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Slack: The Communicative Plugin

When working with a team, it can be a hustle to communicate. Even though emailing works, going through your account every single time to get an update on your current projects can wear you down. Moreover, forgetfulness is another challenge. However, there are dozens of messaging apps that can double up as project management and collaboration tools. The Slack app is one such tool.


Slack is an online messaging app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It allows you to create a group or team in which you can communicate through audio and video, share documents, and manage projects. The Slack collaboration tool allows group and team interaction as well as uploads as we shall see in the features segment.

Pricing and plans

Generally, Slack tool is free to use. However, there are two other premium options for some extra features. The premium version has two plans: standard and plus. The free version allows you to add as many team members to one account as you wish. Unfortunately, the voice and audio calls are limited to only two members. Every user can upload a maximum of 5GB in terms of file storage space per day.

There is the search message feature that is limited to the last 10,000 messages. You can also integrate up to 10 apps in one account. The standard account costs $8 per month for each person but if you pay annually, it costs approximately $80. With this plan, you are entitled to unlimited app integrations, unlimited message searches, storage limit of up to 10GB per person upload, group calls, guest accounts when you outsource, and priority support. The Slack plus account costs $15 per month for each person and $150 annually. It comes with all the features in the standard account and other additional features such as a 20GB file storage per person per day and 24/7 support. You can visit the official Slack website for more on the pricing.


The Slack communication tool has been dismissed as just that—a communication tool. However, an in-depth look at some of the features reveals that it serves more purposes. Some of the features include:

  • Also, the Slack app features an audio and video call component for one-to-one or group calls.
  • There is also the messaging and chatting feature which has public and private channels as well as direct messaging.
  • You can also share files and documents via the Slack tool.
  • One can also receive notifications if they are offline through various ways such as emails.
  • You can integrate several to your Slack account depending on the plan chosen.
  • Slack also allows synchronization of devices if it is being used separately on those devices.
  • There are task management tools such as reminders and integrated apps like To-Do list, which help you to manage the list of tasks.
  • There is a great search tool to help find messages and files easily.
  • It is free to use. The free version my not have all the features but the ones available are enough to help you communicate and even manage projects.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that most users can enjoy and easily work with.
  • There is impressive support even for the free version users.
  • Slack communication notification feature alerts you of a new message or activity on your account.
  • Locating specific messages is a breeze thanks to the search feature.
  • App integration supports numerous apps especially on the standard and pro versions. Google Drive and Trello are some of the apps that enjoy integration support from Slack.
  • The archiving feature allows you to record past communications and projects.
  • You can easily share posts with a team to improve project management processes.
  • The Slackbot is an innovative way to offer automated responses to certain keywords members use.
  • The Slack theme can easily customize to your preference.
  • The security features like sign out everywhere and track logins keep your account safe from hackers.


  • The free version comes with a number of limitations including audio and video calls, integration, and search capabilities.
  • Though it has a free version, the slack collaboration tool is quite expensive with the $8 per person price tag.
  • It requires third-party integration so that you can enjoy some of the project management and collaboration benefits.

How to get started

Whether you are using Slack for business or an office gig, it is important to know how it works. It comes with two choices: You can be the one creating an account and sending out invitations to the team members. Visit the Slack website and click the create team button. From then on, the process is straightforward. For team members to join a workplace on Slack you need an invitation. All you have to do is:

  • This will lead you to a signup page. Enter your first, last, and username then click Next.
  • Enter a chosen password, and then click Join team and you are in.
  • The process is simple but if you are not sure, there are tutorial videos on YouTube to help.

Here is the Tutorial video On Slack By dottotech

Source: dottotech


Slack is a communication tool that also doubles as a collaboration and project management tool. Keep this in mind next time you are about to dismiss it for an alternative. However, since 2013, it has grown to accommodate some tools that make the two possible. Even though it is a perfect tool, it comes close due to its ability to integrate apps to enhance its performance. If you are planning to use Slack for business, whether an established enterprise or an SME, you won’t be disappointed. It is great in collaboration and even better in communication.

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