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Shopify Review: The Leading Online Shop Builder

Building a great online store needs a great builder. If you are looking for a tool to help you do so, read this post to see how Shopify can help you do it.

A simple search in Google reveals what we all know— numerous online shop builders. If you are a newbie in the online shop world, you may have some initial jitters since identifying an appropriate online shop builder that caters for your business needs can be a challenging task. However, Shopify comes in as a different solution. Since its inception, Shopify has grown, not just by name, but services too.

Over the years, Shopify   has powered over half a million online shops, and the list keeps growing. In fact, many users consider Shopify the most popular online shop builder in modern times. What makes it a favorite builder when it is clear that is no shortage of such builders? As we shall discuss in this review, quality and customer care make this shop builder stand out.

You can count on tech support at any time of the day or night as well as additional third-party tools to enhance the shop’s performance and save valuable time. One evident thing is that Shopify has made the entire process of creating online stores a breeze. It is simple to use and it allows users to work on issues pertaining to business, not tech details.

What makes
Shopify such a success?

First, Shopify provides the best user experience. It is not just good at building stores; it also provides mechanisms that help them users to become more efficient and profitable.

  • There are 100 professionally-made themes provided to spice up the look of the Shopify store you are building. While it is not a physical store, the appearance is just as effective. Access to the templates and themes depends on what preferences you have and how much you are willing to part with. You can take your pick from some of the free ecommerce website templates as well as the paid themes.

Shopify Theme Store

  • As stated before, the tool provides third-party tools where Shopify apps are not sufficient. You have a selection of 1,400 apps that you can install into your shop.
  • Finally, its 24/7 support is very impressive. You can receive support in three ways: direct calls to the support center, live, chats and emails.

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Some of its features include:

  • Inventory management Create a profile on the products so that you can track their movement.
  • Product addition and description
  • Give details of particular products such as the manufacture size and so on.
  • Tracking transactions
  • See which product is popular and which customer completed their order and which didn’t.
  • Creation of websites and blogs Allows consumers to know more about the products or services you are offering.

Shopify Features to help you Sell More

  • Manage multiple employees For larger, more established stores, managing multiple employees is necessary. You can visit the official Shopify website for more features.


Building a shop on Shopify is easy and convenient but that does not mean there are no downsides.

  • Customization is a task not to undertake unless it is necessary. Apart from understanding the basic HTML and CSS, you’ll have to learn a special Shopify language, Liquid, or hire a professional with such knowledge. Both options are either a waste of time or money, giving you a loss-loss situation.
  • Installing some third-party apps on your Shopify store will cost more at the end of the month. You may have to part with more by using an app from the Shopify app store.

“Shopify gives you tools to build your online store.”

  • If Shopify payment is not the transaction mode, then it will cost you. Shopify charges a fee of 0.5%-2 % for every sales transaction done outside Shopify payment. It may not look much, but it is still money.

Pricing and plans

As far as freebies go, Shopify does not have much to offer. The plans start from $29/month with the basic Shopify offering a 10% and 20% discount for yearly and 2-year payments respectively. The next plan is Shopify at $79/ month and lastly Advanced Shopify, which costs $299/month. These last two plans also attract the same percentage of discount on the annual and 2-year payment.

How to power your shop using Shopify

The signup process is simple. Visit the Shopify website and click the create account button.

Fill in the required field and click the create your store now button. The next part will require your address and contact number among other details. You will also be asked to specify the product you want to sell. Finally, you click on the I’m done button and proceed to create a shop on Shopify.

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Final thoughts

Having an online shop requires more than what you see happening on the front end. Also, managing both ends of the coin can be a hard and challenging task. However, Shopify ensures you to focus on marketing your products and bringing in new business while the company manages the technical issues. Though there is no free ecommerce website package with Shopify, the plans are affordable and convenient for different online business needs.

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