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5 Social Media Trends to Integrate to your Social Media Strategy

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2020 has been a strange year for businesses and individuals alike, and the world of digital has never been so important. We have seen all kinds of sectors having to adapt and pivot to stay afloat. As such, it is vital for any business to be up to date with current social media trends to imprint your digital footprint and get your brand where it should be.

Here we discuss some social media trends to incorporate into your marketing strategy to get your voice heard.

Instagram Reels

social media trends - Instagram reels

Those who have been looking to target a younger demographic have been making use of TikTok as part of their social media strategy. However, for brands who have already been working hard on their Instagram profiles – making use of their new Reels feature is a great way to make an impression. It is very much like TikTok, however, on the popular platform that is, of course, Facebook’s parent social media channel. You can make short, engaging videos where you can add audio, special effects, and more to get the audience interested. The great thing about Instagram Reels is that there are some useful editing tools that you can use, which will allow you smooth transitions if you are doing a multi-clip video. They can also be shared with your stories and explore for a wider reach. There are some excellent agencies specializing in social media marketing out there, such as LNP Media Group, who can advise you on these new features as part of your overall strategy. As this agency explains on their website, though, which platform you use depends on your goals as a business and your audience, so talk this through before you invest in one strategy.

Live Streaming

Social media algorithms are geared towards favoring live video content, so there is an increasing number of businesses that are incorporating this as part of their social media strategies. There are a variety of ways in which you can use live streaming. You can use it to announce a new product or service as part of a competition – or you can use it to stream Q&A’s giving your customers and prospective customers the chance to engage. Within these streams, you can gain valuable insight as to what your consumer base wants to know, and you can also encourage your connections to host Watch Parties, where they can watch your videos with their connections. You don’t need anything too fancy to stream quality content. You could perhaps do with a tripod to keep your camera steady if using your phone and make sure there is plenty of light in the background. For best audio – always a good idea to make sure a mic is attached too.

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Adding Appointment Calendars

Appointment calendars aren’t brand-new to Facebook, but they are an under-utilized tool. Social media should be another convenient avenue for your client base to communicate with you – and the appointment calendar is a great way for them to book in some time with ease. If you offer a free consultation as part of your lead generation, or maybe a demo of a particular project, then this would be perfect for you. You can also sync it with your other calendars for your convenience, and of course, only add in appointment times that match your availability.


 Instagram Story Maker

The Growth of Social Media Groups

Facebook, in particular, has taken flack for becoming increasingly focused on advertising and only worrying about generating revenue. There were some grumblings that it was no longer used for its original intention, which was for people to connect socially. As such, they have placed much more prominence on Facebook groups than before. This means that brands can work on building their community, rather than constantly worry about paid advertising spend. When you do start to build that community, you can then expect to have a more engaged audience than you would from a traditional fan page.

The Use of Influencer Marketing

There has been significant growth in the world of influencer marketing. Being an influencer on Facebook or Instagram is now a career for many people, and a great way to get your name out there.

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The only thing is it doesn’t come with any guarantees. I.e., unlike ad campaigns – you won’t get a projected number of clicks to a website.

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Source: Video Influencers

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you do a lot of research into your influencer. Make sure you select someone that is closely connected to your brand. If you don’t – it doesn’t matter how many followers they have; they aren’t likely to engage. Also, ask them questions surrounding the success of their previous posts. They should have stats on their demographic, reach, and levels of engagement to show you.

The digital landscape changes so quickly that often companies can get left behind.

Even as the world returns to the new normal, people won’t forget how important digital has become. They will also place more focus on the business they are purchasing from, which is why it’s critical you get your brand personality across these verticals.

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