Do you want a keyword research tool that can help you look at specific keywords for up to three website? Learn how you can achieve this using SpyFu.

For any blogger who wants to improve their visibility, SpyFu is the best option available. Reason being that this tool has an array of tools that allows you to track and look at overlapping and specific keywords for up to 3 website. What I love about this keyword competition tool is its stylish and attractive interface. This keyword research tool is currently available in the US and UK markets and offers SEO and PPC spy tool options. These tools include:

  • SpyFuKombat
  • SpyFu Classic
  • Keyword Ad History
  • Domain Ad History
  • Keyword Smart Search
  • A Variety of Top 100 Lists


This SEO competitor analysis tool allows you to look at overlapping and site-specific keywords for up to 3 websites. The PPC version enables you to see a chart which goes back over a period of a few years showing the overall amount of keywords being bid on by all three sites. If you feel like the third site is not doing good two of the other sites you can, can also rollover the chart to see keywords specific to just 2 of the sites. SpyFuKombat competitor keyword research tool will also show you the PPC budgets of the sites and the number of organic keywords ranking in the top 50 results for the said keyword.


Clicking on the circle chart area, you will see the keywords in whatever bucket you click. You can view and download those keywords for your own use. Switching between the organic tab, the PPC tab and the overall # of organic keywords + PPC ad budget will also give you an idea of which of the bigger sites are more into the PPC or SEO side of things. This is a good barometer to look at if you concentrating on one area over the other.

SpyFu Classic

This is the flagship section of SpyFu keyword competition checker tool. This is where you enter one domain on the home page and are presented with numerous data including:

  • Daily AdWords PPC Budget
  • Links through to SpyFuKombat
  • Average Position of Ads vs. # of Advertisers
  • Estimated Value of Organic Traffic (estimated traffic with a variable of CPC factored in)
  • Paid Traffic Compared with Organic Traffic Estimates
  • Subdomains – which is good for checking niche keywords
  • Top Ten Paid Keywords w/ Keyword Ad History
  • Total Paid Keywords
  • Total Organic Keywords
  • PPC Competitors (with a link to overlapping keywords)
  • Organic Competitors (with a link to overlapping keywords)

Additionally, SpyFu keyword research tool allows you search by keyword. The data provided is useful since it helps you see the:

  • Estimated PPC, Clicks, Cost Per Day, Total Advertisers…all with trend data
  • Top Ten Domains Advertising on the Keyword, with Domain Ad History
  • Additional Keywords Purchased By Relevant Domains
  • PPC Ad Copy with a Link to Keyword Ad History
  • Top Ten Organic Results with Title, Meta Description
  • Related Terms
  • Related Concepts (based on semantic relationships)

Keyword Ad History

Using the color-coded bars, the Keyword Ad History will show you how often the keyword appeared in a domain’s PPC campaign with any changes in the ad copy that can be exported to excel. You can access up to a year’s worth of data up front and can backtrack to 2006 through the Bonus History Button. The process is a breeze and that is what I like about this magnificent keyword research tool. No need to over-rely on in-house metrics, the tool just hands it to you in a silver platter. For instance, if you see a keyword being advertised on by a good PPC advertiser consistently, you can look to apply that ad copy technique to a niche market of that larger keyword. Let’s say you are advertising for insurance in California you may pay attention to what the ad copy has been successful, over time, and that is the core keyword “insurance.”

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Domain Ad History

Domain Ad History works the same way as Keyword Ad History except it shows the keyword history of a particular domain. It shows you the keywords that have been successful for your competitor. This competitor keyword analysis tool is useful in looking at keywords that have been successful for your competitors and larger players in a specific niche. It also shows you which ones they are tried before and dropped so that you can avoid them. All these depend on whether the domain you are researching is competent PPC advertiser. It helps you to find competitor keywords.

Keyword Smart Search

SpyFu website keyword checker uses semantic word relationships in the Keyword Smart Search tool, which publicly shows available keyword data and PPC campaign data to return a list of keywords related to the keyword(s) (up to 10) you enter. You can also filter by CPC, search volume, and exclude keywords. I would recommend the use of PPC keywords and the Organic keywords found in either SpyFu Classic or SpyFuKombat. Other tools can be used for pure keyword research. You can also access Google Adwords competition. They have a list of all their top 100 Lists.

Checkout quick video review on Spyfu

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Final Thoughts

For competitive keyword research, this great tool will do you justice. The data provided by SpyFu website keyword checker is simple and straightforward and helps you come up with keywords that are relevant to a specific niche. SpyFu pricing is also accommodative for everyone. Its array of tools makes me handle just about any product that I have without breaking a sweat. Try it out to experience what it offers a first hand and you won’t be disappointed. You can read other SpyFu reviews to make an informative decision.

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