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SEO Smart Link Premium: Best Plugin to make Internal Links

SEO Smart Link Premium Best Plugin to make Internal Link

Looking for a way to improve your WordPress and perform very well in terms of a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Then what you need is a plugin that is designed just to do that. SEO Smart Link Premium for your WordPress comes with numerous features that will help you to achieve this. This post will explore this important plugin for WordPress blogs and websites.


Features of SEO Smart Link Premium

• The plugin can auto link SEO keywords and phrases in your blog according to pages, post, and even categories. Looking from an SEO perspective, it helps in keeping the anchor text intact.
• Nofollow tags are added to external links and can open in a different tab or new window. You can whitelist the registration of the domain you don’t want your link to be nofollow and you can keep links as nofollow for the rest of the auto-linked external domain.
• It enables you to limit the number of links generated by this plugin per post.
• You can limit the number of links generated by specific keywords.
• One of the biggest features of the SEO Smart Link Premium plugin is automated interlinking that automatically interlinks tags, posts, or categories.
• The plugin generates many SEO internal links for your blog pages; this will result in a higher ranking for these pages on Google and even other search engines.
• It’s a preferred SEO online plugin for most professional bloggers since it has a built-in caching system. It doesn’t slow down traffic, which is crucial to any blogger on a shared hosting.
• This plugin enables you to auto link a given text to a link to your WordPress, which will assist you in getting good internal linking for any keyword on your website.
• Affiliate marketers can really benefit from this plugin since it can create affiliate links automatically and add attributes like New Window and Nofollow. This will make the affiliate content more search engine friendly.

The SEO Smart Link Premium favors both bloggers and affiliate marketers.

This is a crucial plugin for WordPress, and it will work for any focused blogger.

Affiliate marketers can also use this tool to auto link words with their affiliate URL. Other than that, you can add nofollow the link to such linking, which helps your SEO. When you do this, you increase your income and affiliate links without necessarily hampering your blog SEO.

This is handy because it allows you to import and export your added keywords and links anytime. If you are running multiple blogs, this will act as a backup; you can use this feature to group the SEO keywords auto linking on multiple blogs.


Automatic interlinking custom keywords

This feature for SEO Smart Link plugin enables you to associate the link with any word. This is done by scanning your entire blog for that keyword and link it automatically to a defined link. It can also process automatically all your future posts for that word and link.Utilize this feature for it will greatly improve your blog search engine rankings.



Installation of this plugin is really fast and easy. The following is a systematic procedure for the installation of this plugin in your WordPress plugin directory.

Step 1

You can start by going to WordPress plugin section into your WordPress admin panel and click Add new.

Step 2

Search for SEO Smart Link. The results should be SEO Smart Link plugin.

Step 3

Select install now and activate

Step 4

Browse for customization from setting- SEO Smart Links.



You do not want to ignore this plugin simply because it looks expensive at $ 149 since it is totally worth it by being available in two licenses. If you are starting out as a blogger, and your website is not that established, you can start by using personal license since you don’t have much traffic on your blog. Using this version of high traffic will lower its performance.

The business version is suited for those who offer WordPress services. It is built for heavy website traffic and gives you a chance to install it on all your multiple sites along with the client’s sites.


• This plugin makes the hyperlink look attractive
• It makes it easier for viewers to share content
• There is no danger of losing any SEO
• There is click tracking
• Provide custom editing of links
• It allows domain registration


• With fake news on the rise, it is becoming hard for readers to trust shortened links. This may result in fewer clicks. Even though shortened links are not to blame, they will have a negative impact on share count.
• Shortened URL may send the viewer to two or more redirects thus leading them to your competitor.



This tool, compared to other interlinking plugins, is the best SEO tool. With its numerous features such as customization of keywords, automated response, import and exports, and other incredible features there is no doubt that you are going to appreciate it.


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