Sendinblue Review: Is this Email Marketing App Worth It?

Sendinblue Review Is this Email Marketing App Worth It NamanModi


Sendinblue pricing comes with plans that suit any budget.

• Free plan – this plan allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month
• The macro plan which goes for $7.73 per month and allows up to 40,000 emails
• Bronze plan will cost you $39 per month for 60,000 emails
• At $66 per month, you can send 120,000 emails with the silver plan Other plans are gold, which offers 350,000 emails per month at $173, and atomic plan that allows you to send 15 million emails a month. Annual plans are also available. Signing up requires your company name, email address, and a password. The confirmation of your email address will be sent to you. Meanwhile, you can start creating a campaign, complete your profile, or importing contacts. The emails are supposed to arrive immediately but sometimes can delay for a few minutes. Besides the confirmation email, you will also receive a welcome email from the CEO of the company along with links to articles and materials to help you start.

Subscribers list

You will need to explain how you got your email address and intend to upload them as part of your profile. You also have to check a box confirming that your contacts opted in. This triggers a popup explaining CAN-SPAM act compliance.

Adding Contacts

Add contacts by importing files(CSV or TXT), add manually or copy/paste from a list. Emails and contacts that you want to be blacklisted can also be uploaded. These are contacts that have opted out for a different service. You can upload custom fields with uploads or submission forms. After file importation, you are required to map fields to Sendinblue corresponding fields. The email campaign software picks up names and addresses but not sexes or birthdays. You can decide to leave the fields as they are or create new ones with new attributes or fields. After successfully uploading the contacts, you will receive an email alert that is helpful for large lists. You can set exports to happen daily or you can do it anytime you like. The app allows you to segment users according to data collected from them, or via various automated triggers like dates entered in the system.

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Setting Up a Campaign

To create a campaign, you must first give it a name, subject line, sender email, and name. You can customize the field in advanced settings to add subscribers name, use a custom unsubscribe page for the campaign, add tags and attachments.

Getting Started

Once you have your campaigns designed, you can use the Sendinblue schedules tools to send messages automatically, anytime. The tool enables you to import all your contacts, arrange them into lists, and send messages to your customers wherever they are. There are two types of template builders. You can choose the responsive design, that adopts the size of the screen (good for mobile devices) or the HTLM. This is for those who have already designed their newsletters outside Sendinblue. They can just paste the already created codes.

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Campaign Tracking

The “my campaigns” tab gives you a comprehensive campaign report of Sendinblue. Basic campaign reports are accessed in the statistics tab in the dashboard. You can refresh the screen by pressing the “show statistics” button at the top of the statistics tab. Information on total campaign sent, recipients, opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes and bounces are seen on the right-hand side of the screen.

Small Business Marketing Automation

The SendinBlue email marketing tool is perfect for newbies who want automated basic email sequences. Eight templates can be edited for particular tasks. The templates are Welcome message, Birthday message, Abandoned carts, Website visits, Page visits, Product purchase, and activity-based templates. There are four entry points in workflow custom: a contact that has completed emails, a basic contact file, a contact that has submitted form data, or a contact that was logged visiting your website. There are no limits to workflow customs, but your account is limited to the plan you enrolled. Online marketers can use the Sendinblue platform to monitor the e-commerce trends.

Customer support

The email marketing tool is confusing sometimes but offers an ok customer support. The help button on most pages assists you where you are stuck. You can also get tutorials and FAQs that are organized in categories. Technical support is provided via the sendinblue website or a toll-free phone call.


• Your subscribers don’t need to reconfirm their subscription when importing them.
• Service delivery is incredible. The interface checks with email service providers to find out whether your messages are ok or not.
• You can preview the messages on a different browser before sending them.
• Sendinblue integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Magenta, Shopify, and Highrise.
• Free email marketing


• Doesn’t have A/B testing, social media publishing, drag-and-drop workflow creation, or search marketing
• It limits the number of emails you can send per month
• It is not recommended for large corporations and businesses with complex email campaigns

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Source: SendinBlue


Despite the frequent delays the platform is trying for its size. Its developers must address this problem to enhance its performance. Apart from emails Sendinblue email campaign software allows you to reach your clients via SMS. It is a ready plug-in compared to popular e-commerce platforms for those looking to send responsive newsletters with no special requirements. Transactional emails and order confirmation are provided too, which are essential for an online marketer. Despite of a few delays, the platform is performing as expected. I trust that this SendinBlue review has given you enough insight. I highly recommend this platform for those starting out for its simplicity and a price that fits any budget.

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