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SiteGround Hosting Review

Site Ground Hosting Review

After developing your website, the next important stage is getting that site to the Web so that your target users can find your website among the billions of other sites that are already hosted there. The company that gives you that space, where you display your site on the worldwide web, is called your host. But what should you look for when choosing a web-hosting company? Ideally, two things are predominantly critical when making this choice. First on the list is the reliability of the company so that your visitors can find you 24/7 without getting alerts that the servers are down. Second, you have to look at the speed at which your visitors can access you lest they switch off to another competitor site.

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In our review, we shall examine one the upcoming web-hosting companies called Site Ground Hosting. Remain with this review to learn more about this firm to see how SiteGround Coupons for Hosting and other outstanding benefits can boost your business.

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What is Site Ground Hosting?

SiteGround Hosting is a web-hosting company based in Bulgaria, Europe. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the web-hosting industry with an international coverage that focuses on stable technical features and various hosting plans that can help your business to grow. This company’s primary market is the small businesses in the niche of professional website development market. If you are into web development especially for small and medium businesses, then you will find Site Ground Hosting Plans ideal for your business.

The Pros

Here are the pros of growing your business with this hosting company.

Worldwide Orientation

Even though the company is not based in a native English-speaking nation, it has an aggressive international outlook. It is set to serve developers from any part of the world.

A Transparent Community

In a day where integration is the clarion call, the strength of a web developer who wants to go far depends on the kind of community they keep. With SiteGround Hosting, you can be sure of working with a transparent and supportive community in an industry that is usually closed. For those who want to grow their businesses, this hosting company is a great launching pad since its current size and supportive nature is better for you than a big company where you are swallowed in a sea of other users.

Speedy Performance

Initially, I mentioned that speed is paramount when selecting a hosting company. The reason is that just as speed kills in the physical world, delay and slowness kill in the online world. When it comes to user experiences seen through many independent Site Ground reviews, this company delivers on its promise of speed.

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It Comes SEO-Ready

On a densely populated Internet, visibility is no longer optional but a matter of life against death as far as your online survival is concerned. With this WordPress page builder, you have a tool that comes ready to help you in boosting your SEO ranking so that your visitors can locate you easily. The tools utilize the best SEO standards such as code compression and to ensure that your audience can find your pages easily on the Net.

Flexibility for Growth

Since this company is growing, it is the best bet for those who are on that path of growth. SiteGround WordPress hosting offers a wide array of hosting solutions you can take advantage of. For instance, if you have a fast-growing website, you can grow it using the hosting company’s StartUp package as you scale up towards the Enterprise Dedicated Server package.

The Cons

Even though this company has many excellent features and pros that can catapult you to your next level of growth, it has a few shortcomings. In this section of our review, we shall look at some of the cons of SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

Limited Plans

The first con of this hosting company is its limitations of its hosting plans. For instance, they have limited disk space across all their shared hosting plans instead of offering databases or domains. When using a shared hosting platform, you need to be ready to face some crowding since the server receives many visitors at the same time. It is like living on a five-story flat as opposed to living in your own compound with your family.


Another con of this company is that is has a bias for web developers. The company seems to have a niche that targets upcoming web developers. However, this is not a big deal since if you are not into the web developing business you can look for another firm that is more general in approach.

Limited Bonuses

Despite the fact that SiteGround pricing is affordable for an upcoming web developer, it does not have many generous marketing bonuses that its competitors offer. For example, its hosting plans do not come with Google AdWords credits, Facebook ad credits, free premium WordPress themes, and free iStockphoto credits. All these freebies are almost a standard feature among many other web-hosting companies but SiteGround Hosting is yet to embrace and offer them free of charge.


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Our Verdict

From our review and all other credible SiteGround reviews, we can see clearly that Site Ground Hosting is a company on the move. For those who are in the web developing industry, this company makes a perfect match for them. But if you are not a web developer, you may have to look for another company or search for the comparisons like the SiteGround vs Bluehost to form your own opinion if it is a good fit for you. It has a few cons but overall, it is a great choice for those who are seeking to grow their business to the next level of efficiency.

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