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Smart Slider 3: Is this the best WordPress slider?

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Creating a slider using the responsive slider plugin

When you use this responsive slider plugin on WordPress, you get an interface that has many helpful resources. You have the responsive slider presented on the right side of the interface and the resources to create the sliders on the left. You can get your sliders based on name or creation date.
Choose handy actions on the right of the interface that help
you learn more about the handy actions this WordPress slider plugin offers.
Action buttons: These are used to add a slider and are presented in the color green on the interface Secondary action buttons: These are presented in blue Other action buttons: Are presented in grey.

Sample sliders

If you are using the free smart slider 3 version, you have access to 4 free sliders. For the pro version, you have access to over 100 prebuilt sliders that give you a fantastic starting point to use this WordPress slider.




Creating sliders from scratch

If you want to get creative and build your own sliders, you have access to 4 templates for the free version. For the pro version, you have access to 11 templates.

Once you have created these slides, you have access to general options to add slides to the template. Try out the general setting first before you modify the slides as you need
them to appear when complete.
Slider options
You have a variety of options in the two tabbed section of the smart slider 3 plugin. First you have the actual settings and secondly, you have the visuals.

The first section helps you alter the general settings such as size, layer animation, autoplay, advanced, optimization, and other settings.

The second options tab gives you the ability to manipulate the User Interface for the slider you create. Here, you have options on bullets, arrows, thumbnails, autoplay controls, and shadows, among others.

The slide setup

This responsive WordPress slider will allow you to spend more time using the slide editor to assemble your slide. The Smart Slider 3 is responsive and provides best results at high resolutions. Naturally, your layers are listed on the left of the interface.

There is a preview area where you can move your cursor to
get to where the layer is located. Click the layer to present the details and provide you with the ability to modify animations, item details as well as layer settings.

When using this website slider plugin, you can also use a visual editor to change the position of the layer. You simply use drag and drop using your cursor. You can also use the positions options to place the layer where you need it on the slide.

Adding new elements on the slide for free users includes heading, image, button, text, Vimeo, and YouTube. However, the pro-version WordPress Slider user has nine more editing elements to choose from. They include an icon, list, caption, iframe, transition, HTML, video, and area.

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You can click any of these elements to add to the layer list. Once added, it appears in the preview where you can proceed to edit the element. Using this Responsive Slider, you have additional options for each element that you can edit based on your tastes.

Changes you can make editing the slider using the WordPress slider plugin

You can change the line heights, set colors, create spacing and insert other items. In addition, while using this content slider plugin, you can also view a preview of how the slide will appear on your website. By saving your settings as new preset, you save time you may require to edit similar elements.
You get some handy controls in the preview area. You can turn the snapping to on/ off, set alignments, display dark backdrops, hide layers, among others. In addition, if you are using a slider smartphone, you can use the controls to ensure compatibility with a tablet, desktop, and mobile phone view.

Smart Slider 3 Features

Animating layers using smart slider 3

Using the pro version WordPress Slider, you have advanced animation options. The result is available on the homepage of the Smart Slider 3 plugin.

You have the options to set in/out/ loop animations. You can also handle events such as click, mouse leave, and mouse enter, play, and more. In addition, use the responsive
WordPress Slider to place animations on a slider that can support dropping and dragging.

Therefore, you have a website slider plugin that is very much like a video editor. The process is the same as you attach some elements on a timeline and the plugin tells you when the slide starts, how long it will take and how long it ends.

An animation layer involves a complex process. However, when you use the smart slider 3 user interface, the process is smooth as well as enjoyable.

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To sum up, animation on websites is a great way to improve the user experience. As mentioned above, using this WordPress slider makes this easy and improves your website’s appeal to your end users. Most WordPress users have mentioned that this is the best plugin for animations as it is a responsive slider. Essentially, WordPress plugin has provided development quality that is unequaled through this slide creator plugin. The ease of use and the endless options give the user a variety that is not available using other WordPress plugins. Therefore, if you need to create sliders that comprise single images or subtle animations, the Smart Slider 3 will help you accomplish this easily.

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