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Seven Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Customers


One common problem that business owners and marketers have when starting a website on inbound marketing is converting visitors into loyal customers. You may have sufficient traffic and your website is busy but if you don’t have a good marketing strategy, you may not those visitors into customers. Take some time to learn about consumer behavior and inject your venture with a great marketing strategy.

This article will provide modern methods that you can use to help you get create websites that convert more leads and customers for your own business or clients. It has ten steps that if applied in good time, will give you many online customers and subscribers. At the end of it, you can turn your business into a five figure income. Read along for more insight. And with no further delay, here are the seven ways to turn your visitors into loyal customers.

1. Create engaging contents

Creating a conversions website is easy but you have to be unique on how you create yours. Don’t just fill the pages of your website with non engaging content. This is what most web owners do; creating content that are designed to rank and get website traffic. Don’t get me wrong, this is important to have website engagement, but you also have to remember that search engines don’t buy products or services from you.
Products are bought by the prospects who visit your website.

As you create content, know that it is created for human consumption and therefore should be interactive and engaging. To gage whether your content is engaging, check whether it addresses the following:

Does it relay information?
Is the tone you’ve written in interactive?
Do you like the content layout and structure?
Is it easy to read?
Does it offer solutions to problems?
Do you enjoy reading it?
Does the article compel you to any other action like sharing or clicking the call-to-action (CTA) buttons after reading it?

Try as much as possible to relay your content in the highest quality when handling inbound marketing. You can’t bore your visitors and keep them interested at the same time. You can do this by using images, videos, data, graphs, or slide presentations. Write as if you are addressing one person. Don’t forget to encourage comments and feedbacks.

2. Make Your Website Fast

No one likes a slow conversions website. In fact, it is one of the most irritating things in the world. Time is of the essence and people want to access information without delay so make sure you invest heavily in improving your website’s speed. What determines a good website is speed and performance. Most customers will not complete their online purchase due to the slowness of the website which is such a blow to the store owner. And that is not all; they may never visit that website in the future. Fast websites that convert not only help in your ranking, but also gives the user great experience not mentioning increased page views that leads to conversions.

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3. Create a High Conversion Landing Page

A landing page is important since it allows the visitor to sign up to get access to your products. It is the first page that the visitor arrives at. It has a form for capturing the visitor’s information. In other words, all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages. A landing page should have a detailed and actionable headline that explains what
you are offering clearly. You can include relevant images, animations, or short videos. Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons.

4. Create marketing offers

Prospects are hard to come by therefore you should cease every opportunity and use it to your advantage. You can do this by using marketing offers which are pieces of content offered to your prospects for free in exchange for their personal information. Offers are not only used in converting visitors to clients but also nurturing your existing leads. Examples of offers include: free tools, e-books, white papers, webinars, guides, videos, industry case studies, coupons, and templates.

5. Use high-converting elements

These are elements that help you convert your visitors into customers easily. Case studies, the logo of companies that have trusted you, and other trust signals, such as testimonials, social shares, and guarantee seal are some of these elements. By adding these elements to your landing pages or thank-you pages, you not only increase your conversion rates, but also show your credibility. This also acts as a social proof and increase website engagement.

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6. Remarket Your Product

Remarketing helps you to connect with visitors or leads that have not yet made immediate purchases or inquires in your website. Targeted ads can be created in front of these people enticing them finish what they started. Facebook is a good example of a retargeting strategy. It also helps you capture new audience in a given niche.


7. Use forms

Forms are found in landing pages and are used to convert visitors to leads. This is where your visitors give you certain information about themselves in exchange of offers. The trick about forms is to try as much as possible to make it easy for a visitor to become a lead. Ensure that you test different form lengths to come up with the best one for you and your prospects. Making it short will make you make a poor judgment on the quality of the form.

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To sum it up, these steps will hopefully pump up your conversion rate if you are having difficulty doing so. This will in turn give you great returns and build your venture. There are obviously other great ways you can use to turn your visitors into customers that I have not covered here. Feel free to check out other guides regarding conversion. At the end of it all what really matters is profitability.

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