we’ve continued to bag over the years.

San Diego, a city on the Pacific Ocean coast, is a tourist destination of considerable renown from its stunning beaches. It has many beach resorts, and competition for both domestic and international tourists is stiff. Many of these beach resorts have invested in websites to market their services far and wide. Additionally, clients can book accommodation online from any part of the world.

The city has an excellent information and communication infrastructure that continues to grow with the dynamic digital world. The San Diego SEO services sector is growing at an impressive pace. We have curved a commanding niche among the best SEO consultants serving San Diego residents, thanks to our SEO specialists. Our clients are our driving passion, and we relentlessly strive to meet their SEO needs to satisfaction.

Our SEO experts are keen on ensuring all SEO issues our clients raise receive exhaustive redress in the shortest time possible. What’s more, they warm up to prospects who express interest in our SEO services. At Naman Modi Digital, we are always ready and pleased to help because we are equal to any SEO task.

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Naman is a knowledgeable and reliable developer who will go the extra mile to complete a job on time and with the best possible results. He just needed a few directions to understand my vision and provided me with support and guidance during the time we worked together. He is not only an expert in his field but also a really nice person to talk with so that really contributes to better communication and collaboration. I will definitely work with Naman again and I highly recommend him for any web development, SEO and marketing strategy task.

Mayra Villar2020-03-15

Naman has been a wonderful partner. He is efficient and listens to all our requests and makes appropriate suggestions and is always ready to make tech recommendations to solve our problems. I am happy to recommend him and we will continue to use him for our projects.

Mike Walsh2020-01-03

Naman is a joy to work with. He communicates openly and collaboratively, and he worked hard to make sure he created exactly the kind of website design I wanted. Responds quickly to fix bugs and fine tune things after the bulk of the work is done. 10/10, would recommend.

Zane Gustafson2019-08-25

Naman has been an All-Star developer for me on about a dozen projects. He's cleaned up sites that were janky from past developers, he's designed and developed sites from scratch, and he's followed through with pixel perfect implementation of sites where we provided full designs. Overall, I'm grateful to continue working with him on a variety of projects and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Jeremy Sutton2019-07-30

Naman was great to work with while building our website! He did an amazing job and worked with our team to ensure that we had everything in place before our website went live. We will continue to use his services as they are needed. It's nice to have a guy like Naman in your phone book!

Dawn Hansen2019-07-27

Naman has been an excellent addition to the team. Quick to communicate, fast turnaround, and total dexterity around both coding and design.

Cheyenne Mullen2019-07-15

Thank you for the fast and expert Naman.


I had an outstanding experience working with Naman Modi. They’re excellent web strategists and know how to complete the complicated projects within the given time frame. I will definitely look to work with Naman for our future projects.

Peter Scot2019-07-15

Naman is unbelievable to work with. With much experience in working with other developers & graphics designers I have finally found someone that I am happy with in regards to work ethic, final product, creativity and ability to follow instructions. Thank you for all your hard work Naman, very excited to continue with more and more projects!

Nikki Roth2019-07-09

A reliable and very hardworking partner. They met us during one of my major project, At that moment they helped me a lot to complete one of my complicated project.

Billy Borden2019-06-27

He's a great guy to collaborate with. He did everything I asked in a timely matter and a great team player. He definitely know his skills.

Roger Licup2019-06-27

Naman is a true go to developer we use a lot to help us get through some of our tough projects. His knowledge of Wordpress along with PHP skills helps us to get our projects done in a timely fashion. We have developed a solid working relationship with Naman over time and trust his skills as a developer.

James Fleet2019-06-27

Naman is always available when needed. He's been our Emergency Run To person! Such a joy to know someone will save you when everything crashes online. Continue the excellent job Naman!

The best developer I have ever work with a brilliant your man with great work ethics

Oral Gayle2019-06-20

Highly qualified and easy to work with! I have worked with Naman for 3 years on various website projects. He is the best!!!

Leigh Gibbs2018-07-15

Naman has created some excellent designs for us and our clients. He really has a great eye and a very solid skillset. We will continue to work with him whenever we need a high-end design, quick turnaround, and a reasonable price.

Naman is a great guy to work with. I recommend him as a great and highly professional client to work for, especially if you are a freelancer like me.

David Nelson2018-06-27

Very responsive, great technical support and design. Highly recommend!

Loretta Decosse2018-06-20

Naman has a great eye for website design. He is very response with all of our requests to ensure that our clients have the absolute best customer service.

Andrew Weber2018-06-20

Naman was great to work with and for the price you won't find better! He was very persistent in working out the details to get the site looking and functioning just right. I will work with him again on new projects. Also, being an over seas dev his communication skills we great and there was minimal language breakdown.

Dave O'Rourke2018-05-30

Naman is great to work with. He communicates well, delivers on time. Appreciate the professionalism and high quality work.

Yelena K2017-07-15

Naman has worked for several of my clients as a web developer and he has always demonstrated the highest level of competence.

Al H2017-06-27

I worked with Naman on several projects and he did a great job. My company is very glad to have found him and we will continue to use him on future projects!

Daniel Black2017-06-27

Naman is an excellent graphic designer. I have been using him as a contractor for MANY web design projects that I have needed to create for clients and he always delivers a quality design with very fast turnaround. It also helps that he is very easy to work with and very easy to reach whenever I need him.

San Diego SEO Services

What’s Your SEO Need? We Have a Proven Solution!


We have a well – thought – out and proven approach to SEO that guarantees you an impressive return on investment (ROI) within a brief stint. We carry out comprehensive competitor analysis and keyword research. Besides, we do thorough website analysis to find out what to fine – tune to yield the desired outcome. And we stop at nothing to ensure your website’s presence on the web is felt.


People searching for products and services try to search by location. For instance, customers may be interested in knowing the providers SEO services in San Diego. They may type something like “San Diego SEO specialist” to find the companies offering SEO services in San Diego. That’s where local SEO comes in handy. Our SEO specialists use schema markup and other local SEO technics to ensure your local presence on the web is outstanding. They provide search engines with details about your location so that customers can find you on the internet.


Your web content is like a boring storybook if you don’t optimize it for Google, Bing, and other search engines. Therefore, our team has accomplished SEO content writers with many years of experience. They utilize SEO Best Practices that works like a charm – be it static web content or blog posts. Compelling SEO content that web crawlers love chewing like groundnuts and push the ranking of your website up SERPs. And that’s one crucial thing you should look out for when looking for your San Diego SEO expert for your SEO needs.


Our SEO experts take care of your website images, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, external links, and more. They soundly optimize all these to ensure the visibility of your site on the web is notable.


Backlinks are an integral necessity in any SEO campaign. We implement a palpable backlink policy that improves your website’s ranking on all popular search engines. Besides, we don’t create ordinary backlinks that only take up space on your site. Adequate quality is the guiding principle we observe keenly.


Search engines give preference to sites that load fast and are responsive. A responsive website is the one that can open and adjust automatically on your smartphone and other devices. Technical SEO ensures that happens. Additionally, our SEO specialists create a sitemap for your website, which helps search engines understand your site faster


If you are a franchiser with multiple stores in different locations, franchise SEO is right for you. It ensures your customers locate dealers in your product. As your San Diego SEO specialists, we optimize your site to capture all franchisees you may want to include in your SEO campaigns.


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing tactic that employs the use of ads. Search marketing agencies and organic SEO companies sell the ads. They are commonly known as pay-per-click (PPC). We ensure the keywords we use on your website are as per best practices of SEM to drive organic traffic to your site.


  • Organic Traffic – 364%
  • Online Leads – +160%
  • Top 5 Keyword Results – +181
  • Satisfied Clients – +100

Our SEO Approach

The Search Engine Optimization Techniques We Use Yield Impressive Results


Your marketing goals are critical to our SEO task. Therefore, we acquaint ourselves with the objectives to ensure our SEO methodology is in tune with them.


Our SEO specialists constantly monitor and analyze the performance of your website. We don’t sit back and wait until your ranking on search engines drastically drops to swing into action.


Keeping an eye on the online performance of your competitors is of the essence. They will elbow you out of the competition should you fail to do so. Therefore, Our SEO specialists ensure you consistently stay in the race. They delve into finding out keywords that rank best on search engines in regards to your business model.


When done with keyword research, our SEO experts match your current keywords with keywords that will improve your online scorecard remarkably. They also incorporate crisp Meta tags that acquaint prospects with your services even before they click on your link. In short, you can rest assured of efficient on-page SEO services that a search engine marketing consultant should give you.


We have state-of-the-art tools in our SEO toolkit, which we use to track your link stats. At the end of the exercise, we furnish you with an in-depth report on your website’s performance. It can be on a weekly or monthly basis. You have the freedom to choose whichever mode you may deem fit for you.

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Why Choose Us As Your SAN DIEGO SEO Consultant

Think of any San Diego SEO expert who offers sterling web optimization services. Naman Modi Digital has all it takes to match their services and do even much better. We treat every client as a gem to us. What ’s more, we strive to tick all the right boxes in regards to customer satisfaction. Your website is in safe pairs of hands once you allow us to be your SEO service provider. Besides, you can rest assured of tangible results from your online marketing endeavors. Your online success as our client is always our success. And we give it our best shot to ensure you succeed.

Guarantees Good Results


The SEO strategy we use ensures vital information about your products and services remains accessible on the web. The keywords we enforce make it easy for customers to search and get relevant details about your brand.


For accountability purposes, we assign you an SEO expert from our team of SEO specialists. The expert carries out a requirement analysis and gets back to the lead SEO consultant with a detailed report on your requirements.

The lead SEO consultant, in turn, picks the SEO experts who will take care of your SEO needs to completion. Throughout the process, the team updates you on the progress regularly. When they face a challenge above their h eads, they escalate it for the entire team to look for a way out. Teamwork is one of our core principles that yield positive results.

We Put Clients First


At Naman Modi Digital, we firmly believe in the adage, “Honesty is the best policy.” Therefore, we strive to maintain the utmost honesty in our interactions with clients at all times. We tell you what can work for you and what won’t in improving your online presence.

Furthermore, the reports we provide are always a true reflection of the reality of how your website is faring. You can count on us when it comes to delivering credible, accurate, and reliable SEO reports.


It has taken us years of hard work and commitment to providing cutting-edge SEO services to our esteemed customers. These are customers from different corners of San Diego and even beyond. Our efforts have borne fruit, and we continue looking forward to maintaining a robust partnership with our clients.

Proven Track Record


The success of SEO depends on how you cooperate with our SEO experts. It’s a consultative process that requires your input to provide valuable and factual info about your business. Cooperation speeds up the implementation of our SEO strategy to yield positive results within a short spell.


Stay ahead of your competition by partnering with the best search marketing agencies in the digital marketing world.