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Why SEO is heavily dependent on online reviews

Do online reviews have any impact on SEO and how do you take benefit from such reviews? This article has the answers you are looking for and more.
The age of the Internet has brought with it a different way of operating our day-to-day businesses. Gone are the days where consumers solely depended on information from producers and service providers. Now customers share their experiences online, and even more daring, they do so on your website.

This can be perfect if your products/services are perfect but there is no such thing. So, you have to put up with both positive and negative feedback. Does that sound scaring? The answer is a big “No” for this is an opportunity that is referred to as online reviews. If you harness them well, they can work to improve your rankings thanks to SEOs. To be honest online reviews are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of online businesses, and like it or not, it will affect the way you work. A research done by recently reveals that 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews they get from websites. This number must have you thinking what the cost of not taking online reviews seriously is. Google is known to base the rankings on the positive reviews you receive. This is not, however, to mean that negative reviews have no meaning because the contrary can only be true. You can learn a lot from what your client has to say. So, do not dismiss negative feedback. There are three things that feel the impact of online reviews:

  • Ratings;
  • Search priority and;
  • Purchasing power.

Most of the major search engines such as Google and Bing attribute a huge chunk of ratings on positive customer reviews. If you have been neglecting this part of your business, now is the right time to start focusing on it to build on reviews SEO. True, your content can improve rankings; but online reviews have more influence than you give it credit for since this is another form of content only it’s from the consumer. Make it a point for your customers to utilize Google reviews for SEO and see your rankings rise gradually.

Search engine priority

Another important part of your online presence that will be affected by online reviews is where you will be placed in terms of organic searches. Due to the algorithms set in searches by search engines, the reviews will determine if you will appear on the first search page or not since it’s the only page that really matters. Build a good working relationship with your clients and you will reap great reviews SEO. You do not have to worry about negative reviews since the search engines aren’t. Just make sure you are legitimate and maintain a good reputation so as to take advantage from online reviews for SEO.

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Purchasing power

As stated before, 90% of consumers make their purchasing decisions to purchase or not to based on the reviews made by other consumers. These statistics should concern you if you have not considered working on encouraging your clients to review what you are selling. Keep in mind that online reviews for SEO can work wonders if they are harnessed as they should. Loyalty from existing consumers will definitely attract new consumers. Gone are the days when brands would focus on Ads that use celebrities as consumers seem to trust other consumers than they would a person who has been paid to have an opinion about a particular product or service.

What does this mean for SEO?

Online reviews make a part of the reason why people make purchases if the figures are anything to go by. Additionally, they add content to websites. This contribution is good enough to make you think harder or better yet, act. Think of the benefits in these two ways:

Posting new content on websites is work that has been minimized since some of the work is done for you by the consumer, though it may be negative at times. You also get to know what improvements you can make on the products and services you have.

Thanks to online reviews and google online reviews for SEO, the conversation keeps going on especially on social media sites. Customers can post reviews on social network pages related to your website.

Final thoughts

It is clear to see the importance of online reviews for SEO. If you are a marketer or simply a business person looking for a way to boost your ratings and attract new visitors, and in the long run new customers, then you better jump on the bandwagon. Make online reviews especially google reviews for SEO a part of your everyday business life and you will soon reap big.


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