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4 Social Selling Tips to Boost Your Overall Sales Strategy


Social Selling- Social Selling Tips

Do you incorporate social selling into your sales strategy? If not, you could be missing out on loads of opportunities to increase your profits.

First, let’s set the record straight: Social selling isn’t about hard-selling to your followers.

It focuses on finding potential customers among your social media audiences and connecting with them instead, ultimately supporting your efforts to convert prospects into paying customers.

Develop a successful social media strategy to nail your social selling with the four tips below.

Optimize your social media profiles

Whether launching a digital marketing agency or running an online business for years, optimizing your social media profiles is crucial. Optimized social media profiles can help you establish an active community of loyal followers and potential customers.

It also helps build your brand’s credibility, letting you nurture trust with your social media audiences and boosting engagement and sales.

For instance, you can add branding elements to your LinkedIn profile and cover image. You can also create catchy headlines for your published articles on the platform and add a compelling summary to boost your lead generation efforts.

Another example is linking to your dedicated landing pages in your Instagram bio. It’s a great way to lead your social media audiences to your web pages to learn more about your brand and products.

Once you’re done optimizing your profiles for social selling, you can start sharing content that helps you connect with and engage your audiences effectively.

Use Vista Social, an advanced social media marketing platform with sophisticated features to speed up and simplify your workflows.

You can plan, create, prioritize, and schedule your content to auto-publish across your connected profiles and pages easily with the platform’s content calendar and scheduler.

optimize media profiles- Social Selling Tips

Whether you use Hootsuite, or Loomly, or Vista Social, leveraging a reliable social media marketing platform can take a lot of manual work off your plate.

You’ll have more time and energy to build and solidify your social selling efforts to drive meaningful results. You can focus on optimizing your social media profiles and creating high-quality content.

Vista Social’s features also offer a reviews management option, social listening, reporting and analytics, and other advanced social media marketing tools.

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Personalize your content and interactions

Giving your social media audiences generic and impersonal interactions can only lead them to ignore you. You’ll lose engagement and conversion opportunities.

The key is to develop personal relationships with your audience, starting with posting and sharing content that provides them value. It’s one way of capturing your prospects’ attention and giving them memorable and personalized experiences with your brand.

Follow these tips to provide personalized social media content and experiences to your target audience.

  • Hear from audiences through feedback- Gather feedback and display changes and improvements you made to address the comments. Show your current and potential customers that you listen to them and value their input.

The Instagram post from pizzeria Maker Pizza is a classic example of addressing customer feedback by bringing a product back due to high consumer demand.

Feedback from audience- Social Selling Tips

It’s an excellent tactic to personalize your audiences’ experience with your brand while improving the customer experience and boosting your brand’s credibility.

  • Show a personal side to audiences- Make your brand appear more human to audiences by throwing in personal experiences, activities, and photos in your social media posts.

It can make your brand more relatable while providing one-of-a-kind experiences to potential customers, helping you build trust and, in turn, grow your sales.

Simplify creating personalized social media content using well-designed templates from popular ecommerce marketing tools such as Canva. Canva offers hundreds of social media templates you can easily personalize for each platform and audience group.

Engage prospects with conversational content

Being conversational is the game’s name when messaging and interacting with prospects for your social selling efforts. After all, while your goal is to sell, your conversations should be more friendly, helpful, and professional to engage your audiences effectively.

Avoid using language and approaches that can seem too “in your face” or pushy, or you could turn off prospects and ruin your chances of building long-lasting customer relationships.

Consider these quick tips to keep your social media audience interactions conversational and engaging.

  • Share relevant and timely content, such as your promotional posts and seasonal sales on Instagram and Facebook, but know when to back off. Give your prospects some breathing space to avoid annoying them.
  • Avoid bombarding your prospects with other topics and content to keep the interaction going even when the conversation has run its course. You’ll only annoy your potential customers and drive them away. Instead, leave a bit of time before reaching out again with valuable content.
  • Circle back and reconnect with your social media audiences regularly, but allow your relationships to grow organically. Engage your prospects with authentic conversations and content that benefit your brand and potential customers.

It also helps optimize your social media posts the way you would your website content.

Leverage robust content optimization tools to help ensure relevance and quality regarding grammar, readability, topic coverage, and other essential factors.

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Provide customer service on social media

Data shows that 69% of Facebook users in the U.S. feel more confident about a brand when they can message the company.

The figure highlights the importance of responding to user queries on social media channels. It can help you build trust with your potential and current customers, boosting your social selling efforts.

Learn from the following tips to provide good customer service on social media.

  • Create a dedicated handle and page for your social media customer support- Include the designated customer service social handle on your main channels. Consider using a separate account for your social media customer service.

Doing so helps filter out your service and support issues from your main channel. It can also ensure you assign the right team members to track and address specific incoming messages for more efficient resolution.

Netflix’s dedicated Twitter profile Netflix CS is a classic example.

Netflix CS- Social Selling Tips

You can also include links to your knowledge base on your designated customer service social channels to make it easier for users to help themselves. For instance, you can share a link on your tutorial about how to buy SEO articles on your website.

  • Establish social media customer service guidelines- Set a standard for your social media customer service to ensure quality. Include the tone of voice, response time for each channel, escalation protocols, and a message approval process in your guidelines.

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Solidify your social selling efforts

While social selling can be challenging to master, following time-tested tips can help set your business up for success.

Learn the best ways to amplify your overall sales initiatives through social media, assess your efforts’ performance, and make the right adjustments for improvement.

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